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Daddy's Little Girl - Part 2 (Modelling For Daddy)

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Part 2

Modelling For Daddy

A couple of days after the event my dad asked me over breakfast what I wanted for my birthday. As my mum was still in bed I spotted a vital chance for me to wind my dad up and make him horny. “Well I need some more panties, because mine seem to be going missing lately.” He spluttered into his morning coffee before looking up, red with embarrassment. “Only joking” I said nonchalantly “a new camera would be pretty cool.” “Right, I’ll get on to that straight away” he said leaving the table and going off upstairs. I smiled to myself, imagining him masturbating in the shower to an image of me in underwear, before heading off to school.

The day of my 16th birthday arrived and luckily fell on a Saturday. Lucky in the sense that not only did I not have school, but also my mum would going away for the weekend, and so I would have the whole of the day, as well as most of Sunday with dad. I got up bright and early to unwrap my presents whilst mum was still around, getting my new camera and a few books and DVDs with it. I couldn’t wait to start to use it and took a few snaps of me, my mum and my dad together, before my mum left. The rest of the day went pretty much like normal. My dad took me out for lunch at a nice restaurant, which thrilled me as I spent the whole of the meal pretending in my head that we were on a date and I was his young lover. Then we went for a walk in the countryside and took a few snaps with the camera, he told me that he had started to use a similar camera himself at work for shooting models. Eventually it got dark and we drove home and slipped a DVD on to watch together. It became pretty clear that he was enjoying having me all to himself and it wasn’t long until he was pouring me a glass of red wine, something he would never have done if my mum was around. As the night went on, we slowly got through more and more wine and cuddled up together watching the television screen. I placed my head on his chest as he pulled me in closer. I could hear his heart beat as his chest rose and fell underneath me.

The DVD finished, but neither of us realised, we both lay there staring into the distance, not moving. Seemed like hours before his soft voice broke the silence. “Remember you asked me for another present honey...” He paused “What was that daddy?” I whispered almost asleep. His heart rate picked up and in the silent and dark room he seemed more alive than ever. “Well...hold on.” He got up off of the sofa and went out of the living room. I heard his footsteps go upstairs, stop for 10 seconds, then make their way back down. He entered the room with a large box, wrapped neatly in black wrapping paper, with a red ribbon wrapped around it. He placed it on the coffee table in front of me, then poured us both another glass of wine. I noticed his hand was trembling. I just stared at the box unsure of what was happening. “Open it.” He egged me on, unsure of himself. I pulled at the red ribbon, slowly releasing its grasp of the box, before carefully dismantling the neat paper which surrounded a cardboard box. With one last glance at my uneasy dad, now gulping his wine, I lifted the lid of the box to see what was inside. A mass of expensive items sat waiting. Body balm, soap, bubble bath, body cream, lipstick, make-up perfume and posh chocolates. Underneath all this however was a long red dress and black high heels. “Dad this is too much!” I exclaimed in shock that he had spent so much money on me. “I had money to spare and I thought I could treat you. Just don’t tell your mother, the last thing I need is a telling off for treating my daughter to what she deserves.” I leant over and kissed him on the cheek. He was now completely red in the face and stuttering his words. As I pulled out the dress, two garments fell out of the box onto the floor in front of me. I picked them up and was shocked to find them being a matching pair of French knickers and bra. I held the underwear in front of me, mouth open, shocked and confused. “I hope I haven’t crossed the line... it’s just... well... you’re a grown woman now, and... I thought...” my dad stammered, before my interruption, “No... they are beautiful dad... thank you.” I leant over and gave him a firmer, longer kiss on the cheek than I had ever before. “Well... just don’t tell your mother” he nervously chuckled, gaining some composure, before turning his attention to the red dress and saying “well, how about you try it on, we could take a few snaps on your camera if you like.” I smiled at him “Sure dad... I’ll take a long bath and put it on, then you can get a few photos.” He beamed back at me as I picked up all my new presents and went upstairs. I sat down and I ran my bath, heart pounding, head light and feeling dizzy. I steadied myself and calmed down, eating some of the chocolates and drinking more wine. I stripped off and got into the piping hot bath, filled with bubbles. All the lathers and soaps he got me went to good use, scrubbing my body down, eager to make myself as clean as possible for my father, awaiting nervously downstairs. I was eager to go down and join him, forget about the clothes, just head down naked, but I knew this would make it so much better. I shaved my public hair and gave my legs a quick shave, washed my body and hair, then got out of the bath and dried myself off. I then applied baby oil, moisturiser and the special body balms all over my naked body, taking extra care of my breasts and my vagina. I was soon smelling clean, fresh and innocent, I had a distinct smell of apricots and almond to me as I applied the red lipstick. I blow dried my hair and sorted it out, then picked up the black panties and slipped them on, my heart raced as I imagined my father going up to the counter at a lingerie shop to buy sexy underwear he knew would be for me. The thin material stuck nicely to the mould of my lips, and the bra, not only showing lots of cleavage, also showed my erect nipples through the soft fabric. I slipped on the red dress which fitted perfectly. There were no straps to it, so it showed off my shoulders well and felt soft and light on my body, almost fixing to my skin as an insubstantial extra layer. I put the high heels on, then trotted up to the full length mirror to take a look at myself. My hair looked great, the red lipstick gave me blowjob lips (he must have known he was getting me perfect cock sucking lipstick), the red dress showed off my frame and added focus to my ass as I twirled in the mirror and the heels topped the costume off with a touch of class. I took a deep breath, added a squirt of perfume, then gulped the rest of my wine, before heading downstairs...

