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Twister with My Hot Mom

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Twister with my Hot Mom

I am a 15 year old boy and my Mom is the definition of a') repeat-x 50% bottom; margin-bottom: -2px; padding-bottom: 2px; cursor: pointer; color: #006600; text-decoration: none" target="_top">blonde bombshell.  She has blonde hair down to her shoulders, golden tan skin, big blue eyes, sharp sexy facial features, natural 40DD') repeat-x 50% bottom; margin-bottom: -2px; padding-bottom: 2px; cursor: pointer; color: #006600; text-decoration: none" target="_top">breasts, a skinny stomach, long sexy legs, and a big tight ass, and she is only 30 because she accidently got pregnant at the age of 15!  The man who got her pregnant abandoned her when I was little and she was forced to raise me alone.  All of my friends would talk about how they want to fuck her, I always tell them to shut up but I can’t blame them, I don’t think there is a straight man in the world that wouldn’t rail my Mom.  My Mom is really sexy, but she doesn’t really use it to her advantage, she wears very conservative clothes all the') repeat-x 50% bottom; margin-bottom: -2px; padding-bottom: 2px; cursor: pointer; color: #006600; text-decoration: none" target="_top">time, she never goes out to any clubs or parties and I don’t think that she has been fucked in years. 
Anyways one Friday night, there was nothing going on with my friends so I decided to stay home.  My Mom came home from work.   
“Hey what are you doing home on a Friday night.” She asked 
“There’s nothing going on tonight so I thought I would spend my night with a gorgeous blonde.” 
“Oh do you have a') repeat-x 50% bottom; margin-bottom: -2px; padding-bottom: 2px; cursor: pointer; color: #006600; text-decoration: none" target="_top">girl over?” she asked. 
“Haha no I meant you Mom.” I laughed. 
“Oh” she laughed “you are sweet honey.”  She came over and gave me a give hug; shoving her big soft tits in my face.   
“So what do you wanna do mom” I asked. 
“I dunno, how about a fun old school game?” 
“umm, how about twister.” I asked optimistically 
“Sure! That sounds fun!” she said.   
I got the twister board and mat.  Then my Mom said 
“How about we make this interesting? Every time someone collapses they have to off an article of clothing, when you are completely naked you lose.”  I couldn’t believe this, was this my conservative Mom talking about playing strip twister with her son?   
“Sure that’ll be fun” I said enthusiastically. 
I told my mom to') repeat-x 50% bottom; margin-bottom: -2px; padding-bottom: 2px; cursor: pointer; color: #006600; text-decoration: none" target="_top">start the game by getting on all fours and touching each of the corner colors.  Before I made my move, I admired this sight.  Then I span the twister 4') repeat-x 50% bottom; margin-bottom: -2px; padding-bottom: 2px; cursor: pointer; color: #006600; text-decoration: none" target="_top">times to find out where I would start.  Because my Mom couldn’t see where the twister was pointing to, I picked 4 spots that would position me right on top of my Mom.  If we had no clothes on we would be in the perfect  Doggy style position.  I gave my mom a little shove which made her fall. 
“No fair you pushed me.” She said jokingly. 
“haha rules are rules mom, strip.” 
“Ok what do you want me to take off.”  My Mom was wearing a sweater and sweatpants.   
“Lose the sweater”  
My mom slowly took off her sweater revealing a low cut white blouse, and then took her position underneath me.  “Ok where do I move next?” she asked. 
I twisted the twister and to my delight it was point to right leg red, which was nearly impossible for my mother to reach.  “haha I’m not even going to try that, what do you want me to take off.” 
“Your sweat pants please.” She took her sweat pants off slowly, revealing a small black thong which was engulfed by her big sexy ass.   
“Quite the choice of underwear Mom.” I joked 
“Haha it makes me feel sexy.” She laughed. 
“Not as much as it makes you look sexy.” I said 
“Oh your just flatterer aren’t you, thanks though sweetie, its your turn.”  I span the twister and it landed on right hand green which was a pretty easy move.  I moved my hand across my body, “inadvertently” touching my Mom’s ass along the way and put my hand on the spot.   
“Honey my thong is caught in my butt can you pull it out a bit.” I immediately took my hand off the spot and took my time fishing her thong out of her ass.   
“Haha tricked you, you took your hand off the spot, take off your shirt.” She laughed.  I was only wearing a shirt, shorts and boxers.   
“I will make you a deal” I said, “I will take off my shirt and shorts if you take off your blouse.” 
