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Daddy Took Me Up (formerly Samantha's Daddy)

fenderbender on Incest Stories

Samantha lies awake at night, waiting for her daddy to help her fall asleep in his own special way.


            I’m lying in my bed, under the covers, and it’s really late at night. My bed has pink sheets with horses all over them. I love horses! I wish I had my own horse. Maybe one day I’ll be rich enough that I could actually have my own horse. I’m lying here, and instead of sleeping, I’m thinking of horses and what my life might be like in the future.

            I can’t sleep. It’s late and I have school tomorrow. I need my sleep so I can pay attention in class. My teacher is nice but he’s making us to do a lot of work, much more than I thought I’d be doing. So I really need to fall asleep soon so that I can get a good rest and wake up “ready to take on the day” like Mommy says. But I can’t fall asleep. I have my eyes closed but I know that it’s not going to do any good. I try to picture sheep in a meadow jumping over a fence and I count them one, two, three, four, five. But I know that’s not going to work either. I know what I need to fall asleep, the only thing I ever need. I need my daddy to come take me up.

            I still remember the first time he took me up. I still remember all the feelings. It was last year, in the summer time. I was outside playing hopscotch on the sidewalk with Sandra, my best friend, and Daddy called for me to come inside the house. I was upset because I was having fun playing with Sandra but he said he had something important to show me. It was just me and him in the house because Mommy was with Grandma in California and she wasn’t going to come back for a whole week. I liked it when Daddy and I were alone in the house because he would act differently than when Mommy was around. That was way before I knew anything about how Daddy really liked to play.

            I remember that when we were alone, Daddy was always very close to me and nuzzling with me all the time. Also, he would let me wear make-up even though Mommy still says I’m too young for it. When Mommy’s around, Daddy pretends to agree with her about the make-up. He says, “There will be plenty of time for you to wear make-up when you’re older, Sammy.” Even though my name is Samantha, and my nickname is Sam, Daddy calls me Sammy. He’s the only one who’s ever called me Sammy. It’s my special name between us, our secret. But the first secret we ever had is that I got to wear make-up when we were alone. Daddy bought me a lot of different kinds of make-up: lip sticks, mascaras, blushes, and powders. My favorite has always been the lipstick. It’s his favorite too; he tells me so. Sometimes all I do is put on the lipstick. But usually I like to put everything on. Daddy likes to watch me put it all on my face, and sometimes he helps.

            All of my make-up is in our Secret Special Box. Daddy hides our box somewhere so Mommy won’t find it when she’s home. She would probably be mad if she found our box because of the make-up. And the other stuff, of course. He won’t even tell me where he hides it because he says it’s only for when we’re alone. But when we’re alone, if we have enough time, he always brings it out of its hiding place. I think the hiding place is in his garage but I’m not sure. I looked for the box once, but I got scared that he would get mad at me if he caught me and then he might not take me up anymore. So I stopped looking.

            That was the summer when we first started watching movies on the couch together. Sometimes, Mommy was only gone for a few hours and there wasn’t enough time for me to put the make-up on. But there was always time to watch a movie on the couch, or even just a little piece of one. He would always sit in the middle of the couch and I would sit on his lap. I used to lean into him so that my back was resting on his chest. Daddy still lifts weights in the garage a lot and his chest was always very strong. I remember thinking that the muscles in his arms were big and hard and I used to love it when he would put them around me. I still do, of course. I remember that Daddy always smelled so good when we were close like that. While we watched the movie, Daddy would rub my shoulders and my arms. Then he would rub my legs and my knees. It really felt good when he would do that. Sometimes, when his fingers would touch the insides of my legs, just above my knees, I felt these little shivers in my back. I used to love that feeling. It was the first time I had ever felt anything like it. It was when Daddy would be rubbing my legs that I would start to feel the hard underneath my bottom. When I would first sit down, I wouldn’t feel it there. But then I would feel it a little bit. And then I would feel it a lot.

            Once the hard was there, Daddy would always whisper in my ear, “Lift up.” That meant that I was supposed to put my hands on his legs and lift my bottom off his lap. When I did that, he would reach down under my bottom and puts his hand inside his sweat pants. (Daddy always wore his sweat pants when we would watch movies together.) “I have to adjust,” he would say. He would move the hard around and then he would say, “Ok.” Then, when I would sit back down, the hard was always right in the middle of my bottom. It felt like I was sitting on a big pickle that was lying on Daddy’s pants. It was always a little bit uncomfortable at first because it felt like I had to balance on it. But then when I relaxed a little, I really liked the way the hard felt underneath me, resting between my bottom cheeks. Sometimes I could feel the hard moving a little bit, but I think that was just my imagination.

