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Tim and Tiffany – Twin Brother and Sister

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Tim and Tiffany were twins. They are 14 years old and growing into very attractive young adults. Tim is 5’6” tall, with short blond hair and sky blue eyes. He is thin and has a lean but strong build. Tiffany has the same blond hair and blue eyes; however her hair falls in long soft curls to below her shoulders. She measures 34 – 22 – 34 B cup breasts that stand up perky with small pointed nipples and areolas. Tim and Tiffany of course have that special bonding one sees in so many twins, they are best friends and frequently know exactly what each other is thinking. One other thing about them, they are lovers.

Let me tell you how that occurred. From the time they were very young they bathed together, shared the same room, and slept in the same bed. As they got older, they gradually stopped bathing together, but still slept in the same bed until they moved into a bigger house a few weeks ago. In the new house, the twins had separate bedrooms for the first time; however they shared a jack and Jill bathroom that had doors to each of their bedrooms. At first, Tim and Tiffany kept their privacy in the bathroom; there were separate area for the sink and the tub, shower and toilet.

Tim and Tiffany frequently crawled into bed with each other, especially if there were a bad storm or if they just felt lonely. Now that is was summer, they slept together almost every night. The bathroom was different however, while they were naked in the bathroom almost every day when they were younger, now they tended to wear a robe or underwear when they used the bathroom. It was not unusual for them to stand side by side, Tim in his underpants and Tiffany in her bra and panties.

All that changed one morning in June. There parents were at work and Tiffany had climbed into bed with Tim and they slept late that morning. Tim awoke first and headed to the bathroom with the intention of trying out the big soaking tub. He began filling the tub then went to the toilet to pee. He just finished flushing the toilet and was climbing in the tub when Tiffany walked in and dropped her panties and sat on the toilet to pee as well. Tim turned and looked at his sister, he was a little surprised, but shrugged his shoulders and climbed into the tub and settled in to let it continue filling with water.

Tim leaned back and closed his eyes as the hot water enveloped his naked body. Moments later he was surprised to feel Tiffany, also naked climb into the tub and sit facing him with her legs straddling him. He opened his eyes to see Tiffany smile and ask mind if he minded if she joined him. Her smile always melted any resistance to anything she asked of him. Tim grinned and said, be my guest. They lay together in the soaking tub for quite some time. Their legs were rubbing against each other and they gently rested their hands on each other’s leg. Finally Tim asked, sis, do you want me to soap you the way we used when we were in the old house. Tiffany grinned and said that would be nice, but let’s get in the shower, it will be easier there. Tim stood and took his sister by the hand and headed to the shower. They started the water and stepped in. Tim started first, picked up the soap and lathering his sister’s back. She pulled her hair out of the way and allowed him to lather her back from her neck to her ass cheeks. From there he worked down each leg, lathering inside and out with special attention on the inside of his sister’s thighs. After that, Tiffany turned and Tim began working on the front of her naked body. He worked his way up her legs and past her crotch, rubbing her stomach and chest. The last time Tim and Tiffany showered together, neither of them had any pubic hair and both were beginning to grow pubic hair now. Also, Tiffany was developing into a grown woman. Her hips were spreading and her breasts were budding as well. Tim could not take his eyes off his sister’s budding breasts or hips. He took the soap and began lathering her breasts. He worked gently, rubbing all around her breasts and nipples. Tiffany reached up and used her hands to cover her brother’s hands and hold them in place atop her breasts. She gently pressed his hands as he caressed her.

Tiffany began feeling the pleasure of being caressed by a man whom she was in love with and did not want to let go of his hands as they covered her breasts. Finally she took the soap from his hand and began lathering her brother in return. She gently caressed his chest and stomach and moved right for his crotch. She took his cock in both hands and covered it with soap. Tim immediately became erect in his sister’s hands. She started rubbing his soap covered cock. He reacted as if he had touched a live wire. His breathing picked up and he became unsteady on his feet. Tim reached out and steadied himself by placing his hands on his sister’s shoulders and then moved his hands to her breasts.

They stood like this for several minutes, and then Tim finally reached for his sister’s crotch. She spread her legs and gave him access to her clitoris and cunt. He reached between her legs and began feeling her sex organsfor the first time. Tiffany spread her legs wider and allowed him to insert a finger into her cunt. He slowly pushed his finger as deep as it would go inside her and began moving his finger in and out in a fucking motion. Tiffany reacted immediately, her breath picked up and she could feel an orgasm building deep inside her crotch. Both of them were in danger of losing their balance. Tiffany was the first to react, she let go of her brother’s cock and said we better go someplace softer before we fall down. Tim grinned and said good idea. They rinsed off, grabbed a towel and dried each other before heading to Tiffany’s room. Once in her room they stopped and kissed. They had kissed many times before, but this was the first time they kissed as lovers. Tiffany fell into her brother’s arms and pressed herself against his chest as their lips met. They kissed deeply and passionately. Their hands roamed over each other’s body enjoying the soft feel of teen flesh. Tim again found his sister’s budding nipples and gently massaged them between his fingers.

