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A Reward for a Day at the Zoo

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Reward for a Day at the Zoo

This story is true, if you like it then let me know and I will write about my previous ones

First off, I am 25 in good shape and have a history of incestual experiences (this is just the latest of them) and have a preference for little girls.

I currently take care of my grandmother, so I live in her house with her to make things easier, I live in the finished basement though so it is like I have my own apartment. We always have some family member coming and going, this time it was my Cousin Kristin and her husband and two children; Addison, a 6 year old girl, and Matthew, a 3 year old boy. They were going to stay for the week because they live pretty far away. While they were staying here I decided to “be nice” and take the kids off their hands for 24 hours.

The day started with me taking the kids in the morning before breakfast so that my cousins could go out and have breakfast together. I fed them both some cereal and bagels and we watched Shrek for the first part of the day. They were both full of energy just part way through the movie and were running around and wanted me to catch them, I took this opportunity to get as close to Addison as possible. Every time I caught her I would get my hands as close to her pussy as possible. I figured that the few times that I touched her she would pull away but instead she just stood there and stared right at me with a slight smile. At first I thought that was strange but I would find out later that it was all because she “liked” me and didn’t mind me touching her, even though her parents said never to let anyone touch her there.

After a while we stopped playing and I made them some mac and cheese for lunch, luckily for me Addison spilled some on her pants and wanted to change before we went to the zoo and she wanted me to help her pick out which pants to wear since her parents went out for the day. I picked out some jeans with her and she asked me to help her put them on since she liked me so much. As I took her pants off and stared at her standing there in her panties, which were slightly askew making part of her pussy visible I got instantly hard. Since my dick was in an awkward position it was clearly visible and she asked me what that bump was and I told her I would show her later if she was good.

We then left for the zoo shortly after, the day went by without exception for the most part. The only good things were when I had to carry her on my shoulders and feeling the warmth between her legs pressed against me, and when I talked to Addison about sleeping in my bed after her brother went to sleep on the pull out couch. She agreed of course cause I said that I could show her how to have a lot of fun when she is alone and that she could make me really happy if we played some games together. We stopped at McDonalds on the way home for some food and got back in the house around 6.

I let them watch some TV until around 8 which was his bedtime then it would be lights out. Luckily for me he fell asleep around 7:30 because of the busy day, which allowed me to grab Addison and take her to my room. I turned on the TV as I psyched myself up for what I was about to do.

“So did you have fun today?” I ask.

“Yeah, I had lots of fun, did you?”

“Sort of but I think if we do some grown-up stuff we could have more fun. Do you want to play?”

“Yea!!! What are we going to play?” she asks.

“Well, I can show you how to make yourself feel really good and I can show you the magic trick that made my pants move when you were changing. But, first you are going to have to show me your private area. Do you think you can do that for me?”

“But my mom said to never show that area to anyone.”

“You weren’t this way earlier when you changed in front of me, what’s with the change now? And didn’t you say you liked me, if you really did you would show me that special area.” I say.

“I let you watch me change because I still had my undies on and I do like you a lot I just don’t know if I should.”

“Then you know what, I will show you my private area if I get to see yours. Would that be better?”

“You have to show me yours first though”

I don’t even hesitate after she says that, I just rip down my pants exposing my cock. It is not huge but it is larger than average at 6.5 inches long and 5 inches around. As she looks on with pure shock, she finally says, “Wow that looks nothing like my brothers. Why is it so big and hard looking?”

“That’s because you are making me happy right now. And you know what, this is what made my pants move earlier. Watch if you go to touch it I bet it will move.”

She reaches her hand in slowly and pokes at my dick with her finger. “No, you have to grab it not just poke it.” I say. So she reaches in and grabs it and it jumped like there was no tomorrow in her and she made a slight gasp and pulled her hand away.

“You don’t have to be afraid, it just moved because it liked the way you felt on it. You did really good for your first time. I will show you some more things you can do with it later so that I can show you its other tricks and they will also make me really happy. Don’t you want to make me happy?”

