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Daddy's Little Girl.

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Daddy’s little girl

I watch for my little girl as I stand at the airport, looking desperately for her beautiful golden hair, “Daddy” I hear a feminine voice squeal, I turn around to see my daughter of 16 years running towards me, she runs over and hugs me, as I spin her around she starts to giggle. I put her down and eye her, long golden hair with a slight curl, beautiful green eyes, freckles scatter in tiny groups around her face, her golden hair is cut with a short side fringe covering most of her forehead, I look down at her outfit and smile. A strapless bright yellow top which dips down very low, low enough to see just a tiny bit of the top of her nipples, a tiny denim mini skirt that show off her slender legs wonderfully accompanied by a pair of wedge heels. As I look at her top I notice that she is wearing a long necklace that stops just between her cleavage bringing attention of her beautiful breasts. I smile at her and tell her that we should get back home now, she smiles at me and hugs me again pressing her breasts against me, I sigh as I wish this moment would last forever.

The drive home is a long three hours but it proves to be worth it when my baby falls asleep, she unconsciously moves around trying to make herself comfortable without noticing that her already short mini skirt is riding up. I look over at her legs and feel my pants tighten slightly. She turns again and this time she pulls her top down giving me a perfect view of her luscious breasts. I feel my pants tighten even more and decide to stop at a gas station to relive myself, Claire starts to awaken and I lean next to her ear and whisper that were just stopping for gas, some snacks and a bathroom break, she nods sleepily and I start to walk towards the bathroom when I notice a group of teenage girls sitting on the road near a car, I walk over to one of the girls with straightened black hair, wearing a tight leather vest exposing her luscious breasts beautifully. “May I ask what your doing just sitting here miss” I ask, she smirks at me while she checks me out and says “my friends car broke down and we were about to go on a road trip, we haven’t seen anyone helpful lately, do you think you could help me with my top? You see it’s awfully tight and I’ve just been itching to get out of it”. I smile at her lustfully and lead her to the bathroom with my hand placed firmly on her ass.

We enter the disabled bathroom which is very clean and large and I start to grope her ass, she kisses me lustfully as I roam her body, she pulls my shirt over my head and begins to unbuckle my pants rubbing the very large bludge in my pants sensually. I leave her ass and begin to grope her breasts and pull her leather vest off her exposing her to me. I take one look at her naked breasts and hungrily devour them with my tongue, she moans softly, I pull down her shorts and see that she is wearing a thong and start to pull it down purposely brushing my fingers over the opening of her pussy lips. I keep licking her breasts hotly and start to bite them, she moans louder mixing them with cries of pleasure and pain, my fingers start to wonder down her body to the opening of her pussy, I lift her body up onto the large sink area and open her lips. I start to lick as much as I can while holds my head closer to her making me inhale the wonderful scents of her lower region, I move my tongue up so that I am solely licking her clit and shove three fingers into her pumping them in and out with a wrath only one thing on my mind, ‘make her cum like the whore she is’. The girl is now moaning loudly, I feel her start to shake lightly and I know that she is about to cum, I shover my entire fist into her and bite her clit hardly as she cries out in ecstasy.

She lies there panting for a few minutes when she stands up and kneels before me, I smirk at her as I realise that she is going to blow me, she pulls my pants down and tells me that she loves giving head and has been told that she gives a good one too. I smirk at her and close my eyes and sigh as my feel my entire length being swallowed up by her hot mouth, her mouth moves around my length wonderfully and I moan softly, I grab a fist full of her hair and begin to pump my cock in and out of her mouth forcefully, making her go even faster. I look down at her and see her pouty lips looking perfect around my cock, she starts to nibble the edges of my cock and I groan loudly, pulling her hair even more making her go even faster, she starts to takes me over the edge as she massages my balls roughly. I groan loudly and pull her head roughly into my cock and cum, making her swallow all my salty white cum, pumping her head slowly making sure she got all of it I manage to pump another four rounds of love juice into her mouth before letting her go. I realise now that I am nowhere near content and begin to rub her clit again, she smirks at me and says “wow you must be like a former porn star or something cause you recover real quick”.

I tell her that I have done some old porn movies and such but never got fully into the business, I lift her up onto the large sink area and spread her legs she grins at me and gives me a lusty kiss whispering in my ear in a soft seductive voice “fuck me like an animal until my pussy is so sore that I can’t fuck for another month”. My dick begins to harden even more and I slam into her making her eyes bug out and moan with ecstasy, I pump my 10inch cock into her hole and groan at her tightness, she wraps her legs around me forcing me to go in deeper with every thrust. After 30 minutes of cold hard fucking she beings to tremble, I smirk at her lustfully and being to pump harder into her tight hole. She starts to moan louder and louder by the seconds. I slam her hips to mine and pinch her clit hardly, her juices squirt all around my cock as I realise inside of her wet canal. Her body is still shaking when I leave her and we both sit there for a minute catching our breaths. I finally have enough strength to begin to talk again and I say to her “sorry I can’t stay for another round but I forgot that my daughter is in the car, here’s my number call me if your ever in Florida”, she smirks at me again and gives me a hard wank then begins to get dressed again. I put on all my clothes and leave the bathroom. I get the petrol quickly and run back to the car to see my sexy daughter still half asleep, “what took you so long daddy?” she asks me still half dazed, “sorry baby the line was really long and then the bathroom was busy” I say to her giving her a kiss on the cheek. She smiles and nods going back to sleep, I smile at her figure and begin to think of how lovely it will be living with her and her virgin body. Slipping into my fantasies of what I could do to her I begin to drive again.

Hey this is my first story tell me what you think and I will try and satisfy you. Thanks xox


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