            Daddy would usually start breathing a little faster after he would adjust. And he would make big, long breaths called sighs. I could feel his breath on my neck and it felt good. Sometimes we would watch the whole movie just like that with a blanket on top of us in case we got cold. But Daddy was never cold. He was always very warm. And the hard would feel almost hot on my bottom. And then other times Daddy would start breathing faster and faster and he would rub my legs faster and faster too. I used to hate it when that would happen because I always knew what was coming next. He would say, “Ok, up. Gotta go.” That meant that I was supposed to get off his lap and move over. Then he would get up and go to the bathroom. I could hear him sometimes, if I turned down the TV volume with the remote. He would make noises I had never heard before like “Uhhh, mmmm, ohhhh”. I could tell he was trying to be quiet but he was still loud enough so I could hear him. I didn’t like it when I was alone like that. I felt like I was missing something, and I guess I was. But when he came back into the living room, he would cuddle with me on the couch. He would say that he loved me very much and I would tell him that I loved him too. Usually after he came back from the bathroom, we only sat side by side. But sometimes, if I asked enough, he would let me sit on his lap again, but it was always different. The hard wasn’t there anymore. But that was ok, I still rested on his chest and he still held me tight. I really thought that I loved Daddy during those times.

            But on the day that Daddy called for me to come inside, the day that would be the first time he took me up, I found out that I could love Daddy more than I had ever thought before. I remember I asked how come I had to come inside when it wasn’t even dinner time. I was whining because I was upset. Daddy said, “I have something to show you Sammy. It’s important.” He held the door open so I could come into the house. When I was inside, he called out to Sandra, “Go on home Sandra! Sam has some stuff to take care of.” I could see Sandra walking back toward her house when Daddy shut the front door.

            “What kind of stuff do I gotta take care of?” I knew that I should have said have to instead of gotta. But I was upset, remember?

            “I’ll show you. Come on with me.” He put his hands on my shoulders and we walked to Mommy and Daddy’s bedroom. When we went into the bedroom, all my upset went away because I saw that he had brought out our Secret Special Box. It was sitting on the bed.

            Daddy said, “You want to put on some make-up, Sammy?”

            “Yeah! Of course I do.” I always want to put on make-up. I love it!

            “Ok, just some lipstick though. I really can’t wait to show you something new.”

            I was a little disappointed that I could only put on lipstick, but I was also excited that Daddy had something to show me. Maybe it would be a present! I opened the box, took out the lipstick, opened it, and twisted it up. I went over to Mommy’s vanity and looked at myself in the mirror. My hair is straight and blonde and boring. Right now it’s very long, down past my shoulders, almost touching my bottom. But back then it wasn’t that long, it only went about halfway down my back. Sometimes Daddy uses Mommy’s curling iron on my hair to make it curly and wavy. I love it when it looks like that. It looks beautiful. Daddy says I look gorgeous when my hair is like that. On that day, my hair was pulled back into two pigtails with pink furry hair ties. I like pigtails too, because it keeps my hair out of my face when I’m playing hopscotch. Also, I like the way my face looks with my hair pulled back because I am thin and my blue eyes look bigger that way.

            I was wearing a pink and white T-shirt with a rainbow on it and I had little white shorts on and light blue sandals on my feet. I put on the lipstick and my lips looked very red. I was already pretty good at putting it on because I had a lot of practice. I could see Daddy over my shoulder in the mirror. He had gotten up on the bed and he was sitting up, resting on a bunch of pillows, just watching me. There was a pillow on his lap. He was smiling his cute Daddy smile, the one that makes me feel so good. When I finished putting on the lipstick, I turned around and kissed the air toward him the way I know he likes me to do. He said “Sammy, you look gorgeous.”

            “Thank you Daddy.”

            “Come over here on the bed with me.”


            I put the lipstick back in the case and shut it good. Then I put it in the box and Daddy took the box and put it on the floor by the bed. I took off my sandals and climbed up on the bed and sat next to him. He was wearing a white T-shirt and his sweat pants with no shoes or socks.

