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Daddy's Little Girl - Part 4 (A Visit From Uncle Johnny)

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Part 4

A Visit From Uncle Johnny

I woke up the next day in my father’s bed. Although my mind was groggy from the night before, I remembered him fucking my ass at least four more times that night. I thought he might regret the night before after the wine had worn off. But he told me to suck his cock as soon as he was awake. I was pleased, because he was no longer treating me like his little girl, but instead a slut he could use. This was the first time I had ever been treated as an adult by him. When he came, my mouth bulged with his load. I was surprised that he was able to produce such a large amount since fucking me so many times yesterday, but he gave me at least four loads of swallowing. But before I could swallow he told me to keep it in my mouth and led me downstairs to the breakfast table, where I had to sit on a cushion because my asshole ached so much from the punishment it got the night before. He made me a bowl of porridge and told me to spit his load out into it. I did as I was instructed, and then lapped up the mix of porridge and my father’s seed.

After breakfast he took me back to my room and fucked me again, before taking me into the shower and washing us both up before my mother’s return. As he went to clean up the love nests we had made in the house over the previous night, I went into my bedroom and got changed into a nice white dress and put a red ribbon in my hair. By the time all this was finished, there was enough time to have one last passionate kiss with my dad on the sofa. We both stood up shocked when my mum walked in, luckily she didn’t notice anything, but it was amusing for me to be stood there looking all pristine and innocent as my dad stood next to me trying to hide his boner.

The rest of the week went pretty smoothly. With my mother around we didn’t get to sleep together, but just before he went to work every day he would place out my clothes for school, forcing me to dress slutty. On the Friday I was feeling really horny from all the attention I was getting at school, the memories of my weekend and the lack of attention I was getting from my dad, whom I was trying to please profusely. And so I was pleased when I saw a package with my school clothes. I took it into my bedroom and opened it up. Inside was what can only be described as a reverse strap-on. I smiled to myself as I slowly realised what he was wanting me to do with it. All day I was walking around, feeling fulfilled with every inch of a fake dick that was rubbing deep inside me. When I got home I was dripping and didn’t take it off all night. Dinner made it worse. I sat there with a dildo my father had bought me buried into my soaked pussy, knowing that he was thinking about being able to fuck me again as soon as my mother left for work tomorrow...

I slept all night with the dildo inside my pussy, waking up every so often to feed it in and out of my pussy, stopping just before orgasm to tease myself. I woke up at 12 that morning, feeling super horny. My dad was at the door smiling broadly at me. I knew my mother had left by now, so I stood up and headed eagerly towards him. “Wait!” he said, stopping me in my tracks, “I’m going into town to get, for tonight, you have to wait in the garden until I’ve get everything up.” I smiled at him, thinking about what treats he had in store for me, I had a feeling in my stomach like a kid at Christmas. “Ok, just let me get changed” I said to him, standing fully naked having slept fully naked the night before. “It’s warm outside, and I don’t have time to let you get changed.” And so it was, I found myself in our back garden, fully naked, midday on a Saturday, locked out of my house until my dad got back. I sat on the bench at the back of our garden, trying to calm myself down. My heart was racing from the excitement as I waited at least an hour for my father’s return. Without even realising I started to rub my swollen clit. I started to get really into it and slid a couple of fingers into me. I wished that my dad had allowed me to bring the dildo to treat myself, but I had to make do with my fingers. Suddenly, out of the corner of my eye I saw a twitch at my next door neighbours curtains. I saw on the top floor of their house the family’s 13 year old son stood watching me. I pretended that I hadn’t noticed him and continued to rub my tits as well as finger my pussy. Suddenly my father came to the back door and opened it up, I could see the boy’s shock, thinking he was witness to a terrible moment in my life, being caught by my dad. But instead I teased him by walking up to my dad and given him a big wet kiss just in time for the boy to splatter his cum against his window. My father led me inside and handed me another present and told me to go upstairs and wait until 7.30pm, when I was to wash myself and get changed into the clothes provided, when I was to come downstairs to greet our company...

I was filled with excitement upstairs for the rest of the day. Through my father’s noises downstairs, my Uncle’s arrival (especially when I heard him arrive with my cousin as well) and then them settling down to watch a football game. Now would be a good point to describe my cousin and my uncle. My Uncle Johnny is in his mid-50s. A fairly plump man and short in stature. From a young age I can remember him being obsessed with his ‘favourite niece’ sitting and bouncing on his knee, right up until I was 13/14 when I assume my mother forced my father to have words with him. My cousin was just like my Uncle, but slimmer and more with muscle on him. He was slightly stupid and didn’t achieve well in school, but being four years my senior used to exploit any preconception I had of him being superior to me by forcing me to take all my clothes off in front of his friends when I was 13, in a game of strip-poker, to which I didn’t know the rules, and as I can see now, was blatantly fixed. At 7.30 I went to take a bath, had a long shower and dried myself off, before opening the newest parcel given to me by my father. Any thought of him giving me something classy again was soon dispelled when I saw what was inside. Sat there for me were a black classic corset and a cute black G-string, as well as waist high black fishnets with fastening clips and a pair of sexy elbow height gloves. I applied the red lipstick again and then put on my sexy black heels, before taking a deep breath and walking downstairs...

