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We Caught Mom

Jim Moore on Incest Stories

Let me start by telling you something about what happen. I'm a 20 year old 6'tall and about 210#. I had been away working for 2 years and just been home a couple of weeks. My sister is 15 and very well built. Not real big tits but very nice. My Dad worked for an oil company and was gone lots. Almost every time he went out of town our Uncle Bob would have to come over for some reason, and usually spent the night. Mom is 40 but sure doesn't look bad.

My date and been a bad deal since she wouldn't let me go any further than feeling her tits. It just gave me a good hard on and lover nuts. I came in about 1:30 AM and was trying to not wake anyone, but when I got close to my mothers room I could hear noises like someone moaning. The door was about half open and with her night light I could see something that floored me. My mother was on the bed completely naked sucking someone's cock. She was really going after it and the man was pushing his butt up trying to get more of his cock in her mouth. I steped back and remembered that Uncle Bob's car was in the drive way. I looked again and sure enough it was Mom's brother that she was sucking off. I stood and watched for a minute and my cock was getting hard even though I felt anger for her fucking around on my Dad especially with her own brother.

I went to my bed room and undressed my cock still hard as a rock. I started to jack off when I thought about my little sister and how beautiful her little ass looked in her tight shorts. I put on some shorts and tip toed down to her bed room and found that her light was on. I knocked softly and ask if I could come in. She was dressed in a see through white nity and was setting up in bed reading. I could see her nipples throuogh the thin material and I thought I was going to cum in my shorts.

I told her what I had seen in Mom's room but she didn't believe me so we went back to Mom and Dad's room. When we looked in Mom was setting on top of Uncle Bob riding his cock. She was pumping up and down moaning with every stroke. He started saying "fuck that cock sis fuck it until I fill you with my cum". I looked at my sister and her hand was down between her legs and I knew whe was feeling her pussy. Mom said "Oh shit big brother I love your cock, it fuckes me soo good." "It's so hard and big, fill my pussy with your hot cum" I tapped my sister and said lets go.

We went back to her room and she could see my cock pushing out on my shorts. "Did looking at our Mother and Uncle doing that make you excited" she said. "It sure as hell did sis, and I noticed that you might have gotten a little worked up also" We sat down on her bed and looked at each other for a few seconds when she said "Let me see it". I told her let's both take our cloth off and not hide anything. I said If Mom and Uncle can do it it must be ok, and besides we do love each other. She didn't hesitate to pull her nity over her head and I slipped my shorts off exposing my hard cock. "Oh god sis you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen." She looked at my cock and said "It looks bigger than Uncle Bobs, but it is beautiful, can I feel it?" I took her hand and placed it on my cock and stroked it up and down a few times. I ask her if she had ever seen a cock before and she said that she had and that one of her boy friends had ever busted her cherry.

She was breathing hard and so was I. I pushed her back on the  bed and started rolling the nipple of her tits between my fingers. She moaned and pushed them up to me. I sucked her tits first one then the other and each time I changed she wimpered softly. I started kissing her down to her belly and she put her hands on my head as if to stop me but never did. When I got to her pubic area I could feel some very soft light hair. I spread her legs and kissed her young pussy very softly and she let out an "Ohhh". I licked her pussy from top to bottom and found it already very wet. I keep licking and tongue fucking her flicking her clit each time I come to the top of her little pussy. She was holding on the sheet with both hands and pushing her young little pussy up into my face. I felt her start to shake and her body got still and she let out a "Ohhhh Ohhhh Ohhhh" I knew she was experienceing her first orgasm.

I lifted my head up and she grabbed my face and kissed my hard on my lips and shoved her tongue into my mouth which I welcomed and our tongues meet. She put her mouth to my ear and wispered "Fuck me big brother, Fuck me not just like Uncle Bob is fucking Mom". I got between her legs and put my very hard cock at the enterience of her little fuck hole. It was dripping wet so there was not need and any pre cum even thought there was plenty. I pushed the head of my cock into her warm wet love tounel. It was the most wonderful feeling I had ever experienced. She pushed her butt up and some more cock went in.She was so tight and hot I thought I was going to cum before I coujld get completely in her. I stroked her there for a feSw times then with one slow push I put the entire lenght of my cock deep into her young sweet belly. She almost screamed when I did. I told her not to worry about making to much noise because what was Mom going to do. I sucked her tits and fucked her long and slow trying very hard not to cum to fast. I told her she had the tightest pussy I had ever had and it felt wonderful to be fucking her.

After a while I picked up the pace and started fucking her hard and fast going all the way in each time. She was saying "Oh Oh Oh" each time I shoved my cock into her pussy. She said "Big brother I have wanted you to fuck me for so long I'm so glad it has finally happen". We were both breathing had and I was pumping her cunt like a jack hammer. She kept saying " Oh fuck that feels good, fuck my pussy big brother shove that big lovely cock in me and fill me with your sweet cum". She started to stiffen and I knew she was about to cum so I shoved my cock as deep as I could and let the first blast go. She let out another low scream as I kept pumping my cum in her with each stroke. She said "I'm cumming I'm cumming keep fucking me don't stop please don't stop" Then she let out a low "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh" I had spent my entire load in her young tight pussy and just fell down on the bed beside her. I said "Sis that was the most wonderful fuck I have ever had", and she said it was for her also.

About that time the light came on and there at the door stood our mother with her hands on her hips. "What is going on her?" she said.

But that is anothe story.

I know I'm not the best write so go easy on me if you will.


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