            “Sammy, I want to show you something you’ve never seen before. I’ve been wanting to show you for a long time, a really long time. But I guess you were never old enough. But now I think you’re finally ready. I really think you’re going to like it,” he said, smiling and looking into my eyes.

            “What is it, Daddy?” I could feel my heart start to beat faster. It was all very exciting!

            “Before I show you, Sammy, you know Daddy loves you very much right?”

            “I know, Daddy. I love you too.”

            “You are the most beautiful, wonderful, gorgeous thing in my entire life and I would do anything for you. You know that right?”

            “Yes, Daddy, I know that.” I was getting a little impatient. I really wanted to see what my surprise was!

            But then he got a little serious and his smile went away. “Do you feel the same way about me Sammy?”

            It made me a little nervous that he wasn’t smiling anymore. I thought I might be in trouble now. I blinked and said, “What do you mean?”

            “What I mean is, do you love me so much that you would do anything for me? Anything that I asked you to do?”

            “Yes, Daddy, of course I would.” I thought that was a silly question. Who wouldn’t do anything their Daddy asked them to do?

            “Say it Sammy,” he said, even more serious. “Say ‘I’ll do anything you ask me to.’”

            I smiled at him and said it. “I’ll do anything you ask me to, Daddy.”

            When I said that, I felt something like a big change in Daddy. He smiled so big and he got tears in his eyes. It looked like he was going to start crying. I felt horrible!

            “No Daddy!” I said, almost starting to cry too, “don’t cry!”

            “No no no, Sammy,” he said, leaning forward. He reached his arms around me and gave me a really nice squeeze. He held me close so our cheeks were touching. I could feel his stubbles because he hadn’t shaved his face that day. They were prickly but they felt good too. He said, “I’m not sad! I promise! I’m happy! I’m so happy right now because we’re going to have the best time ever! Just you and me, Sammy! Just you and me!” That made me feel so good! I hugged him back as hard as I could. I was so happy that I almost forgot about my present!

            When the hug was finished, he sat back against the pillows again. I was still sitting next to him. The other pillow was still on his lap. I thought he was going to tell me to sit on the pillow on his lap, but instead he said, “Sammy, move the pillow away.”

            I moved the pillow and my eyes popped wide open. I didn’t know it because the pillow has been there, but Daddy had pulled down his sweat pants past his bottom and I could see his whole private area. There was Daddy’s penis, right there in front of me. I know now what a penis is, of course. But back then, I had never seen one before and I couldn’t stop staring at it. It was as big as a pickle and it was thick too, almost as thick as my wrist. There was hair all underneath it and it was sleeping on Daddy’s thigh, thick and pink and kind of soft. The end was very smooth, not like the rest of it, and the first thing I thought was that I wanted to touch the end of it, to see how smooth it was.

            “Do you want to touch him, Sammy?”

            Even though I wanted to touch it, I was nervous about it, and I said, “No.”

            “It’s ok. I want you to touch him.”

            I shook my head, no.

            “Touch him Sammy. Watch what happens.”

            I reached out with my hand, which looked so little next to Daddy’s penis, and I touched it, right on the smooth end. It was just as smooth as I thought it would be. It was soft too. I touched it again and pressed on it. When I did that,  Daddy made the same kind of sound I heard him make in the bathroom all those times, “Mmmmm.” He closed his eyes and put his head back on the pillows. Then I saw the craziest thing I had ever seen in my life! Daddy’s penis moved! It woke up! I pulled my hand away fast, like it was going to bite me or something. Daddy’s penis started to get thicker and straighter and so much harder! It kept on growing until it was as hard as a rock, and now it was pointed straight up at Daddy’s face! It got so much bigger! It was like a cucumber now, thicker than my wrist for sure, and it was so long! It went up even past Daddy’s belly button! Suddenly, I got very scared of it. Even though I was excited to see it, I was also very afraid. So I backed away toward the end of the bed.

            Daddy picked up his head and opened his eyes. When he saw me looking at it, he laughed out loud and said, “Oh Sammy! Don’t be scared of him. Don’t you know how much he loves you? Come over here.”

            I didn’t move.

            Daddy stopped smiling and said, “Come over here, Sammy.”

