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Chapter 3 Double Dip for Daddy Sammy's Master Class

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Chapter 3 Double Dip for Daddy

Sammy's Master Class

Sammy finds herself in an awkward situation, but probaly not as awkward as her father and sister

"Oops" said Sammy looking sheepish.
Awkward. How do you handle a situation like this. I couldn't deny the fact I had just fucked her sisters brains out, nor could she deny the fact that she had just fucked her brains out watching us. Thank god for Kim.
"Well are you going to stand there looking stupid, or are you going to join us?"
"Me look stupid, you should see the look on your face when you come." Sammy quickly shot back and started walking towards the bed.
Kim put her hand on the bed lifted her arse up slightly, with the other hand she reached behind her, clenched her pussy muscles gripping my cock in a firm squeeze then slowly pulled the vibrator out of her arse, wriggly it from side to side sending a new wave of pleasure through my body she then lifted herself off my cock and lay down beside me.
"Well Daddy, looks like you've got two sex slaves now." said Sammy as she knelled on the bed and took my cock in her hand. "You didn't leave much for me to fuck, it's all floppy and sticky Kim."
A light went off in my head "How long have you been watching us?" I asked.
"Since that day Kim tried to make me suck you off, anyway you shouldn't have left the door open, I mean who knows who could watching their father, sister and her sister's best friend screwing like rabbits."
"I left the door open?"
"Actually I did." said Kim "Come on Dad, how can you expect her to pass her masters if she can't see the practical application. I mean do you want your sweet little daughter learning sex on the internet?"
"Yeah Dad," said Sammy "it's like you say, watch one, do one, teach one. I don,t think I'm ready to teach one but I think I might be ready for my assesment. Whadda think Kim ?"
"Well, you're going have to get Dad up and going again. I mean I fucked him pretty silly."
"Well, I guess I'm in your hands."
"Actually Dad's in your hands, you could probably start by giving him a blowjob." Kim reached across put her hand between Sammy's legs and eased up under the crotch of her pyjama pant's "Fuck, your wet, how many times did you come?" She wiped her hand across Sammy's pussy, her hand was covered in Sammy's white come when she pulled it out. She licked her hand then scooped up the come of Sammy's legs and offered it to me, I drank it greedily then put my hand between Sammy's legs and slid it between her lips and dipped the tip of my finger into her virgin hole. Her cunt was so wet I could probably have shoved my whole hand in to her. This little girl was so ready for her first fuck and I was so ready to fuck her little virgin brains out.
"Uhh, Daddy, you just can't wait to get something in me. Well you have to lick and suck me first, and you promised me a multiple orgasm, I'm still waiting. Remember you still haven't passed your assessment. If you pass I might let you put your finger in me, if your really good I might let you put your thingy in me."
"Ooo, that's a promise," I said "Jump over and lie down between us." Sammy climbed over me and put her twat close to my face, my nose was with filled the smell of her sex, I pulled aside her pyjama bottom to look at cunt. Her pussy lip's were red and swollen and her clit was erect and just peeking out her clitoral hood. I spread her lips and licked her.
"Uhh, naughty tongue, do you want me to come on your face. Mmm, like deserves like." She leaned down and licked the head of my cock then slowly took it her mouth. It grew harder the more she sucked and the harder it got the faster she sucked, I matched her pace licking her lips, her inner lips, clit and dipping my tongue into her hole. Her hips began moving in an eractic fashion and she started snorting out her nose. She sat up and pushed in cunt down on my face and squealed then flopped down on me before rolling of me and lying between Kim and I.
"How many's that?" asked Kim
"I don't know, I think four or five. I think I lost count when I was fucking myself." she replied breathlessly.
"Well get ready for another four or five, if your lucky maybe more." Kim turned around and gave her sister a kiss. The kiss became quite passinate and I could imagine their two tongues wrestling inside their mouths. I took the opportunity to also turn around, I unbuttoned Sammy top and feasted my eyes on her beautiful tits, her nipples were rock hard. I took one between my fingers and pulled and twisted it, her body squirmed in response to this new sensation. I leaned closer and took her tit in my mouth licking her nipple than took more of it mouth sucking it hard. Kim squirmed and wiggled as the pleasure spread through her body. She reached out and took my cock in her hand and started stroking it.
Kim moved south, pulled Sammy's shorts off and spread her legs and started rubbing her wet slit. Sammy squirmed more and Kim brought her face down and started licking her sister's cunt. Sammy moaned in pleasure and I moved back to watch the tounge play. Sammy let go my cock and grabbed Kim's hips pulling her on top and started licking and teasing her cunt. Sammy slipped her two middle fingers into her and started finger fucking her while licking her clit. Kim's hips started moving in response to the fingers and tongue. This was amazing, watching my daughters fuck each other, they must of done this before as they seemed to know what each other wanted. I watched for several minutes before moving behind Sammy's head, I pulled her fingers out and rammed my cock into her. Kim grunted as my cock slammed into her, I don't think she was expecting that, Sammy just went bug eyed, if she wanted to see her sister fucked up close than I doubt she could have got any closer. Sammy recovered well and started licking my cock as it slid out of Kim and licked Kim's wet slit. Sammy tried to push her cunt harder in to Kim's face and put her hands on the back on head pushing her face in to her twat, Kim responded by slamming her cunt hard against my cock. The two very quickly came together in unison, grunting and moaning as the orgasm exploded through them. I pushed Kim's hips out of the way and put my cock in Sammy's mouth and put two fingers in to Kim's twat fingering her hard.