“I do want to make you happy, I just didn’t know it was going to move that much. What do you want me to do to it now?

“I just want you to take off your pants now so that I can see your privates. You know, they can do some pretty nice things too. Have you ever touched yourself down there?” I ask.

“I used to touch myself a lot because it felt really good, sort of like a tickle, but my mommy said not to do that anymore.” So she pulls her pants down exposing, her nice and small pink panties. Then she starts to take those off too, when I put my hand on hers to stop her. I want to revel in this for as long as possible, so I reach in and take her panties off myself, exposing that tight virgin six year old pussy. As I look on my dick starts to exude pre-cum. “Can I touch it, like you touched mine?” I ask.

“I guess so, since I touched yours.”

I position myself on the bed so that I can get a good look at that pussy, so I move below her and spread her legs wide. She fights me a little at first but I just give her a look like it will be ok and she gives in. I start by rubbing my finger up and down here slit and she giggles slightly, making me enjoy this even more. I then spread her lips slightly to reveal her tiny not yet mature clit, and start to rub. She now turns from a giggle to a moan. I keep this up for a while until I can feel her actually get wet, which I wasn’t expecting. “You can do this to yourself too when you are all alone, you just have to make sure your mom doesn’t find out. You know what else you can do? You can put your fingers in it too, want me to put one of mine in so you can see what it feels like?” I ask.

“Ummm, will it feel like what you just did?”

“It may not feel as nice yet but as you get older it will feel really good.”

“Okay then we can try.”

I reach down and touch my fingers to my dick to get lubed with pre-cum which is almost pouring out of my dick. I then slowly insert my finger into her pussy, she gasps slightly but then as I go in and out while still massaging her clit she starts to moan all over again. A few minutes of this pass and she is even wetter than before but I can tell she hasn’t orgasmed and probably can’t, the youngest girl to orgasm that I have found was 7 and she was almost 8. At this point I can’t handle it anymore and since I love to go down on girls, I pull my finger out and shove my face right between her legs.

“What are you doing, I pee out of there,” she says between moans.

I don’t stop and just keep licking her clit until I can actually feel her orgasm and she pushes me away from her and starts to cry a little. As I said before that I didn’t think she could orgasm, but I can honestly tell you that she did, and it tasted great.

“What’s wrong? You didn’t do anything wrong.”

“I just pee’d on you, I am embarrassed.”

“No, you didn’t pee on me that is what they call cumming, you do that when you feel really good down there, I can do that too with mine. There is no reason to cry, why don’t you stop and help me cum from my private area.” I explain.

“What do you want me to do to it?”

“Just grab it like you did before, just don’t squeeze too hard or it will hurt.”

She sits right back up and grabs a hold of my dick, making it jump just like before. “Is this okay,” she asks?

“Yeah that feels perfect, now I want you to just move your hand up and down. It will go better if you get some of my cum on your hands, it will feel sticky though, don’t worry about it. You can even eat some if you want, lots of girls love to eat it.”

“I can eat it?” she says, as she scoops some off with her other hand and licks it off. “It doesn’t taste that bad, it is sort of sweet.” She then starts to jerk me off, though I have to admit she is not very good at it, but it is her first time.

“You can go faster, it will make it feel better for me.”

“But my arm is getting tired,” she says.

“Then you know what, you can put your mouth over it and suck on it like it is a popcicle. That feels really good too. Just make sure your teeth are covered by your lips so that you don’t hurt me, and you should breathe through your nose. Okay?”

“Okay,” she says as she puts her mouth over my cock and starts to suck, making the most amazing slurping noises. The noises and the thought of having a 6 year old sucking my cock makes me almost cum but I don’t want to yet so I pull her head off.

“Was I doing something wrong?” she asks.

“No, it felt amazing. I just don’t want to cum yet, I have something else for us planned. Do you know what our private parts are really made for?”