“Deal” she said instantly. 
I quickly took off my shirt and shorts and got ready for the show.  She slowly took her blouse revealing a tiny black bra that looked like it was about to burst any second.  I got an immediate boner, which my mother noticed. 
“By the way how big is you penis sweetie.” 
“13inches I think.” 
“Wow big boy, I’ll trade you my bra for your boxers” 
“I don’t know, then I will be completely naked.” 
“Fine my Thong too!!!” She said desperately.  
I took off my boxers and let my Mom admire my long') repeat-x 50% bottom; margin-bottom: -2px; padding-bottom: 2px; cursor: pointer; color: #006600; text-decoration: none" target="_top">dick.   
“What do you want to see first, my tits or ass?” she asked.  I wasn’t used to my mom using this kind of language, it turned me on.   
“Your tits.”  She put her bra out of its misery as she took it off, unleashing her big beautiful breasts.  I almost exploded instantly, they were so hot.  Then she stood up, stuck her ass in my face and slipped her thong off.   
“Now how about we get back into that original position.” She said. 
She got down on all fours and stuck her big golden tan ass out.  I got on top of her.   
“Go ahead sweetie, you know you want to fuck me.” 
“Do I ever mom.” 
I started slowly thrusting my dick into my Mom’s wet pussy. 
“UMMMMMMM YES!! Fuck mommy with your big dick” 
I started taking longer more confident thrusts. 
She moaned “MMMMMM, Mommy hasn’t been fucked in so long.” 
I started going faster and faster making her moans intensify 
“MMMMM Grab on to Mommy’s tits.” 
So I grabbed her big tits and started squeezing them and pumping harder and harder.   
“Your pussy is so tight Mom It feels so good.”I said 
“Your dick is so long, it feels even better.” She moaned. 
I finally climaxed in her pussy.   
“Oh Baby” she moaned.   
“I’m not done yet” I said 
I turned her body around and started fucking her wet pussy again.  I started passionately making out with her and playing with her big breasts with my hands.   
“OH MY GOD KEEP GOING BABY” she moaned. 
I listened and kept pumping her tight pussy.  This time we both climaxed at the same time. 
“WOW I’ve never climaxed like that before, Baby your amazing.” 
“Thanks Mom you too, now that I’ve made you climax can you do something for me?” 
“What honey?” 
“Can I fuck you asshole? I’ve dreamt about fucking you anally for years.” 
“I don’t know honey your big dick will probably tear it apart, but sure, I owe you.” 
“Thanks Mom.” 
I turned her around, I split her big meaty ass cheeks my hand and I started licking her ass hole to lubricate it.  The taste of her ass was unbelievable, I kept licking her ass for what seemed like hours, I tried fishing out pieces of poop in her asshole with my tongue, anything from my Mom’s ass (even poop) tasted great to me.  Then I decided to start fucking her ass.  I slowly entered her anal with the tip of my penis.  
“OWWWW” She screamed.  I stopped. 
“It’s Ok honey keep going, don’t stop no matter what I say.” 
So I slowly entered more until my whole 13inch dick was up her ass.  Of course my Mom was screaming her lungs out but she told me to keep going so I did.  After I got it all in I started pumping her ass.  I thought my Mom was gonna die she was screaming so much but she urged me to keep going.  Right before I was about to cum I pulled out and asked her if she wanted to suck my cock.   
“Sure honey.”  She got on her knees, put her lips around my dick and started massaging my dick with her mouth.  This was the best blowjob I had ever had.  I lasted about 10 minutes of my Mom’s sexy blowjob until I unloaded a huge load in her mouth.   
“MMMMM” she moaned as she swallowed all of my cum.   
She got up, took a shower and came back downstairs.  She was still naked.  “Sweetie it’s bed time, how about you come sleep in my bed from now on.” 
I followed her ass up the stairs and hopped into bed.  “I’ll be right back honey, I got to take a shit.” 
“Umm Mom, after you take a shit, don’t wipe your ass or anything, I want to lick it clean for you, iti s kind of a fetish for me.” I said shyly. 
“Alright sure thing honey.” 
She took a crap and came back with a bunch of smear shit still around her asshole.  She bent in front of me, exposing her ass. 
“MMMhh” I moaned as I split her big golden globes and inhaled the smell of her asshole.  Then I proceeded to licking it clean.  After about half an hour of licking were shit filled asshole I stopped and said 
“There all clean.” 
She replied “Great job honey, I guess we won’t need toilet paper anymore.”   
I laughed for a while, then got on top of her and started fucking her brains out once more. 

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