            I could tell that he might get angry so I moved over closer to him. Daddy took my hand very gently and put it on his penis. “That’s right. That’s good. See? He’s not going to hurt you. He loves you.” He moved my hand very lightly up and down his penis, very slowly. “This is how you pet him. Keep doing that.” Then he let go of my hand and closed his eyes again. I kept petting Daddy’s penis the way he showed me and I started to not be so scared anymore. I started to feel better about it when I could feel it. It was very warm, almost hot, and I could feel a bump-bump, bump-bump coming from inside of it. It made me feel very relaxed, almost sleepy. And then I realized that this was the hard! This is what I had been sitting on all those times! How stupid I was to be scared of Daddy’s penis! I had been sitting on it for that whole summer and it never did anything to hurt me! Suddenly I wasn’t scared of it at all and I gave it a little squeeze.

            “Oh God! Yessss!” Daddy said. He sounded surprised but also very happy. So I gave it another little squeeze. And then the most incredible thing happened! A tiny drop of water came out of a little hole on the end! I didn’t even see the hole before, but there it was and the little drip was just sitting there, shining in the light like a twinkle star. I kept my hand on Daddy’s penis but I stopped moving it.

            Daddy opened his eyes and saw what I was looking at. “That’s for you Sammy. He made that for you, because he loves you so much. He wants you to taste it. Will you please taste it?”

            I looked up at his face and he was smiling so sweet. But I didn’t say anything. It sounded crazy. Why should I taste water? I knew what water tasted like!

            “Go ahead, Sammy. Bend over and taste it, just like you’re giving him a little kiss.”

            I felt like I couldn’t even think, like I was dreaming. My mind was all slow and my face felt very hot. I looked at the drop of water. It had gotten a tiny bit bigger. I very slowly bent over and gave it a little kiss, right on the end, right on the drop.

            It wasn’t water.

            I pulled my head back a little and I could see that the drop stretched from my lips to the end of Daddy’s penis in a tiny, clear string. There was a small red mark on the end of Daddy’s penis that my lipstick had made when I kissed it. Daddy took his finger and broke the broke. Then he put his finger in my mouth really slowly and gently. I could feel the drop on my tongue. It was gooey like slime and it tasted like nothing I had ever tasted before. Actually, once when I was younger, I had a penny in my mouth and it kind of tasted like that.

            Daddy took his finger out of my mouth and said, “Swallow it, Sammy.”

            I swallowed, but the taste was still there. I didn’t really like the taste, but I didn’t hate it either. I just looked at Daddy’s face and watched him smile at me, the biggest smile I ever saw.

            “I love you so much right now,” he said.

            I wanted to say I love you too, Daddy, but I still felt so dreamy, so slow. I couldn’t even make words come out of my mouth.

            Daddy moved over and pulled up his sweat pants. I could still see his penis poking through them, trying to get out. He gently picked me up and moved me to where he had been sitting, against the pillows. I kept staring at his face and he kept staring at my face. He put his hands on my legs and started to rub them, very soft and slow. All the shivers ran up and down my back and it felt really good. Then Daddy started to unbutton my shorts. I didn’t know what he was doing, but I didn’t say anything. I just kept looking at his face and my arms just laid asleep by my sides.

            He unbuttoned my shorts, put his hand under my back, and lifted me up a little bit. Then he pulled my shorts down my legs and dropped them on the floor by the bed. Still looking at my face, he gently pulled my panties down my legs. Then he put me back down on the bed and sat back on his knees with my panties in his hands. I could feel the air on my vagina and it felt a little cold. I was starting to get a little nervous. I didn’t know what was happening and I was confused.

            Then Daddy put my panties up to his nose and smelled them! He took a big sniff and made a sound like a groan, “Ohhh, so nice. You smell so good Sammy.” He leaned forward all the way to my face and gave me a small kiss on the lips. His stubbles tickled me a little bit but I liked them.

            Daddy opened up my legs with one hand, spreading them wide apart and moved his body down so that he was lying on his tummy in front of me with his head in between my legs. Then he took his eyes off my face and looked right at my vagina.

            “Sammy, what am I looking at right now?”

            “Huh?” I said it slowly. I still felt like I was in a dream.

            “You heard me. Tell me what I’m looking at right now.”

            “You’re looking at my vagina, Daddy.”

            He laughed a little and looked up at me. “That’s good Sammy. But when we’re alone, when we have our special time together, I want you to call your vagina something else, ok?”