I walked into the living room, to see my dad sat on the sofa, looking like a deer in headlights. I was almost as astonished as he was. “I thought this was just going to be a few photos” I said as I stared in disbelief at the various cameras laid out and the tripod in the corner. “Sorry honey... wow you look... amazing...” I blushed and looked at the floor. “It’s just... I thought we could have some fun... You know? Make it like a proper model shoot... Sorry.” He looked crushed, “No, it’s great dad, let’s do it.” We both beamed at each other before he said “Ok, well, if you come and stand in front of the sofa here and I’ll take a couple of you standing up. I did as he said and he took up his position with his camera. SNAP! One shot. SNAP! Second. “Ok, well can you just sit down now, and we’ll do a couple of you on the sofa.” I did as he said and sat down. SNAP! SNAP! SNAP! “Ok... Erm... can you just lay down on your back and look at the camera.” I sprawled across the sofa and stared into the lens as four more shots were taken. “Right, now on your front.” I flipped over and another shot was taken. “Ok... and put your feet in the air and prop your head up on your knuckles.” I did as he said for a few more poses as my dad started to get more and more daring. “Ok, can you bend over the sofa and look back at the camera?” I did as he said, giving him a nice view of my ass covered by the dress. “Do you make all your models do this?” He smiled then said “Only the ones that are sexy enough to pull it off.” I giggled as we both loosened up a bit. Soon he had me in all sorts of positions, holding my breasts, crawling on the floor whilst roaring like a lion and kneeling in front of him. It was on this final pose when I noticed the tent in his pants, this sent a thrill through my body and a tingle right down to my pussy, knowing I was turning him on.

After a while he grew bored of this, saying “Hey, what would make this really sexy is... well if you’re up to it... maybe getting a few snaps of you in that lingerie.” I smiled and replied “I’m game if you are.” He smirked back and said “Great, this is going to be so sexy honey, maybe if you just sit on the sofa again and take the boots and the dress off, so I can take a few snaps of that.” I sat back down and started to take my boots off first, making sure to lift each foot high as I took them off to give him a nice glimpse of my panties. “Like this daddy?” he furiously snapped shots off. “This is perfect honey.” Next I stood up and unclipped my dress at the back, before shaking it down my body slowly, revealing my frilly bra first, then my slightly damp panties shortly after. His camera finger was in overdrive as he got shot after shot of his daughter posing for him. “Am I doing good daddy?” I said in an innocent voice. “Yer honey, you look so damn hot right now, these are going to make great photos.” I grinned, eager to please him as I pulled pose after pose, daring him to go further and further in his sexualisation of his daughter.