Sammy had always been in control when giving blowjobs, always on top and always able to control depth and pace, this time she was beneath me and I gave her her first face fuck, trying to be careful not to ram down her throat. Sammy seemed lost in her excitement as she put her hands on my arse and pulled my cock in to her mouth, she sucked hard using her tounge on my head. She pulled harder on my arse pushing me deeper in to her mouth, she gagged as my cock hit the back of her mouth, I pulled out but she pulled me back in gagging again, several times I pulled out and each time she pulled me hard in to her mouth. The gagging stopped and I felt my cock slide down her throat. Her eyes opened wide as she realized what she had just done. I slowed down and relished the pleasure of deep throating my daughters throat, even Kim and Rachel had never achieved this. I fucked her throat for a few more minutes but had to stop before I came down her throat.
"Fuck darling where did you learn to do that?"
"I don't know, I read about it on the internet. Did I deep throat you, I mean I felt your cock in my throat. Did you like it, do you want me to do it again? You might have to wait a bit my throats a bit sore."
"Anytime you're ready."
"Did you deep throat Dad, you little slut."
"Me a little slut, coming from the girl who had a vibrator up arse and her father's cock in her cunt."
"Enough," I said "I haven't finished with this little slut" I reached down and grabbed Sammy ankle and swung her around. I moved down to bottom of the bed with my legs straight out. I pulled Sammy down and up on to my lap. I put my cock between her cunt lips put my hand on it and started sliding it up and down her crack. Sammy quickly got the idea and moved my hand out of the way and put her hand on it. She lay back and started gyrating her pussy against my cock.
Kim not to be left out positioned herself between my legs and and lowered herself on to Sammy's face. Sammy started licking her twat and Kim started fondling Sammy's tits. This was the most erotic sight I had seen tonight. My cock an inch away from my daughters virginity and her sister was groping her tits and rubbing her cunt all over her face wet with come, overpowering of all was the smell of the girls sex.
Sammy's hips started moving faster, stopping at times to rub my cock against her clit than down to just putting the head into her unfucked hole. Sammy become lost the in music of her own sexual pleasure. An acolytle dancing before the alter of hymen, her choice now lay before her, would she lay herself upon the alter and impale herself upon the sword of penis.
She pushed Sammy aside, put her feet up on the end of the bed and started softly moaning, her hips moved up and down against my cock. Then with one hand she clutched my arm just above the elbow, with the other hand she held my cock and with a graceful movement pulled herself up, tucked her legs under herself and sat less than an inch above my cock, she lowered herself down. She stopped with my cock pressed against her opening, time stopped, Kim and I looked at Sammy, Sammy opened her eyes, gave a nervous little smile. It happened so fast, I felt her lips split and hymen tear than all my cock was buried deep in her well. She rocked on my cock getting faster, her eyes opened eyes wide and she let out explosive gasp of air, Her body shuddered and her pussy throbbed clenching and un-clenching my cock. She threw her arms around my neck and rested her head om my shoulders.
She had a surprised look on her face "Ooo, ohh. oh fuck I thought it was going to hurt. This morning I couldn't get my finger in me and your cock went straight in. Oh Daddy I can't believe I waited so long for this." She moved her hips sliding my cock in her.
"You know the other day when you were watching at ballet?"
"Yes." I said
"I had a thought so dirty I almost wet my leotard. I guess that's why ballet has become more interesting, alot of the things would make for some interesting sex. Anyway when we were doing our plie's I suddenly wondered what it would be like to have your cock in me while I was doing them. Guess what, we're going to find out."
She turned her feet out like Charlie Chaplin and knees turned in the same direction so feet and knees were parallel to the bottom of the bed. All the muscles in her lower body tightened, her thighs tightened causing her pubic and pelvic floor muscles to tighten and the abdominal muscle to also tighten, I could see the definition of her thigh muscles, the petite six pack of her abdomen. Her pussy clamped my cock in a vice like grip. I don't think any cunt had gripped me this tight. She slowly, carefully lifted herself until my cock was just inside her. I moaned with the new pleasure. My sweet innocent daughter was turning out to be quite a little slut. I moaned as she relaxed her muscles, slid down my cock then tightened her muscles and stroked my cock again.
"You like that Daddy, I've got lot's of other things we can try." She fucked me alternating the grip of her cunt and length of stroke. She was an incredible fuck and it didn't take long before she lost control and abandoned herself to her new pleasure. She started moaning over and over "Oh, oh, oh." then spasmed and shook. It took a moment or two to regain control
"God I'm a lucky girl. I read somewhere that most girls don't come their first time and I've just come twice. Kim do you want do a double fuck?"