            “Ok, Daddy, what?”

            “I want you to call it your pussy. Say it. Say ‘pussy’.”


            “That’s my good girl.” Then he looked back at my vagina and said, “So tell me now, what am I looking at, Sammy?”

            “You’re looking at my pussy, Daddy.”

            “Mmm, that’s perfect. Now I want you to say, ‘Lick my pussy’.”

            “You want to lick it?” I was so confused!

            “Yes, very much so. But I want you to tell me to lick it first. Say it.”

            “Ok. Lick it.”

            “Lick what?”

            “Lick my pussy, Daddy.”

            “Ok Sammy, I’ll lick your pussy.” Then he did! He moved his face right between my legs and put his tongue right on my vagina! It was the most incredible feeling I ever felt! It tickled a little and I got lots of shivers on my back and legs and it felt warm and hot and wet. He moved his tongue all around my private area licking the sides of my vagina slowly and then licking the middle. His tongue felt hard and soft at the same time. And then he kind of opened up my vagina with his mouth and his tongue went inside just a little bit. It was moving around inside, very slowly. I could feel something inside me was boiling and it was a very good feeling, but I couldn’t really feel that too good because of the pain. Daddy’s stubbles were scratching me on my vagina and above it. It felt like my skin was being cut with a bunch of little knives. I was afraid that I was bleeding but I didn’t move at first. I wanted to see what else would happen and I didn’t want Daddy to stop licking me. But then it got too bad and I said, “Ow ow ow!”

            Daddy stopped quick and moved his head back to look at me. “What happened, baby? Are you ok?”

            I felt so embarrassed and sad that I made him stop that I started crying. I pointed at his face and said, “Your stubbles are hurting me.”

            He put his hand to his face and he looked very surprised. “Oh shit! I’m so sorry Sammy! I didn’t even think of it! I’m so sorry! Please stop crying. It’s going to be ok. I’m going to go shave real quick and come right back, ok? Don’t worry. Everything’s ok.” He hugged me tight and whispered in my ear, “You’re doing just fine, Sammy. You are making Daddy very happy today.” Then he pulled the blanket over on top of me so that I was covered and went into the bathroom.

            I was laying there by myself. My crying had stopped pretty much. I was still feeling embarrassed and I was wishing that I could have been stronger so that he wouldn’t have stopped. I was pretty sure that something was happening inside me and I wanted it to finish. I started thinking about how much I loved my Daddy and how scared I was that I was making him upset by acting like a baby. He was being so nice to me and I was being so mean to him. He said that everything was ok, but I still felt like I was acting like a stupid little girl and I felt like crying again. I was very happy when he came back into the room. He shaved the fastest I’ve ever seen him shave.

            “I’m so sorry about that, Sammy,” he said as he sat on the bed and put his hands on my legs over the covers. “I should have realized how sensitive your pussy is. Do you ever touch it or anything?”

            “No Daddy. Should I?”

            He laughed again, “Sure, it’s ok to touch it. It feels good. Let me show you.” He pulled back the covers and sat right next to me. He leaned in close to my face and put his mouth right next to mine like he was going to kiss me, but he didn’t. He just breathed on my mouth, very hot breath, very slow. He stuck his tongue out a little and touched my lips with it. He started licking my lips, very gently, the way he had been licking my vagina. My body started to feel very warm and tingly again. Then he licked his finger and touched my vagina. He rubbed it very slowly up and down in the middle, over the opening. His finger went inside a tiny bit and he kept on rubbing, kind of in circles. My brains felt like they were spaghetti. I had never felt anything so good in my entire life. My body was so relaxed and I almost felt like I was floating.

            “Do you like that, Sammy?” he whispered.

            I couldn’t answer with words, because my mouth wouldn’t work right. I just said, “Ohhhhh.”

            He made a big smile and sighed. “That’s a good girl. Oh my God, you got me going so bad, I need you so bad, Sammy.” Then he quickly moved down and put his mouth back on my vagina. What a difference it was now! His face was smooth and soft and there was no more pain. All there was was good feelings. His tongue moved inside my vagina faster and faster. I felt like there were hot waves of wind blowing inside my body. They started at my vagina and blew down to my toes and up to my head I started to hear something like a ringing or a small whining. The boiling feeling was also there again, in my head, in my tummy, in my pussy! Daddy kept on licking me and he put his hand underneath my bottom in a fist so that he could lift me up and go even deeper with his tongue. My pussy was so wet and I was a little embarrassed but Daddy seemed to like it. He started making slurping noises as he licked even faster.

