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Touch me, Mommy

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Laila wandered over to her mother, who was sitting at the kitchen table, finishing a slice of toast and reading the morning paper. She clambered up onto her mother's lap, even though she was getting much too big to be doing so.

"Morning, baby," Kathleen said absently, dropping a kiss on Laila's head and continuing to skim through the headlines.

Laila pretended to be interested in the paper for all of two seconds before abandoning the act. "Touch me, Mommy," she commanded in her little girl voice.

Kathleen sighed at her daughter. It was wonderful that she was developing so quickly, it was the talk of the town, but her daughter's constant demands for pleasure were a bit of a trial when one was trying to do something else.

Kathleen slid one hand under the hem of Laila's nightie, then wiggled her fingers under the elastic waistband of her panties. She circled Laila's little nub with one finger. It had already protruded somewhat from its hood, peeking out to demand pleasure with the same petulance as Laila herself. With only a small amount of stimulation, it soon became swollen and distended, wet with Laila's natural juices.

Laila squirmed in her mother's lap, her face beginning to flush a deep pink. "Touch me inside, Mom!"

Kathleen's full attention focused on pleasing her young daughter now, and she slid a finger inside her wet pussy, watching her and savouring her every reaction. Laila's eyes closed as she rocked around on her mother's finger, her tiny cunt clasping.

"What have we here?" asked an amused voice from the doorway.

Kathleen smiled up at her husband. "Your daughter is insatiable. She just woke up, and she's already demanding to be touched." For emphasis, Kathleen pressed her palm on Laila's clit while at the same time stroking her finger into Laila's little cunny, causing Laila to squirm and moan.

Ben grinned at his wife. "Well, by all means, continue. She still hasn't orgasmed, though, right?"

Kathleen shook her head. "She's still developing at a much faster pace than the other children, though," she said, sliding in a second finger, stretching her daughter's pussy to its maximum. "She gets wet if you just play with her nipples for a couple of minutes, and you can tell she's almost ready to come, she just hasn't quite made it yet. Karen Hintley told me the other day she was trying to finger her daughter, and Melissa just lost interest and walked away to go watch TV or something. Melissa just hasn't developed in that area at all. Not like our little nympho here," Kathleen chuckled, kissing Laila above the ear and moving up a hand to cup one of her small breasts.

Laila's face was red now, and her eyes were wet as she rocked into her mother's hand. Laila spasmed around her mother's fingers, and Kathleen felt her own pussy clench in response. Her panties grew wet as her hand was drenched in her daughter's hot juices.

"That's a good girl. Keep going, baby, you're almost there," Kathleen crooned, finger-fucking her daughter harder.

Ben looked on, wondering if today would be the day they coaxed their little girl to orgasm. His cock stirred in his pants at the thought.

"Mommy, it hurts!" Laila cried, not understanding the intense throbbing in her clit.

"No, baby, you're going to come, just let Mommy keep going!" Kathleen reached down with her other hand, now rubbing Laila's clit in time with her thrusting fingers.

"Mommy!" Laila cried, "I think I'm going to pee!"

"Let it go, baby," Kathleen told her reassuringly, rubbing her harder, forcing her baby to orgasm.

Laila moaned as fluid squirted out of her, soaking her mother's fingers while the throbbing of her clit increased, pounding harder and harder until it reached its peak. The throbbing receded, fading to a dull tremor. Laila collapsed back into her mother, legs splayed open on the outside of her mother's knees.

Ben stood there incredulously. Their daughter had just orgasmed at ten; they were going to be swarmed for her debut party in three years. Jesus. His cock twitched in his briefs as he thought of the honour of deflowering her belonging to him.

Up until now, they'd only been playfully teasing Laila with their fingers, getting her used to the feeling of something stroking in and out of her little cunt. They hadn't really thought she'd come so quickly. Now, Ben thought, maybe they should try moving on to other things. He salivated at the thought of tasting her young pussy.

Kathleen was stroking Laila's hair and murmuring soothing nothings to the semi-dozing child.

"Laila?" he said, coming over to shake her slender shoulder. "Laila, honey. Wake up."

Laila looked up at him sleepily. "Huh, Daddy?"

"Do you want to do that again?"

Laila shook her head vehemently.

'Shit,' Ben thought. Of course her first orgasm would be a little overwhelming. He'd been scared after the intensity of his first.

He decided to try a different tactic. "Wanna try something else that'll feel good?"

Laila looked at him uncertainly.

"It'll make both you and Daddy feel really nice..." he said enticingly.

"Okay," Laila agreed hesitantly.

Ben smiled at Kathleen and plucked Laila from her lap. As soon as Laila was out of the way, Kathleen slid her hand under the waistband of her pants and jammed two fingers in her soaking pussy. Ben carried Laila over to the kitchen counter, setting her down gingerly upon it. He quickly divested her of her panties and stepped between her casually spread legs.

"You know how it feels good when we touch you down there, baby?" Ben asked.

Laila nodded.

"Well, Daddy's going to kiss you down there, okay?"

Laila nodded again, eyes wide. Her big brown eyes tracked his movement as he bent down, rucking up her nightie and pushing her smooth thighs even further apart.

Laila jumped at the touch of her father's tongue to her slit, shivering as he drew it from bottom to top. He circled her clit, then skimmed back her little hood with his fingers and lapped at her exposed clit with his tongue.

Laila began to shake as her daddy flicked her nub with his tongue over and over. She moaned when he slid in first one finger, then a second. The large callused fingers working in and out of her combined with the lapping tongue to push Laila higher and higher, and she could feel the same pressure as before building in her pussy.

She looked over at her mom only to find her vigorously fingering herself, lost in her own little world. The aching throb started again in her clit, and this time Laila knew to ride it, clutching at her daddy's head while her little pussy throbbed to its release. Her cunt clamped down on her daddy's fingers, and her clit swelled to the point where it could swell no more, and she finally shattered, crying out and pulling on her father's hair.

Laila slumped forward, and her daddy rose to gather her in his arms.

"You taste so nice, baby," he crooned. "God, you taste so good."

Laila smiled sleepily at him, laying her head against his chest and dozing off.

Ben heard his wife's moan and looked over to find her riding out her own orgasm. As it subsided and Kathleen came back to herself, she smiled at him.

"Kathy, we need to push up her debutante party."

She grinned. "I was just thinking the same thing."



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