"Double fuck?"
:Yeah. Like you and Rachel, when Dad has cock in you and Rachel licks you out." She lifted herself my cock, a long string of her come stretched between my cock and her cunt, Kim reached over and broke the string, twirled it around her finger and followed it up to Sammy's twat. Kim put a finger in Sammy's hole, fingered her a couple of times then wiped her hand across her cunt than licked her fingers and hand.
"Lie down Dad, so I can get on top." I shuffled down the bed, Sammy turned around to face my feet than sat on me and slowly took my cock into her. She lay back down on me then lifted her legs up, put her hands behind her calves and pulled her legs staight up her body with her feet either side of her head, my cock nearly popped out of her. "Put your hands under my shoulders and lift me up Daddy, your just in me and it would be waste of seven inches if I can't get you all inside me." I did as I was instructed and lifted her up, relieved to get the weight of her body of my chest. I felt my cock slide deeper in to her "Mmm, thats better, now Kim your turn. Take it slow, I want good long Daddy Kim fuck."
Kim got between my legs and spread Sammy's legs wider apart. I looked over Sammy's shoulders and had the most incredible view, It was like I had the female body. Sammy's pussy was lifted right up, her lips had spread open and her clit poked out from the clitoral hood. I reached down and took Sammy's clit between my fingers and started masturbating it, Sammy ssqirmed as I played with her. Kim leaned forward and kissed Sammy. She lingered with the kiss and Sammy put her hands behind Kim's head and pulled Kim down kissing her hard. Kim broke the kiss and kissed and licked Sammy's face and around to her ears. I heard Kim whisper "Do you like Daddy's cock, do you want him to fuck you hard and come inside your sweet little pussy?"
"Mmm." was all Sammy could say.
Kim as asked took her time with Sammy. Slowly moving down to suck each of her tits, using tongue, mouth and fingers to tease her mounds. Sammy rocked her hips slowly taking me in and out of her twat. Kim worked her way down Sammy's body to her pubic mound. She tugged on her pubes with her teeth and licked up and down her thighs. Sammy moaned in pleasure. Kim came back to Sammy's wet slit and with her head pushed my hand aside. From my perspective I could see everything Kim was doing, biting and tugging Sammy's inner lips then around either side of her slit, licking my cock as it slid out of Sammy and flicking her tounge across her clit.
The girls swam in the river of their pleasure for several minutes. I knew Sammy was going to come when her cunt started pulsing and her hips thrusting became harder and faster, she put her hands behind Kims head and pushed it hard against her clit.
"Lick my clit," she tried to say breathlessly "Oh fuck me, fuck me, lick me, please, oh fuck." Her whole body tensed up and slammed herself down on to my cock and in to Kim's face and let out a grunt. Kim didn't stop her tounge lashing and I kept thrusting my cock into her.
"Oh stop, please, please stop, stop." She tried to say as body shook with orgasm after orgasm. Kim and I slowly stopped and Sammy's body stopped shaking, trying to regain control of her breathing she gently rocked herself on my cock.
"Well you wanted a multiple orgasm. What do you think, good?"
"Oh fuck." was her reply as she lowered her legs
"Hop of Darling and get on your hands and knees I've got something for you."
Sammy rolled of me and I could tell she was pretty well fucked by now but she complied. I got behind her and ran my cock up and down her wet slit then slid it into her tight hole. I had been building up to this moment and wanted fill her with my come. It didn't take long for me to lose control and I started slamming hard and deep into her.
"Daddy, Daddy not so hard, it hurts." It only took several more strokes before I exploded inside her. She lifted her head in surprise as the warm liquid filled her and my cock throbbed. She slowly pulled forward and my cock slid out of her. She lay down on the bed on her stomach, reached behind and rubbed her twat and put her finger inside her. Her finger came out dripping with our love juices, putting it in her mouth she sucked on it for a few moments.
"Mmm, first taste of Sammy Daddy juice. I wonder what Kim Daddy juice taste like?"
"I guess you'll get to find out soon. I take it I passed the assesment?"
"Mmm, yes and no. For a first fuck I think that would have to be pretty good, I mean I came lots but you were little rough at the end. It's a virgin pussy Daddy, give me chance then you can fuck me as hard as you want."
"Come on," I said "you had multiple orgasm."
"Doesn't count, it was a team effort. If Kim hadn't been licking me who knows if I would have come like that."
"Right, I guess I'll work on that."
"Roll over Sammy," said Kim "You've got a dirty pussy full of come. You need a cleaning lady to clean it for you." Sammy rolled on her side and Kim positioned herself between Sammy's legs. I lay back and watched my two slutty daughters perform oral sex. It didn't long for them to start writhing around, heads buried deep in each other cunts. Kim came first spitting out a glob of come, Sammy rolled Kim on her back and sat on her face, rocking her hips on her face, it didn't take long before she to orgasmed.
The girls came up and laid down beside me, each gave me kiss tasting of pussy and they seemed to glow with post coital bliss.
We soon fell asleep and I woke to sounds of the girls talking. I opened my eyes and saw Rachel standing at the foot of the bed and Sammy and Kim kneeling either side of me with a hand around my cock.
"We could just tie him up, You know like use and abuse until we break him." said Kim

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