            The whining noise was getting louder. And then I realized that it was me making that noise! The noise was coming from someplace deep inside my tummy. It was a noise like I had never made before. It was like “EeeeeeeAaaaaaMmmmm…” and I couldn’t stop making it. I tried to stop it, but the other feelings were too strong and it felt like everything was taking me over all at once. I felt like I was a bridge over a river trying to hold up a bunch of cars but there were too many cars on me. And then there were more and more cars on me, driving in circles, piling up on top of each other, busses and trucks and more and more! I wanted to be strong for them and not break apart but I was just a little girl and the feelings were so powerful! I knew the bridge was going to break, that it had to break, that I couldn’t control it anymore. And right before it broke, I felt like my body was lifted up, right off the bed, right through the roof, into the sky and into Heaven. Daddy took me up. Way up. That was the first time Daddy ever took me up and I was actually in Heaven for one second. Then suddenly, it felt like my brain just exploded and all the good feelings came like a fire hose on full blast, shooting out of my head and my ears and my eyes all at once, all over world and the room, all over the bed and all over me and Daddy too.

            I couldn’t help myself. I actually screamed, “OH, DADDY, FUUUUUUCK!”

            He started laughing! With his face still on my pussy, he started laughing so hard. He tried to keep licking, but everything felt different now. My pussy was broken! It didn’t feel good anymore, it felt like too too much. It was a feeling way worse than tickling and I had to make him stop. I twisted up on my side, away from him, and said “No more, no more, please! Please Daddy! No more!” I was breathing so hard that I really had to work to get out all the words. And then, thank God, he stopped and sat up a little. He put his hand on my side and pulled me over so I was lying on my back again. My legs wouldn’t stop moving. They were rubbing against themselves like they were trying to squeeze my pussy. My arms were like dead, lying down by my sides, but my fists kept opening and closing slowly. My brain was like jelly, and everything was spinning. I took a deep breath and blew it out slowly. Then things started to slow down. I realized Daddy had his hand on my tummy, rubbing it softly and he was whispering, “It’s ok, baby. It’s ok Sammy. I love you. You’re my good girl.”

            Then I remembered what I had said and I was so ashamed. I had never said a curse word in front of Daddy before and that was the worst one I could have ever said.

            “I’m so sorry I said that word, Daddy.”

            “It’s ok.” He laughed again, softly. “Just this once, it’s ok, Sammy.”

            I felt my eyes get heavy as everything slowed down even more. My legs stopped moving and my hands stopped squeezing into fists. I just laid there, the most warm and comfortable I had ever felt in my whole life. I felt like I could drift off to sleep.

            “Are you tired, Sammy?”

            “Yes Daddy, so tired.”

            “Ok, you can go to sleep soon. But there is one more thing I want to show you.”

            “Can you show me later?” I was so exhausted; I could feel dreams starting up in the back of my brain.

            “No, Sammy. I can’t wait. I’ve waited long enough for this. This is going to be the best part.” He reached under my back and pulled me toward him. “Now sit up.”

            I sat up, even though I was still feeling loopy. Daddy moved me over to the side a little bit. Then he kissed me on the forehead and laid down on his back, on the pillows, right where I had been. I was jealous because he looked so comfortable. But he also looked very excited. His eyes were open very big and his mouth was open too. Daddy was breathing fast.

            He reached over, took my hand, and pressed it on his sweatpants, right on top of his penis. I could feel his penis right through the material. Daddy made another sigh and closed his eyes. He started moving my hand in small, slow circles, all over his penis. I could feel it getting harder and harder, really fast, faster than last time. In just a few seconds, it felt like a cucumber in his sweatpants again. It was really big and I could see it poking up at the material like it wanted to get out.

            Daddy took my hand off his penis and pulled down his sweatpants with his other hand. He lifted up off the bed so that he could pull them down even farther, almost to his knees. His penis was just as hard and big as it was last time. It stretched out from Daddy’s hair and it pointed straight up at his face.

            Daddy let go of my hand. “Keep rubbing it, Sammy, just like I showed you.” Now Daddy was having some trouble talking. He was breathing even faster.

