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Aunt Ann's pee.

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I'm in shock! My aunt (Mum's sister) came in as I bathed. Well bathed meant a

wanking period!  I'm as hard as you like and in she strolls, knickers at half

mast as she plonks her ass onto the lavatory. - "don't mind me, I need a pee

PDQ" - So my hardon is in clear view above the water and her cunt and pubes

are there before my eyes. The piss dribbles to a stop and she daps her cunt

with some tissue. Then shit without as much as a blink she woddles over with

her pants still at half mast and grips my cock [Grips! Fuck she started to

strangle it!]
Fuck man, she got such a grip around it the head changed from reddish to

blue/black purple. - "Here, this is what that thing needs" Now with her pubes

and virgina almost at where I could tongue her she starts to pump my cock with

her vice like grip. [Fuck man] the veins stood out like boiler pipes as she

squeezed so hard. But fuck man did she make me rise quick to a cum situ'

[Fuck man!] She pulled me bodily up to a standing position. Letting go of my

cock - "Well go on then you horny little scrote, I've seen you wanking at my

place everytime you climpse or nearly climpse this thing... Now here it is, go on


By now her ass is bent towards me with the gaping gash inches from my

flushed red stiffy. - "Come on do it while your auntie's still all hot!" - I rammed

the full length hungrily as deep as I could get it and burst the most fantastic

load of sperm I've ever delivered - "Don't dare pull out until you've made me

orgasm, go on make me cum before your mother finds out what you're doing

to me" - I needed no more prodding or threats, I just pumped at her warm

pussy until with a further spurt of spunk she orgasmed rather to loudly for my

safety - "SHHH! Fuck if mum finds us doing it, she'll marmalize me!"

My aunt didn't hear, she just trembled in her orgasm until it subsided. - "What

was that you were saying as I was cumming?" - "Nothing Ann, its doesn't

matter now!" - "Hey, you both up there or not, Brian! Your aunts here

somewhere and she's looking for you!" - "Its alright mum, I'll be down directly,

she's found me and I know what it is she wanted me for... I've sorted it as well!"

My aunt grinned at me as she pulled up her drawers having wiped the surplus

of my sperm off of her juicy pussy lips. - "Good boy, - thinking on your feet that

was. I'll borrow him again now I know you're willing!" - Willing! Willing! Fuck I

thought she was going to tear my balls off the way she wanked my still aching

dick! - Dressed I appeared at mum's side as innocent as a lamb. - "Took long

enough didn't you? I hope you swilled the tide mark round the bath and pulled

the plug!" - I dashed back to the bathroom realising the bath still had my spunk

floating just below the surface of the almost clear water. Aunt Ann had certainly

fucked my brain to a standstill. Other times I'm ver


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