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True Incest Aunt and Uncle and me 2

jkwon on Incest Stories

That day change me forever and I went home and started 9th grade.My cousin and me where in the same grade and was the same age. My cousin birthday party was here and my aunt and uncle had a cook over in Oct. Are family was over and we all just kick back and ate and the parents and family members drank beer. I went to the restroom and was wondering about that night and my uncle. I have a girlfriend in school and was over her house a couple of time and got to suck her tits but that was it. I was into jerkin off to naked women and every once in a while would dream about my mom and aunt.As I finish I walk out and was walkin down the hall when my uncle pass me by and gave me a hug. I felt his cock on me. I have to show you something in my room so I follow. It was gift for my dad for they where in the service together. It was a plac and pictures of them oversea.He got behind me and started to hug me and feel my ass.

I told him that I need to go and left.After the party my cousin ask me to stay the night but I was kind of scared and said next time. One day I went over to my Uncle house to see if my cousin was home. I always walkin and we live about 10 mins away walking 4 house down. I walk in and my aunt was sleep on the couch and she was kind of fat but had her pants unbutton and I could see her panties.I walk over to look and got hard. I try to wake her up finally she got up and I walk with her down the hall. When she got in her room she took off her pants and shirt. Her ass was big and fat. She went in the bathroom and as we talk I heard her peein. I was so turn on and dream about sex but I was still a virgin but not in my ass.I walk over and she got up her pussy was big and hairy and her stomach was big to. Jerry get me some clean panties in my draw and with this she pull them down. I was so turn on and I wanted to see if I could get a little action.

As she change she look at me just lookin at her. You like what you see young male and I jump for I was just lookin at her pussy. sorry and I walk out. Over the weeks I was think about sex alot more really about my aunt and that big pussy. I came home one day and my uncle called me to come over and take some stuff back to the house. I totally forgot about us so went over. When my uncle open the door he was just in his boxers and tee. Jerry there some stuff down stairs I need you to take home. As we walk down stairs I started to remember what happen and was freakin out. As we got there we walk over to the closet and went in. It was small and tight we move some box out and then it happen I was bent over and my uncle got behide me and push up on me. You miss my cock he said. I got up and said No and try to walk out. I need to fuck your ass and I know you want me to. I push against him and got out I walk up the stairs and my cock was gettin hard.

I stop and thought about it and it got me going. I went back down stairs and to the closet my uncle was lookin at me. I guess we can finish movin the boxs. I bet down and pick up a box and when I place it down I walk over to the couch and unbuttom my pants. I pull them down and my uncle walk over to me. I know you like when I fuck you in the ass he said I got all my cloths off and sat down and he got right in front of me.I undid his pants and pull them down. His 7 inch was nice and dark and was makin my mouth wet I could feel my ass getin wet. Suck my cock jerry suck it and lick my balls. After that something made me change untill a girl. You want jerry suck or do you want to fuck me. I grab it and started to jerk off and play with his balls. I was rock hard and wanted him to fuck me. I went for it and took it in my mouth my uncle gave a MMMMMMMM...OOOHHHHH I release it from my mouth tell me you like fuckin me in the ass....OOOHHH jerry I need your ass all the time and want to fuck you so bad.

I quickly learn how to suck cock and was jerkin off at the same time. He started to fuck my mouth and I could feel it deep in back of ny mouth.OOOHHH YOU GOING TO MAKE ME CUM he said FUCK ME AND CUM IN MY ASS i sad I got up and he laid on the couch and I mounted my ass on him I still had my feet on the floor and was ridein him sideways. I hurt at first and with a couple of pushin in and out I was so wet in my ass.I was jerkin off and feel so good when I told him to call me Kayla. Uncle call me kayla was my aunts name and I started to cum and feel my ass hot and wet. CALL ME KAYLA UNCLE OOOHHH PLEASE MMMMM I WANT TO HEAR HER NAME TELL ME HOW YOU FUCK HER.......ooohhhh shit kayla your ass is so hot thats got white stuff all over it and I want to fuck you all the time and with this he shot deep in my ass.....OOOHHH SHIT I FEEL IT IN MY ASS.....MMMMMOOOHHHH YOUR COCK IS DEEP AND MY ASS IS SO HOTT  OOOHHHH. I said as he cam and I was so hot and open I got up and lean down to suck his cock. TELL ME UNCLE HOW KAYLA SUCKS YOUR COCK i could feel the air for my ass hole was open as big as a lime.......... last part to come and its a sexy and hot one!!!  

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