            I reached down and rubbed Daddy’s penis in small, slow circles, just like he showed me.

            “Oh yessss. Yesss, good girl. Here.” Daddy took my hand and pulled it to his face. He stuck out his tongue and liked my entire hand like a Popsicle. “Make your hand wet. It feels better that way.” Then he put my hand back on his penis and I kept on rubbing it. Now that my hand was wet with Daddy’s spit, it slid along his penis much easier.

            Daddy said, “That’s good, Sammy, real good. A little faster now, and a little harder.”

            I rubbed Daddy’s penis a little bit faster and I pushed down on it a little bit harder. I rubbed it all the way from the bottom to the very top where the little hole was.

            “Make your hand wet again, Sammy. Spit in your hand.”

            I stopped rubbing. “Spit in it?”

            “Yes!” he almost yelled it. “Spit in it now and don’t stop rubbing!”

            I got a little scared that he raised his voice so I spit in my hand even though it was a disgusting thing to do and I put my hand back on his penis, rubbing it fast and hard.

            “Oh God! Jesus, yes! That’s so good, baby. So good!”

            I was really happy that I was doing a good job and that Daddy was so happy with me. I squeezed his penis and just like last time, some gooey water came out of the little hole on top. This time there was more. It dribbled out and ran in a string all the way to Daddy’s tummy. Daddy saw what happened. “That’s good, baby. That’s a little pre-cum for you to eat. Come on. Bend over here and lick it up, baby.”

            I really didn’t want to do that. The last time I tasted that stuff, it was kind of gross. I could still kind of taste the penny taste and this time there was way more than just a drop. I shook my head at Daddy, no.

            “Don’t tell me ‘no’, Sammy. Remember what you said. Do you remember?”

            I remembered saying lots of things, but that felt like 10 years ago.

            “Sammy, you said you would do anything I asked you to. Remember that?”

            I thought about it and I kind of could remember saying that. But I felt like the person who said it was a different girl, not me at all. But I couldn’t lie about it. I did remember. “Yes.”

            “Do you still love me, Sammy?” Daddy asked. He wasn’t mad anymore. He was so handsome, and kind of sad. He almost looked like he was going to cry. I couldn’t let that happen!

            “Yes, Daddy! Of course I do!”

            “Good. I love you too. And I would do anything for you. But now I need you to do this for me.” He reached out his hand and put it behind my head. Then he gently pulled my head toward his tummy, my face was getting closer and closer to the gooey stuff. I pulled back a little, but I could tell he wasn’t going to let go, so I let him pull me closer to it. When my face was right above it, he stopped. I could smell it. It smelled like the penny taste.

            “Stick out your tongue and lick it up, Sammy.”

            I swallowed. I knew I had to do this to keep Daddy happy, to show him that I loved him and that I would never lie to him. So I leaned in a little closer, my pigtails were hanging down on both sides of Daddy’s tummy and I could feel the top of his penis against my chin. I stuck out my tongue as far as it would go, putting it right into the little string of goo, and licked like a cat licking a milk bowl. I took it into my mouth and I instantly tasted the penny flavor. So I swallowed as quickly as I could. I tried to pull away, but Daddy held me down.

            “Good girl, but there’s a little more there.”

            I could see that there was a little more. Daddy wanted me to do a real good job. So I stuck out my tongue and licked again, and again until it was all gone. I swallowed again and this time I choked. My throat closed up like I was gagging and I felt like was going to puke! I thought I would just die if I puked on Daddy’s tummy so I forced myself to sit up quick. I could taste puke taste in the back of my throat and I swallowed again and again to make it go down. My eyes were watering. I wasn’t crying. They were watering from almost puking.

            “You ok, Sammy?” Daddy said. He didn’t seem upset at all. I was glad he wasn’t mad at me. I nodded, yes. I was afraid to open my mouth to talk.

            “That was real good. You did a great job there and I’m real proud of you. There’s just one more part and then we’ll be done. There’s going to be more of that stuff soon, and I need you to swallow it all for me.”

            I swallowed again and rubbed the tears out of my eyes. “How much more?”

            “A lot.  I think there’ll be a lot more, Sammy. Lie down.” Daddy sat up and moved me to where he had been, laying down on the pillows on my back. Daddy took off his sweatpants all the way and got up on his knees. His penis was still hard and straight and big. He put his knees on either side of me and moved up my body until his penis was right over my face. I was glad that he wasn’t sitting on me. If he would have sat down, he would have crushed my tummy with his butt.

