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Virgin Daughter Raped by Father Part I

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It was a summer afternoon and she was staying over at her father's house for the summer. Her parents were divorced and she loved staying with her father. He was so loving towards her, that sometimes it was suspecious. She was wearing a short skirt and a tight blouse, while laying in her bed, watching television. She heard a knock, then smiled.

"Come in Daddy." She called out.

"Hello there sweetie." He went over and gave her a kiss on the cheek. "You enjoying it here?"

"Don't I always Daddy?" She smiled sweetly.

"Yeah.." He was staring at her. "I have a surprise for you."

"Ooh! I like surprises."

"Close your eyes.. and lie back." He grinned.

She shrugged and did as he said. "Like this?"

"Yep, hunny." He undid he pants and pulled out his ten inches, then ripped her panties off.

"Daddy?!" Her eyes opened widely and she blushed when she saw his size.

He forced her legs appart and rubbed his hardness against her small, wet hole. "Oh God. I'm going to fuck you."

"No Daddy!" She wanted to scream, but he covered her mouth and he kept rubbing against it.

"God. Ready?" He didn't wait for her to answer and just pushed it all the way inside her.

"OW DADDY!" She sobbed and struggled under him, but she was being pounded into roughly.

"Oh God Yes. You're incredible. I'm going to come in your tight pussy!" He bucked into her.

"NO!" She struggled against him.

"YES! YES!" He shot up into her pussy and then pulled out and pushed her onto her stomach, then pushed back into her wet hole.

Her pain had subsided and she moaned loudly. "Oh Daddy, this is wrong!"

"No baby. It's very right. And you're oh so tight."

"OH God Daddy I'm going to come!" She came hard and felt him shooting up into her tight, wet pussy. "Oh Daddy. You're hot come is in my hole and stomach!"

"Yeah baby." He pulled out and pushed into her tight ass, raping it hard.

She got damper and moaned when he pulled out a toy and pushed it in and out of her tight pussy while he raped her ass. She pushed against him. "Daddy, Daddy! I'm gonna come!"

He pulled out and watched her squirt her come onto him, then pushed back into her pussy, raping it furiously. He loved the way she moaned. She rolled over onto him and pounded her hips up and down bouncing on her daddy's hard cock. "Oh Yes. Come on Daddy, fuck that hole and come into it again." She bounced furiously and felt him shoot up into her hole, then fell onto his chest, feeling him still hard in her and felt him bucking into her.

"I got more inside me baby girl." He pounded into her and shot a huge load again into her. Her pussy so filled up that it was dripping down her legs. She came at the same time as him and bounced onto him hard, screaming.

"Oh Daddy.. That was great.. Maybe we can do it again Some Time?"

"We'll see.."

The End..

Part II coming soon.

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