At the same time, Tim pressed his erect cock against her soft pubic mound and began rubbing up and down. Tiffany pressed back in response to his pressure and met his movements with her own. Tim was the first to sense that his orgasm was approaching and knew that if they continued he would cum right there. Hoping to fuck his sister, Tim stopped and nudged his sister toward the bed. She understood and turned and lay on her bed with her legs spread, eagerly anticipating the feel of her brother’s cock inside her cunt. Tim followed his sister and climbed on the bed on top of her, kneeling between her legs. He gently lowered himself on top of Tiffany and began prodding for her hole. He was inexperienced and had difficulty finding her cunt. Tiffany though inexperienced as well, was not shy and she reached between them and guided his cock to her pussy. With that help, Tim quickly found his target and pressed the tip of his cock against her cuntal opening. At first he only penetrated a fraction of an inch and Tiffany grunted in pain as her hyman was stretched. Tim stopped and asked if she was all right. Tiffany had come this far and was not about to give up now, despite the pain. She took her brother’s face in her hands and said Tim I know this is going to hurt some, but please don’t stop. She smiled and kissed her brother again and urged him to try again. Tim backed off a little and pressed the tip of his cock again, thrusting several times. Each time, he penetrated his sister a little more. By the third or fourth thrust, he was halfway inside her. He stopped again and looked at his sister to see how she was reacting. Tiffany again had a grimace on her face, but managed to suppress it and maintain a smile for her brother.

Again, she looked at her brother and said, Tim you are doing great, please don’t stop. He kissed his sister again and resumed his thrusts. Each stroke got easier now and by the time he had thrust 4 or 5 more times, he was buried to the hilt of his cock inside his sister’s cunt. Having done that, Tim stopped again and wrapped his arms around Tiffany’s neck and pulled her close and kissed her passionately. He broke the kiss momentarily to whisper I love you to his sister. Tiffany responded to his kiss and whispered back, I love you. They kissed like that for several minutes, and then Tim pushed up on his arms and began thrusting his cock slowly in and out of Tiffany’s cunt. He was afraid he would hurt her again, but to his surprise, she was not sensitive or in pain and she urged him to move faster.

Tim didn’t need a second invitation as he quickly picked up the pace of his strokes. Almost immediately, he felt his orgasm building in his groin. Within seconds he was panting from exertion, but the promise of cumming inside his sister’s cunt was enough to bring him to climax. This was not his first climax, nor his first time fucking a woman, but it was the best he could imagine. His orgasm built up in powerful waves. Each stroke brought him closer to the edge. Finally one last thrust and he exploded inside his twin sister’s cunt. The pleasure surged up his spine and left him weak from the exertion and release. He continued thrusting, as long as he could stand it. Finally the sensitivity in his cock became too much and he buried his cock as deep as he could and held it there as he pulled Tiffany close into his arms and kissed her deeply and passionately.

They lay in each other’s arms for nearly 20 minutes, when Tiffany looked into her brother’s eyes and said, Tim I have a confession that I need to get off my chest. Tim looked at her and said me too, but you go ahead and tell me yours first. Tiffany said while this is the first time I have been fucked, it is not my first time having sex. Tim looked at her and said what do you mean? She said, last month when Dad and I stayed here overnight the day before we moved we engaged in oral sex. I sucked his cock and he ate my pussy. It was an incredible experience; I had my first orgasm and got my first taste of cum. We didn’t fuck, I wanted to save my self for you, which I did. By the way now that we have fucked, you owe me an orgasm and I can’t wait to suck your cock. If your cum tastes half as good as Dad’s, I am going to make that a regular part of my diet.

By this time, Tim had a huge grin on his face. Tiffany wondered why, but ignored it and said now your turn. Tim said, while you and Dad were here sucking each other, Mom and I were home fucking. He let that sink in for several seconds before continuing. It happened after dinner. I was sweaty from all the packing, so Mom suggested I take a shower and get comfortable on the sofa and we could watch a movie. I walked out of my room in my pajamas and sat next to Mom. She was wearing a very transparent negligee. Before I could take all that in, I looked up at the TV and Mom had a porn movie going. I just looked at Mom and she grinned at me and said, I thought you might enjoy this. Anyway, one thing led to another, and before I knew it were kissing and fondling each other. We undressed and the next thing I knew, Mom was sucking on my cock. I couldn’t believe it, I had hardly even masturbated before and here I was with Mom sucking on my cock. Boy it didn’t take long, within moments I came in her mouth. She seemed to really enjoy my cum, because she just kept sucking on it, until I couldn’t stand it any more. I finally had to tell her to stop. Then she did something I would never have dreamed of. She kissed me full on the lips with my cum in her mouth. I’m not sure I am a good judge, but I thought I tasted pretty good. I think you will like it.

After that Mom was like an animal. She was all over me, kissing and fondling me, playing with my cock and balls and urging me to fondle her. She had me put my finger in her cunt and she orgasmed moments after I started finger fucking her and then came again 3 more times before she would let me stop with my finger. After that we lay on the sofa together and watched the rest of the porn movie. The moment it ended, Mom dragged me to her bedroom and had me fuck her. We must have fucked 6 times that night; I was exhausted the next day and slept in the car all the way here. Mom made me promise that we could do it again. I think she and Dad planned that and I think based on what she said to me this morning, they would like to continue having sex with us. Tiffany looked at her brother for a long moment and finally said, you know Dad encouraged me to have sex with you. In fact he asked me this morning if I was planning to have sex with you today. When I told him yes, he said that he and Mom would be home early today and would like to take up where we left off before the move.

Realizing the implication of what they had just said, Tim and Tiffany fell into each other’s arms and began kissing and fondling each other. Tiffany was ready to straddle her brother when the door to her room opened and their parents walked into the room. They were both naked and as they approached the bed, their Dad said, can we join you? The response was lost as the parents climbed into bed on each side of their children. The mother lying next to Tim and the father next to Tiffany…

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