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A Daughter Steps In

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His life was more or less perfect. A good career, nice home, good wife and 3 wonderful kids. Well as wonderful as any could be getting into their teens. The mad dash in the morning to see who could get the bathroom first, the fights over the phone, friends over at all hours. Sleep overs where the girls would be telling there secrets and flirting with him, as well as driving his 12 year old son crazy. It was a good life in all.

Then it came crashing down when he came home from work and found all 3 kids locked out of the house. His wife was not home and they'd been outside since they got home from school. Unlocking the door he let them in first, then went in. Except for a TV and the dinning room set the house was empty. They all stood in shock as he read the note on the table that said she couldn't take any more and had to leave.

A few phone calls later and he had a friend delivering a bed for them, though he could find only one on such short notice. To try and make it like an outing he set it up in the family room, in front of the fire place with the TV set to where everyone can see it. He looked at them, and almost cried, especially when his youngest, Megan looked up and said "I'm hungry daddy". At nearly 9 she still had that cute pout that had him wrapped around her finger for so long. They took a vote and ordered pizza. When it came they all sat there, watching TV and eating pizza. Then it was time for showers and bed.

Donald, his son, drew the long straw and got to take his bath first, then Megan and then his 14 year old Sharon. As they finished their baths they got into the bed, Donald, then Megan. By the time Sharon had finished hers they were sound asleep. When the bathroom door opened he looked up and Sharon walked out in a towel, that wasn't quite around her fully. He couldn't help but notice it as she smiled at him and then went to change into her PJ's. While she was changing he took the chance to get his shower, hoping that there was some hot water left, but also, thinking of his daughter barely holding the towel up, he knew he could use some cold as well.

While he was showering he heard the door open and Sharon said she had to "Tinkle". He couldn't believe it but said ok. He heard her move into the room and, by looking between the curtain and the wall, saw her as she dropped her PJ bottoms and sat down. It hit him like a ton of bricks and he couldn't believe he was starting to get hard at seeing her like that. Then he looked up and she was looking at him looking at her. When she finished she stood and it seemed took some extra time pulling her pjs back up, and leaving. By this time the water had turned cold, which was a good thing because he had found himself erect.

When he dried himself he wrapped the towel around him and opened the door, cussing himself for not at least bringing some clean underwear in with him. He stepped out and Sharon, laying at the foot of the bed, let out a low cat call. He couldn't help himself, he winked at her and said "Turn about is fair play young lady, now go to sleep". And he left them there to go to his room and curl up in some blankets on the floor in his bedroom.

After he'd finally settled into the blankets there was a knock at the door. Sharon stepped in and said "Dad, there's not enough room in that bed, can I sleep with you?" So, sighing as if it were a great feat, he tossed back a corner of the covers and she climbed in and curled up to him. Laying there they talked about everything except two, what had happened in the bathroom and her mother. She had turned her back and he was holding her as they talked. The scent of her hair, the soft firmness of her backside pressed against him and the sight in his minds eye of her with her, first in the towel and then in the bathroom had built in him and he didn't realize it but he had started getting an erection, which she could obviously feel.

She rolled over and looked him in the eyes and said "Its ok daddy, we can come together and I'll do all I can to take moms place" He hugged her to him and said "I know sweet heart". That is when he realized he had an erection, because he felt it pressing into her stomach. Shocked and a little embarrassed at his reaction, he started back off but she said "No dad" and moved closer to him "I mean take moms place in everything".

He started to say "ah princess..." but was cut off by her pressing her mouth to his. It took him by complete surprise as she eagerly kissed him, and he was soon kissing her back passionately and found himself feeling her firm, but not yet full grown breasts through her pjs. He heard her gasp a little as her hand found his bulge and she rubbed him through his shorts. It was more than he could take, his mind screamed NO but his entire body screamed YES.

Sharon then stood up and peeled her pj top over her head, exposing her breasts for the first time to his eager eyes. They were not yet full grown but seemed to stand almost erect and were topped with beautiful, perky little nipples. Seeing his eyes eating her up she smiled and then slowly slid first her bottoms down and kicked them off, and stood there in nothing but a pink thong. His eyes couldn't get enough of her and her did a quick modeling move before she asked him "do you like them", to which he could only nod. The she, almost painfully slowly, slid them down and off, exposing her bald pussy to him. Another little modeling move and she lay back down next to him.

He looked at her and couldn't help but ask "have you ever?" and she nodded and said "yes, twice". Then they were kissing again, his hand now free to roam without anything between them and her body. Soon she was trembling and, rubbing his cock through his shorts said "your turn dad". He quickly removed his shorts and heard her gasp as she saw his cock unfettered for the first time.

Then he kissed her again and slowly worked his way down to take first one, and then they other breast into his mouth and suckle on them. She was trembling as he made his way down, kissing, over her stomach, across her belly button and then across and to the inside of her thigh. He slipped himself between her legs and took a tentative lick of her. As he did she arched her back and said "oh yes daddy, I love it". Without any further encouragement from her being needed, he kissed her sweet little mound and then drove his tongue deep inside of her. She gasped and moved her hips up, as she did he cupped her perfectly formed ass cheeks and was licking deeply of her. Moving every now and then to find her clit and tickle it with his lips and tongue.

Each time her touched her clit she would shiver...soon he had all but abandoned driving his tongue deep inside her and instead mounted an all out assault on her clit. Kissing it, licking it, flicking it with his tongue and then nibbling on it lightly. She'd moan and quiver and finally almost screamed out and came in a gush. As he attempted to get every savory drop she came again and then a third time in rapid succession.

He couldn't handle any more waiting and so he slowly made his way back up, this time coming up between her legs, across her stomach and back to each he got to where her could kiss her he felt the hot wetness of her against the head of his aching dick. As he kissed her she moved her hips slightly and he felt the head start to slip into her. He rose up and looked into her eyes and asked "Sharon, are you sure honey?", to which she could only nod her head.

He slowly pushed a little into her, feeling her young pussy stretching around him. Every inch or two he would stop and let her adjust to him. It felt so damned good that he finally pushed it in as far as he could. She gasped and arched her back...and cried out a little. He lay there holding her and kissing her until he felt she had adjusted, but it also served another purpose, kept him from exploding too soon.

Then he started a very slow and very shallow hump, feeling every little quiver in her body as he did. She was moaning softly and matching his hip movements as he started to go faster and deeper with each thrust. Then he felt her stiffen as she arched her back and cried out "oh my god yes" and he felt her already tight pussy contract around him as she came again. Holding back he started to drive deeper and within a minute she was in the throes of yet another orgasm. He could take it, so he took her legs and brought them up over his shoulders, managing to keep them coupled and then he started to drive deep, their bodies slapping together as he did. Within another minute or two she cried out and he felt her tighten around him once again, this time it was too much. He drove deep and let himself succumb to a massive orgasm himself, coating her young insides in hot cum. Feeling it squirt up the side of his cock and out of her pussy.

After that he collapsed onto her, still locked tightly together with her. Breathing hard and her voice quivering she managed to tell him as she kissed his face "It had never been like that daddy, and I know this was the right thing to do". There they lay, him and his daughter, now turned passionate lover, kissing and holding one another and letting the passion in the build again, for what was the first of many such nights.


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