It wasn’t long before he started to really push it. “These shots are so good honey, they could be the best I’ve ever taken, it’s a shame things aren’t different.” I was confused, so questioned “What do you mean daddy?” He looked up from the camera and looked at me “Well, it’s a shame you are my daughter, we could have made a great set of modelling photos here, I mean, really sexy, the likes of which I haven’t seen before.” I acted all innocent to try and coax him into leading the way, “What do you mean daddy? I though you said I was looking sexy, can’t we take some more, I want to make them good.” He looked back into the camera, not knowing how I would react to his next words, “Well, I would normal take some snaps of the girls naked, but obviously you wouldn’t want that would you? I mean you wouldn’t want to take off your bra and just cover your breasts with your hands.” I felt a shot of ecstasy as I realised he was ready to step it up a notch. “But daddy, can we, please?” I gave him the puppy dog eyes as he snapped off another photo, I swear almost jizzing in his trousers. “It’s not like you haven’t seen all the other models naked before, why should I be different? I mean, you’ve seen me naked before, and anyway, if I’m covering them up, you won’t need to see them will you?” He looked at me, trying to hold his excitement in. “Ok then honey, let’s try.” I took my bra, of and slipped my hands over each breast to keep them covered as my dad snapped off at least 20 more shots of his 16 year old daughter holding her breasts for her dad. “Give them a bit of a squeeze honey... yep that’s it... now push them together... there we go...” SNAP! SNAP! SNAP! “Say, honey, as you were saying before, I’ve already seen you naked, why not just take a couple of your breasts, without being covered up this time.” I feigned unconvinced, “I don’t know daddy, that was a long time ago, and this is on camera it’s different.” He tried a different approach “But honey, nobody else will see these pictures, just us two, you’re safe with me.” I pretended to contemplate as he snapped off more shots. “Erm... ok, I suppose it would be fine.” I let go of me breasts and let them fall down in full view of my father, my erect nipples pointing towards him. He just stood there in shock for a second, before taking more and more pictures, the boner in his trousers getting bigger by the second. “Ok honey, play with them a bit.” I leant back on the sofa and started to rub my nipples and playing with my tits my bouncing them up and down for my father. I took him by surprise by opening my legs up and rubbing my wet cunt through my sexy panties. “Honey, feel free to take them off if you want to.” My heart skipped a beat “OK!” I said as I slipped them down my legs, exposing my glistening pussy to my father. I started to rub my clit in front of the camera, playing with my dripping fanny. “This is so sexy baby girl” he said taking countless pictures. I started to dip fingers inside my pussy and was now full on masturbating in front of a camera and my dad. “Hold on honey, I know how we can make this really sexy.” He disappeared for a couple of minutes, then returned with three objects. I noticed as he walked up to me he had evidently flicked his boner up into the waistband of his trousers, this was obviously in an attempt to hide it from me, but thrilled me to bits as he didn’t realise the bulbous head of his cock was visible sticking out the top of his trousers. He didn’t even ask me to do anything as he placed the three objects on the coffee table in front of me, before returning to the camera. He had handed me one 8 inch red dildo, one 5 inch black dildo and a bottle of cherry lube. I took all three of them as my dad got back to work with the pictures. I squirted some of the lube onto the head of the black dildo, then placed it into my mouth as I tasted the cherry flavour, “Yummy!” I exclaimed as I lifted my legs up into the air, giving my dad a view of my arse cheeks. I spread them and started to apply the lube to it with the dildo still in my mouth. I had never been fucked in the arse before, never even put a finger up there before now, so it took a lot of working my fingers in slowly and spreading the hole before I was ready to fit the dildo up it. I stared straight at the camera as I worked the fake prick in and out of my virgin ass, getting to like the sensesation. I need a release, so, leaving the dildo in my ass. Put the second one in my pussy and pushed it in and out of my cunt rapidly. My moaning got loader and loader as I felt the dildo hitting deep inside of me. I was getting closer and closer as I could hear my dad in the corner saying “Yer baby, that’s it, that’s so fucking hot.” I looked up to see my dad no longer operating the camera, but now stood there with his pants around his ankles and his cock in hand. “Oh daddy!” I moaned as I watched my dad wanking to me as I orgasmed...

Find out what happened when my dad finally fucks me in the next part of the story. Don’t forget to comment and rate. xxx.


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