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What a sleeping GrandMother doesn't know

PB2006 on Incest Stories

When I was 14 years old, all 5'4" of me and I wanted to fuck my Gran so bad. Gran was 66 yrs of age, about Four foot two and a little on the plump side about a size sixteen, But it suited her mature face full wrinkles and full lips, she also had one of those light silver mustasches that some old ladies have but very light.. nice shapely legs and She has the nicest 38DD tities I"ve seen.

I"ve always thought that my gran was attractive and every now and then I"d have sexual thoughts about her.  It started quite by accident but here"s how it all started..

I used to stay at my grans when I was on holiday and she used to let me sleep  on the floor at the side of her bed with a couple of quilts. When we went to bed she would read for a while, and maybe have a few drinks of sherry (which I had bought her out of the off licence,) the owner knew it was for my gran and I hid it in her room away from my grandad (earlier on that day) so after drinking the whole bottle she would drift off into a deep,deep sleep, I loved watching Gran sleep on her bed

She had on this nightdress which was made of Silk  and it was lemon in colour,The material was  thin enough that I could smake out the outline of her nipples .I could see the erect  nipples of her breasts, which were pressing through the thin material of her gown, “gran?” I said.

And again a little louder. No response. I shook her slightly, then harder. Still no response. gran was out like a light. I rolled her onto her back and felt her breasts over the silk nightdress.  My cock was stiff as steel as I slowly tweeked her nipples which immediately became erect. I lost my hardon when Gran moaned and twisted slightly, but her eyes remained closed.

She was still asleep? She looked so peaceful. lying there with her old wrinkled face and her grey /silver hair.

There she was, half naked in a nighdress. I was going to hit that, nothing could stop me. I quickly took off my boxers, all the while my eyes were fixed on my grands's huge, heaving breasts as she breathed in her sleep. I couldn't keep my hands off of her huge breasts, I crept over the the bed and gently got onto it so as not to wake her.

She was fast asleep, so I reached over and tried to manipulate her gown so that it would rise along her body, revealing her moist mound of pleasure to me. When I was able to do this, I then moved up and tried to get the top portion of her nighty to move down along her body so as to reveal her enormous breasts. When I was able to do this, I pulled back and just looked at my sleeping gran now. Her breasts showed. Her pussy showed through the fabric of her knickers, I was in heaven!!

I began to move her short white legs, so I could peel her knickers off, slipping them slowly down to reveal a hairy grey pussy, her folds pink and wet with motherly juice.

I lowered my head to her breasts and started to suck on her nipples and kneaded her wonderful breasts. Her nipples became hard in my mouth. Yet she still slept.
Her breasts were so soft and scrumptious.

I leanded forward and put my mouth over one nipple and tried to suck her entire titty into my mouth then went over and sucked on the other nipple. It was hard as a boner, too.Yet she still slept.

“Oh, god, that’s great,” i thought, breathing heavy.

I didn't want her to wake up, so I continued to go slowly. When I could go no futhur, I pulled out again. I realised I was having sex my gran, my own flesh and blood, the mother of my father. This excited me more so I got a bit bolder. I wanted to try my luck, but she was my grandmother and I didn't want to get caught. This was very close to rape in my opinion I couldn't bear it anymore. My dick was as firm as a post, and wasn't about to change anytime soon.  I got closer to her snatch, which was dry as a desert by that time and touched her clit with one of my fingers. She was lubricating fast, and the aroma was intoxicating.
After about five or six minutes of steady pressure on her clit, her breathing got faster, her hip movement more rapid, and her body tight. gran came with a loud grunt, arching her back up and her legs jerking to the orgasmic spasms.

Her moist inner lips were like velvet as my fingers ran over them covering them with a thick clear liquid which now bubbled out of her. Would it be right to fuck this women, my gradmother for Christ"s sake! What if she came round? So many thoughts spun in my head,Then I crawled up  the bed and wanting to plunge my big, hard dick into her old pussy .

I was so hard it ached, pre cum was forming under my foreskin, so I pulled it back and let it spurt out... It landed on her cunt flaps...
As I gripped my cock I felt it pounding in my hand... I had to fuck her now, now before she woke. All I wanted to do was fuck this hole, fill my grans cunt violate this sacred place... I moved closer and squatted between her wide open legs, slowly raising her legs over my knees. Now I sat inches from her soaking wet hole, her pink flesh exposing her old tight little cunt hole. Juice dribbled down the crack of her cheeks. I rubbed my cock over that mound slowly running down over these parted lips, so hot and moist it felt against my exposed tip. I pulled the foreskin back pressing it tightly at her entrance...

Shall I... Shall I push now and violate her... No turning back I thought... So a firm push... Uhhhhh... I felt some resistance... Then I penetrated. Goodness me it was tight! Uhhhhh I was in!! I was actually fucking her for real. Without her knowing, it was so easy,  Her cunt ring tightened around me... Slowly her insides gripped my cock... Her walls felt soft, yet slightly ribbed as I push home... Ohhhhh so good.
My poor prick was banging that raw hole like a machine gun. My cock was now buried half way up its 8 inches... Her walls stretch as my girth forced its way in. I slid my legs back and hovered over her... Now halfway in that juice soaked tunnel. I was bathing in a juice soaked pussy... I shuddered... My god I almost shot my load there and then... Holding back somehow wanting to savour this special moment... Then I began to push home, wanting to sink deep inside until I hit her most deepest parts... I want to slam up against her cervix... Push into her womb from where my father once came. Oh it is so good...

