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Tomboy cousin Pt2

oops1966 on Incest Stories

Both Liz and I had to go pee. While peeing I notices a red around my cock. That was how tight her little pussy was. We both got dressed and decided to walk to the store for some ice cream. She told me how horny she always was and that she picked me cause we were so close. And always spent alot of alone time together. Now during our alonre time I can teach her about sex. I asked her what she wanted to learn and to my surprise she said everything. Even anal. That started getting my cock hard again. Liz had a beautiful tight little heart shape ass with a small waist. I took her into the Jr. high school and found a dark corner so we could make-out. Liz was on fire. Now her hands were all over me. Mostly pulling at my cock. Which she quickly had out. She wasted no time stroking me to a full hardon. My hands were under her shorts feeling her babysoft ass. At the same time pushing her shorts down. I turned her around and started kissing her neck driving her crazy. Her shorts were off, she was stroking my cock, and now I had both of her firm tits in my hands. I started pinching her nibbles whiched cause her to grind her ass against my cock. I just kept kissing her neck and pinching her nipples has she kept pushing her ass on to my cock. Now she finally lined up my fat cockhead to her asshole. She slowly pushed back alittle than stroked my cock. My cock was so hard it hurt. She started pumping her hips , making little circles trying to pry her backdoor open with this cock of mine. She let out a small cry as the head popped into her. She was up on her tippy toes trying to lower herself. I could not take any more. So, I gripped her hips and pushed upwards. Man, the feeling of my cock sliding up her ass for the first time was amazing. Her ass walls were so hot and smooth. Liz was breathing heavy now, as I wasted no time. I knew that this was quite a stretch for her but I could not control myself now. I just started fucking her has hard as I could. The only thing I could think of was pounding my cock hard into her. I was in a zone. Then I heard it. A small person crying. I listened closer. It was Liz. My cock was too much for her. Keep fucking her, no pull-out, just cum, stop. My cock had a mind of it's own. Has I continued to fuck her she started crying more and more. I pull out. Pulled my shorts up and held her. When she stopped crying she said that she was sorry and we could try in again some other day. I said o.k.. "Your still hard?" Liz asked as she grabbed my cock. She wiped her tears then kneeled down in front of me. She started to sucking my cock like a pro. She took to sucking cock like fish to water. Working my cock has to say sorry for not letting you finish in my ass. "I'm cumming" I warned her, she just took me deeper. As I came in her mouth she worked the head causing my knees to buckle alittle. I shot about 5 loads into her mouth. Liz swollowed every drop. Sucked me dry. And did not stop till I pulled away from her. We got home just before our parents did. They had good news for us. Liz was going to be moving next door to us. We could not wait till nights out.

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