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Daddy's Special Little Girl-Part 1

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Daddy's Special Little Girl Part 1-How it all began

~Hey guys, this is my first time ever writing this kind of story. I hope you enjoy~

PLEASE NOTE: This story is fictional

When I was 12 I was shy and insecure. I didn't have many friends so I spent most of my time at home with my family. I'm an only child and my mom was always at work, so after school I would always come home and spend time with my dad. I was definitely a daddy's girl, no doubt about it. Don't get me wrong, I love my mom to death but my dad and I always had a special bond, and it all started out one Friday night after school...

Let me tell you what I looked like at the age. I was short and had an average body however I was an early bloomer and matured the fastest in my grade. By the end of grade 5 I was already on my period and I had a 32B. I knew quiet a lot about sex as well. Sex education was one of my favourite classes, I didn't know why but I found sex fascinating even when I was that young. I remember the first time I discovered masturbation which happened that year as well, that was also the day I became daddy's special little girl.

Earlier that day I was talking to my friend Marissa about sex and she happened to mention she found a plastic penis in their parents bedroom. She told me she knew what it was and decided to try putting it in her privates. When she started pushing it in she accidentally turned it on and it started to vibrate.

“What did it feel like?” I asked excitedly. I was feeling kind of funny down there and I thought I felt something wet between my legs, but I ignored it.

“Really cool! Amazing actually, like a tickle only way better. Then all of a sudden this huge amazing feeling came over me and I got really tense. It felt sooooo good! I can't even describe it. When the huge feeling hit I even peed!” Marissa said a little embarrassed but excited to be telling the story.

“You peed!” I said shocked.

“Yeah! Only it was clear not yellow and also it was kinda like snot almost” We both laughed and said eww, just then the bell rang and we went inside. All that day I couldn't stop thinking of Marissa's story. When I got home I couldn't find my dad anywhere. I figured he might be in his study so I went there to check. What I discovered next shocked me. My dad was in his office chair as usual but his pants were around his ankles. He was intensely staring at the screen and his arm was moving really fast. I followed my gaze down to see what he was doing and then I saw it. He had his penis in his hand and was rubbing it up and down at a super speed. I happened to then look at what he was watching and my mouth dropped.

I heard about porn before, but never knew what it was. I guess that's what he was watching cause I saw a naked girl who looked really young and a older man having sex with her! The older man then stop and went between the girls legs and started licking her privates. The girl started moaning and saying the f-word a lot. This was so fascinating. I started getting that feeling once again, the same one I had when my friend was telling me the story. I started rubbing my legs together which made me feel really good. I moved my hand down to my privates and found it was wet. I looked down in my hand and saw liquid substance on my fingers. Just then my dad started moaning and grunting something and my attention went back to the screen. The girl was now on her knees and had the man's penis in her mouth. At that moment I looked at my dad's penis and kinda wish I could go there and do the same. My dad's grunts got louder and he started moaning something.

“Oh fuck yeah, mmmm that's right, suck daddy's cock princess, you're a good little daughter aren't you Amy. Mmmm yes faster, oh fuck! I'm cumming princess, ohhh” Just then white liquid squirted out of his penis and my dad started breathing faster. My heart was pounding. He was thinking of me licking his privates! Suddenly I realized my hand was in my underwear and I was rubbing my privates. The feeling started building and I thought I should finish in my room. I quietly ran upstairs and walked past the bathroom. I looked in side and my eyes caught my electric toothbrush. I ran in and grabbed it then ran into my bedroom, closed the door slightly and hopped onto my bed. I didn't exactly know what I was doing so I placed the toothbrush between my legs. My heart was racing, my blood pumping and my breathing was quickening. I then closed my eyes and turned it on. At first nothing happened so I started moving it around my pussy. I moved it up until it hit my clit (which at the time I didn't know what it was called) As soon as the bristles hit my clit this amazing feeling went thought me. I gasped.

“Oh my gosh!....” I moaned. I pressed the toothbrush harder against my clit. My eyes rolled back in my head and I continued to moan. My hips began bucking and my breathing became staggared. The pleasure got more and more intense. “Oh....ohh....oh my god....this feels so good!” All of a sudden the image of my dad between my legs popped in my head, his tongu

“Yeah...oh....lick me faster daddy! Oh god faster!....mmm that's it daddy....ahhh!” I came over and over again. My ass lifted off the bed and I gushed all over my toothbrush and sheets. I knew I would use it more often. Once my orgasm subsided I crashed back on the bed, still breathing fast, heart still racing. I opened my eyes and saw my dad standing there with his penis in hand and a mischievous grin on his face



Great story! Very hot and believable, too. Can't wait for the next chapter! Maybe you could describe yourself a little more. You know, hair and eye color, height and weight, complexion, that kind of stuff. It helps us older guys really get into it more!

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