My heart was racing as I coolly entered the room, as if there was nothing strange about a girl dressed as a hooker could casually walk up to his father. I gave him a slow kiss on the lips before turning my attention to my uncle and cousin sat there opened mouthed and astonished at their little niece and cousin acting like a whore. “Guys, I told you I had a surprise for you, and here it is” my father said pushing me slowly towards the sofa, smiling at my gormless family. Their expressions slowly turned to smiles as both of them took a step towards me at the same time. “Not so quick guys” I spoke waving my index finger at them with my other hand on my hips, “Lose the clothes first.” It took them a minute to respond, before both of them quickly stripped off as though their lives depended on it. Soon they were both fully naked, stood next to each other, boners sticking out in the air. My Uncle’s dick wasn’t massive at just over 5 inches, but his gigantic balls sagging bellow them seemed to dwarf it slightly, but it’s girth still took me by surprise. My cousin’s dick on the other hand was the exact opposite to his dad’s, it was long at around 12 inches, but slimmer than the average cock. The one thing he shared with his father though was his gigantic balls that both got my mouth watering with anticipation. I turned my head to get my dad’s approval to begin, suddenly being confronted with my father sat on the coffee table pointing a video camera at me. I smiled sweetly at the lens, before turning back to my uncle and cousin. I surveyed the cocks again, before moving towards them and up to my uncle, where I kissed him slowly on the lips, I would have held it for longer, but his rank breath made it clear to me that my father had plied them with beer. I pushed them back onto the sofa, before positioning myself between the two of them, face in my uncle’s crouch and ass stuck up, proposing itself to my cousin. I started out by licking my uncle’s massive balls, teasing the salty family treat that lay inside them. I then got to work on his shaft, by peeling back his foreskin. I was confronted by a strong odour of dried cum and major level of smegma that formed around the head of his penis. I fitted the whole head of it into my mouth and glanced at the camera as I swirled my tongue around, collecting all the smeg on my tongue, before swallowing it all. Then I felt my cousin’s hands feeling my ass cheeks, he slowly worked his way to pulling my g-string on, leaving my fishnets on still. He slowly stuck his tongue in between them and started to trace it up and down my swollen pussy lips. I started to bob up and down on my uncle’s cock as I fondled his balls. It wasn’t too long before I felt his orgasm building and, just at the vital moment, I stopped and smiled innocently at him. “But uncle, we don’t want you finishing too early do we?” I batted my eyelashes, suddenly realising I had gone a step too far. His face turned scarlet. He stood up and said “Right.” I thought he was going to storm out, but suddenly he pushed his son’s mouth away from my pussy, flipped me onto my back, ripped my fishnets open and shoved his whole length inside me. I squealed with delight, my dead hanging off the sofa. But not for long as my cousin shoved his massive dick inside my mouth.

Both of them started to fuck my holes at the same time. Thankfully my cousin wasn’t bothered about getting his full length into my mouth, but he still fucked my throat hard. My lipstick was rubbing off onto his sloppy shaft as his father jackhammered me hard and fast. As soon as it started my uncle told my cousin to stop. They both pulled off and moved away from me. For a second I was confused. Had they had enough? But then it became apparent as my uncle took the video camera from my dad. “ I want to see how much of a fucking slut this bitch really is.” My father stepped towards me and positioned himself in front of me and the camera. My uncle came close to get a close up of my father stood in front of me, still sat on the sofa. I took my corset off, revealing my breasts, then rolled down my ripped fishnets and G-string as well as taking off my shoes. I was now fully nude as I unzipped my father’s pants and whipped out his penis. I stroked it whilst looking him straight in the eyes. Having watched his little girl get fucked, he was already hard and near climax, so I wasted no time in popping it in my mouth and bobbing up and down on it. My cousin and my uncle started to both jack off as they filmed me sucking the dick that made me. Before long they were all moaning. My uncle was the first to go, positioning himself above me, blowing his massive nuts onto his niece’s face whilst she had her father’s cock in her mouth. A tone of cum hit my face. This forced my dad to start, who whipped out his cock and started to shoot an extra coating on top of his brother’s. Now my cousin stepped off and finished the plastering by glazing my face with the biggest, warmest and gooiest cum I have ever felt to date. They all laughed as I attempted to keep it from going in my eyes. When I was able to see again I noticed my cousin’s massive cock was still hard and staring me in the face. “He still wants some!” my uncle exclaimed. And before I knew it I was on all fours again, ready to take his 12 inches. I was nervous about taking that in my pussy, but thought it was a good job that it was fairly slim at least. But then horror came across my cum-covered face when he stuck it against my puckered asshole. I had only just lost my anal virginity the week before, there was no way I was going to take this. He pushed forward, holding me from lurching forward. One inch, two inch, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine... I was getting dizzy now as my cousin pushed further and further into my bowels. Ten... I started to fade. Eleven... I was dropping off. Twelve... I was gone...

I woke up on the sofa the next day with an aching ass again, but this time I knew I wouldn’t be able to walk properly for at least two weeks. My pussy was red raw, and I could feel the cum dripping inside me. My throat was dry and saw and I could feel the dry cum in my matted hair and my sticky face. Nobody was around, but I thought to myself that when I was up for standing again, I could crawl into bed with dad and wake him with a nice slow blowjob as thanks, and maybe he would show me the video later to see how many times they used my unconscious body... and maybe... just maybe... the boy next door would find a nice DVD addressed to him tomorrow...

P.S. Thanks a lot for reading this series. As you all seemed to like the previous ones I posted this one as a follow up for all of you requesting it. My bf helped me a lot with this one (I would like to say he is the sole reason why it is so much dirtier than the others, but sadly that's because we work each other up) so thank you to him. Will be posting again VERY soon. I post in the forum before the main site, so if you can't wait get on there and talk to me! Add me as a friend, rate and comment. If you do want to chat in the forum, my user is kinky_kitty, instead of kinky_katty. Thanks. xxx


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