            “Are you ready, Sammy?”

            I was definitely not ready. But for some reason, I nodded, yes.

            “Good girl. Now keep your hand here.” He took my hand and put it underneath his penis, on his balls. I didn’t know what balls were back then, so they just felt like a warm, soft, hairy, little bag. I kept my hand on them the whole time. Daddy spit in his hand and grabbed his penis. He started rubbing it fast, faster than I could have ever imagined. He took his other hand and put it on the wall above my head, holding himself up so he didn’t fall over. He rubbed even faster now, so fast that I couldn’t even see his hand anymore. Everything was so blurry.

            Daddy moaned real loud and pointed his penis down, right at my mouth, still rubbing it faster and faster. “Oh shit, baby, I’m so hot, I’m coming for you! I’m coming now, Sammy! Open your mouth! Open it real wide for Daddy!”

            I did. I opened my mouth as wide as I could. I knew there would be more goo soon but I didn’t care. I wanted Daddy to be happy and I knew that it was my job to make him happy.

            A giant blob of goo shot out of Daddy’s penis hole and right into my open mouth. I felt some of it hit my teeth and the rest went all over my tongue and to the back of my throat. The taste and the smell was everywhere, much stronger than ever before, and I shut my mouth to swallow it as fast as I could. I didn’t think that there would be any more coming out.

            Boy was I wrong.

            “Wait! Open up! Keep it open!” Daddy tried to talk fast but the second blob had already shot out. It hit my closed lips and splattered all over my face, on my cheek and some even ran up into my eye. I closed my eyes quickly and opened my mouth again.

            “Good girl, keep it open until I tell you!”

            Another blob shot out. I couldn’t see it because my eyes were closed, but I could feel it. It landed in my mouth, but some of it missed and landed on my other cheek. Daddy’s aim was not so good. I kept my mouth open and tried to breathe but the smell was making me sick. Then there was another blob and another. They also mostly went into my mouth. There was so much goo in my mouth that I almost started to gag. But I didn’t because I didn’t want to spill it. I didn’t want Daddy to be mad at me.

            “Uhhhhhh!!” Daddy yelled out so loud I thought everyone outside could hear. Then I felt one more small blob land on my chin.

            Daddy took a deep breath and said, “Good girl, Sammy. Now swallow it all.”

            I closed my mouth and I could feel some of it spill out of my lips. There was just too much to keep it all in. I swallowed a big gulp and I felt all of it go down my throat like a warm penny-flavored milkshake. I felt my tummy gag a little bit, but the puke feeling didn’t come back, thank God. I open my mouth and took a deep breath. My eyes were still shut tight and I could feel goo dripping down the sides of my face.

            “Damn, baby, that was amazing. Hold on.”

            I felt Daddy get up off me, and off the bed. He went into the bathroom and I could hear water running. I heard him shut off the water and come back into the bedroom. I felt something warm and wet on my face. It was a wash rag. Daddy was cleaning the goo off my face, gently and soft.

            “You did so good, Sammy,” he whispered as he cleaned. He dipped the rag into my eye and cleaned out the goo so I could open them again. Daddy looked so happy and so peaceful. I smiled big because I knew that I had made him look that way. He smiled back at me. “I love you, Sammy.”

            “I love you too, Daddy.” That was the best day of my life.

            I’m thinking about that day, remembering every detail and making myself feel hot all over. I really need to get some sleep tonight, but I know that I won’t be able to sleep until Daddy comes in to take me up. Mommy’s home, so we will have to be very quiet and we have to wait until she is asleep. But it’s very late now and I know that there’s no way she could still be awake.

            From down the hall, I hear the most wonderful noise in the world. Daddy’s bedroom door opens and closes, so quietly. I can hear him walking toward my room, in his bare feet so he doesn’t make a sound. I can feel him getting closer and my heart starts to beat a little faster with every step he takes. I open my legs a little under the covers and touch my pussy. It’s already so wet. I close my eyes and wait for my door open.

            I really hope he shaved today.




I'm very pleased to know that you are touching yourself because of my story! Thank you!

Unfortunately, I can't name a specific age for Samantha. That's up to you to decide. But I would love to know what you think! how old is Samantha to you?

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