I had no choice now incestuous urges took over... Pushing hard down on her, my cock forcing folds apart, she gripped me so tightly... Unable to resist her grandsons manhood... Juice squirted out against my balls... She was so wet... I hit home her cervix greeted my now steel like tip... I had more to give so without thought I pushed once more... I could feel a tight ring slowly open over my head... I was almost inside her womb!! AHHHHHHH... I slipped inside... Into her womb... her tight cervix ring gripped the bulb of my cock pushing the foreskin back. I could feel it stretching over my shaft, as I forced deeper. Now it began to roll back over my shaft as the bulbous tip entered her womb... I was in...

I thought that maybe in her sleep she was subconsciously aware of a cock pushing between her legs and involuntarily shifted to allow it entry.
But I couldn"t sense anything touched the tip... Was I now inside... YES... I began to rock back and forth... Her ring sliding back over my tip... Then UHHHHHHH... Push deep again... This was it I could feel the incestuous seed beginning to rise inside my cock! I pushed as hard as I could into her. Her cervix ring now well up my shaft... I must be 3 inches into her womb! How long could I hold back my sack full of impregnating seed, powerful thoughts of her defenseless body beneath me flashed through my head, this seed I wanted to spend into her womb, was it right? Should I cum inside... THINK!! She was getting on in  years now, she was to old to consieve now...

WHAT WAS I THINKING! I could'nt make her pregnant, she was too old. but I wanted to cum, I needed to cum... NOW... INSIDE HER WOMB...he feeling of my grans's tight cunt gripping my cock as I pushed in and out of her soon made me forget those worries. I became completely lost in the moment, My lust for my gran overwhelmed me as I felt her juices squirt out all over me, so my final push, deep within grans motionless body! Her cervix ring almost tearing into my shaft as it clenched down tight making my cock want to explode! Now for my seed.
I felt it rise inside my cock... UHHHHHHHHH this is it, I AM CUUUUUUMING!! Impregnating my gran... With jets of steaming hot cum shooting deep into her womb, stream after stream squirted into her, filling once more, I shuddered as the last of my seed drained into her... I had filled her, my grandmothers womb, filled it with my seed, Squelching sounds rang out as she overflowed with her grandsons cum... I fell onto her... Aching with the grip of her ring. Almost sore I pulled out and it snapped shut over my tip.

Slowly so slowly I pulling out of those velvety cum soaked walls... A final squelch sounded as I slipped out. I sat back and watched her gapping hole twitching as cum mixed with her juice dribbled out. Would this moment ever end I thought... I grabbed my cock firmly I wanted more of her, I was so horny but still very erect... I began to jerk my tool... It was slippery with her juice... To much I thought I arched over her and forced myself inside her sopping wet pussy! Pounding her cum soaked birth hole, my balls bouncing against her seed soaked body... Uhhhh... Uhhhh I cried out as I slammed into her again bouncing against her cervix then once more I let go deep inside her... Arrrrgh... "Uhhnnnnng!" she moaned quietly, so that the others inside the house wouldnt  hear what was happening in the bedroom, " Uhhhnnnng! Uhhhnnnng!"

It felt good as more jets of cum spurted out, my cock was pressed up against that wall, in her cunt, I wanted to be in her again... Filling her cunt till it ran out past the sides of my cock. I had fucked gran twice... Twice into her love hole filling her with my seed... Mmmmmmmm... It felt so good. Since she was too old I would I knew she coudnt get pregnant but the thought of my father starting life in the same canal she pushed my father out of, made me smile.After resting for a moment, I pulled off her and lay on the bed beside her.Then gave her nipple a quick kiss .
Still shaking I stood up and admired my work... Her legs wide open exposing her gaping hole now overflowing with her grandsons hot milky white fluids... Her lips still wide apart and that motherly hole gapping almost 1 inch in diameter... I leant forward and licked her pussy she tasted so sweet, but this would wait for another time My dick must have been pulsing for about a minute. I stayed right there inside her until my hardon went down. Then II cleaned her up using some tissues nearby, and put her back in the bed like I found her, and this time I put her undies back on. I then looked down at gran's sexy body and had a terrible thought,
"Holy fucking shit! What have I fucking gone and done?" ... 

I began to drift to sleep thoughts of how will I deal with this when she awakens??We slept in each other's arms that night, and most nights after that.  I don't remember what happened next; all I can remember is waking up with my mother in my arms.  Had I been dreaming? Was it real? I reached down to rub my throbbing cock. Yea, it was real. My boxers were soaked and my cock was sticky. I had been inside my gran and fucked her,

In the morning I was a nervous wreck. I tried not to make eye contact with my gran when she summoned me downstairs to breakfast. To my surprise, she made no mention of the night's events and acted as if she was completely unaware that I had even been in bed with her.

Was she too embarrassed to talk about it?, I thought. Finally, I decided that she had slept through everything, had not noticed the cum and went straight into the shower unknowingly washing away the evidence!

I just stayed with granny . Every chance I got I went up to granny's for vacations or breaks from school. Every time I I always fucked her while she slept!

"incest" was a gift to all of us, and I each knew that this was the start of something special between us.

For the next week I had my granmother every night..then almost everynight for the rest of my stay with her that summer..hating it when it came time for me to go back home.

Since then..I mangaed to sleep with my grandmother many more times. I particularly liked having intercourse with my grandmother that way, for then I was able to stare into her warm brown eyes, french kiss her sensually formed lips and nuzzle her graceful nose and ears, and use my tongue to explore her mouth .

Also, I was at liberty to nurse at her huge mammaries with their oversized chocolate colored nipples passionately sticking out. all while she slept! Today I am married with a kids, but I will never forget the times we shared.


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