“Going pee. Right?”

“That and so that we can make babies together. The way the baby gets into the mothers belly is by me cumming from my privates into your privates. So do you want to see what I mean? It may hurt a little at first but once my private is in it shouldn’t hurt anymore.”

“How much is it going to hurt?” she asks.

“Not that much, you can just bite into the blanket so that you don’t yell.”

“I guess we can try it, but if it hurts too much can we stop?”

“Of course we will stop I don’t want to do anything you don’t want to do.”

So I position myself so that I can insert my cock as much as possible without breaking her cherry, I don’t want to do that yet not until she is a little older. By not though her pussy is dry so I decide that my pre-cum will not be enough lube to safely enter. I go down on her again so I can get her as wet as possible, it only takes like 30 seconds for her to be wet enough to lube up with it and so that I can enter with as little as possible resistance. I slip the head of my dick into her pussy when I start to feel strain and she bites into the pillow and gives a soft scream as I get the thickest part of my dick in her. Then I stop and let her gain her composure back.

“Did that hurt too much? That will be the only part that hurts if it is not hurting right now we can do some more.”

“That only hurt a little, I thought it would hurt more. What are you going to do now?”

“I am just going to go in a little further then just keep going back and forth. If it does not feel like much right now it is just because you are young and if you rub where I showed you earlier you can cum again.”

“I can rub it while your privates in me? Where do I rub again?” she asks.

I take her hand and place it where to rub and she instantly takes to it like she is a pro. I take this as my cue to start fucking the shit out of her, I just can’t go too hard because I don’t want to hurt her. I start to fuck her and with her rubbing she begins to moan. I know that I will not cum from just this slight fuck unless she at least plays with my balls, so I grab her other hand and place it on my balls and tell her to play with them gently. After about 15 minutes of fucking her and jerking the rest of my cock that is not in her pussy, I know I am about to cum. Since she has cum twice already I know I can cum without hesitation. So I pull my cock out and a popping sound is made from the vacuum that I created when fucking that tight virgin 6 year old pussy and cum all over her belly and pussy, some of it even hits her in the face. I can honestly say I have never cum like that before. She is a little shocked but I tell her it is alright it is just the way that guys cum.

“Would it be ok if I took some pictures before I clean you up?” I ask.

“Yeah, that would be okay.”

I go and grab my camera and take some pictures of the cum all over her red pussy, then I go and take some of the cum and put it on her face and take a picture of that as well as some other poses that I am going to use to masterbate with later.

“Do you want to eat all of this, this stuff might taste different I have never tried this before?” I ask.

“I will eat some of you eat some.” She says with a smile on her face.

So I take some of it and place it in my mouth as I watch her take the cum off her face and eat it. I can say now that my cum doesn’t taste that bad and that six year olds can eat a lot of cum, because I only had a small amount.

I am really tired as is she, so I tell her we can go to bed but that she has to sleep naked or go sleep with her brother in the other room. Of course she stays with me and I grab a hold of her and spoon her with my now limp cock between her legs and her pussy in my hand.

You would think that was all that happened but she woke up early in the morning by my morning wood poking at her slightly sore pussy and she grabs my dick to move it and I wake up. Since her brother is still asleep I ask her if she wants to cum again and she nods her head enthusiastically so I go down on her again and make her go down on me after that, I warned her I was about to cum but she kept her head on my cock and took all of my cum with one swallow. This girl really will be a great lay next year when she stays here and I break her cherry and possibly fuck her in the ass. I can’t wait.

My other sexual stories that will be good to tell, are my first time with my mom, my sister, my cousin, my best friends little sister (twice, once when she was 10 and again when she was 15), another friends little sister when she was 7 and my neighbor when she was 8. Let me know which one you want most and I will write that one next.



OMG I have a relationship with little nymph (shes 8 now)... Never had chance to go that far.... but soon... I hope.

Your next one should be with your sister, and then other little ones... not really interested in milf ^^

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