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Daddy's Special Little Girl Part 2- Daddy is my Prince

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Daddy's Special Little Girl Part 2- Daddy is my Prince

My daddy stood there staring at me with a grin on his face and his cock in hand. I put my electric toothbrush on my bed side table, grabbed my blanket over my naked body and sat up. We both looked at each other and didn't say a word. Finally I cleared my throat.

“Umm...H-Hi Daddy...” I was bright red and I looked down. Next thing I knew he walked into my room and sat down on my bed. I looked back at him. “ were you watching me...” I was so embarrassed to be having thoughts about my father licking my privates and rubbing myself while thinking of that. He moved closer and put his arm around me.

“Well darling. I heard some noise from outside my office door and heard footsteps running up the stairs. When I walked out of my study I caught you briefly walking to your room and shutting you door slightly. I was worried that you might of saw me...having some fun and when I walked to your room I heard your toothbrush going and you making moaning sounds. When I looked I saw you were masturbating. I couldn't help but masturbate too.” I was still bright red and all of a sudden I started crying. My daddy hugged me closer. “Honey, why are you crying?”

“Because I was having nasty thoughts about you and you caught me playing with myself. I'm so ashamed and embarrassed!.” I put my head in my hands and cried. My dad started petting my hair and made shushing sounds.

“Oh princess, it's okay! I actually am glad you have these thought about me.” I looked at him confused.

“What do you mean daddy?” A couple more tears fell but he wiped them away.

“Well...I sometimes have those thoughts about you too. A lot of Daddy's have those thoughts about their daughters. It means that their daughters are beautiful, smart, and have a great body.” I was slightly shocked but a little flattered. I gave him a semi smile.

“You think I'm pretty daddy?” I asked all hopeful.

“Hun, I think your gorgeous.” My dad and I looked at each other for a moment. I then realized how handsome my dad really was. He was thirty-six and still had luscious brown hair. His blue eyes sparkled and his smiled was as bright as the sun. My dad did something that shocked me. He leaned in and kissed me. I wasn't sure what to do so I just went along with it. Soon I was lying on my back and my daddy was over top of me. My hands went to his hair and I began running my hands through. He hands started wandering. They started in my hair then went down to my neck, then my shoulders. He then lightly forced his tongue into my mouth and we played with each others tongues for a bit. Our breathing became heavier and more stagger and soon our kissing had become deeper. My dad's hands wandered to my covered chest and he began pulling the blanket down. I stopped him and broke the kiss.

“What's wrong princess?” He asked concerned and out of breath. I looked away shy.

“I...uh...never have gone this far with a guy daddy...I don't know what to do...” He started chucking. “What? What's so funny?” He smiled and kissed my nose.

“Well that's what I'm here for silly. I'm going to help you. If you want.” My heart skipped a beat and I got really excited.

“Really? You will!?” He laughed and kissed my forehead.

“Of course I will. Now lets get started. First princess I want you to remove your blanket.” I was about to uncover my whole body at once when he stopped me. “No honey, slowly, tease me.” I slowly started removing my blanket from my chest. Once my chest was removed my dad made a small gasp and moan. “Mmm they're lovely babe.” I kept removing my blanket till I was totally uncovered. My dad scanned my body. “God you're fucking beautiful.” I gasped

“Daddy! You swore!” I said shocked. He smiled again.

“Well Hun, when you have sex and are with another man, you need to know they correct language. Such as your privates is your pussy, mine is my cock, when having intercourse you call it fucking, and your chest are your boobs or preferably tits. Understand sweetheart?” I nodded my head. “Excellent. Now Hun, I want you to relax and learn about what a guy can do to you. First I'm going to kiss you down your body to your tits, then I'm gonna suck on your nipples.”

“Why daddy?” I asked.

“Oh, you'll see.” He smirked. He started kissing me again then he moved to my ear. He licked, sucked and bit it for a bit which felt wonderful. He slowly started kissing down my neck, then my upper chest, then he finally got to my tits. “Ready darling?” I nodded and he smiled. “Good, now remember, just relax.” He stuck his tongue out and lightly flicked my nipple. I let out a gasp.

“Wow...that felt good!” I said

“It gets better.” He did that a couple more times then went to my left tit. He did that three times then took my nipple in his mouth and began sucking on it. I arched my back and started moaning.

“Mmm daddy, don't stop, it feels so good!.” He didn't answer me, he kept sucking. He moved to my right breast and started sucking that nipple and pinched my left one. I kept arching my back and moaned. He then started biting my my nipple and that really got me going.

“Oh god daddy! Don't stop! Please!” He started biting harder and I let out a scream of pleasure. I felt like I would explode. Then he stopped. “No daddy! Don't!!!” He didn't answer me again. He continued to travel down my body and left a trail of kisses all the way down. He finally got to my pussy. “Daddy? What are you going to do down there?”

“Well sweetheart, I'm going to taste you” He lowered his head.

“Wha-” Before I could finished what he began licking my outer pussy. I let out a little squeal. He then opened my pussy lips and began licking all around the edges. I kept squirming and moaning. “Mmm daddy! That's amazing! Don't stop!” He then started flicking my clit and that got my hips bucking, He took my clit in his mouth and started sucking it. That drove me over the edge.

“Oh! Oh daddy! Fuck! Daddy! That's so good! Oh god! Something's happening daddy, I...I'm...EEEEEEEEEEEE!” I let out a scream and had another orgasm all over my dads face. The liquid went all over his face and he tried to lap up as much as possible. He kept sucking my clit and I went into another orgasm, and then another. I thrashed about on my bed and bucked my hips. I couldn't stop moaning or cumming. Finally I calmed down. I was all sweaty and my bedsheets were ruined. I looked down at my dad, all out of breath.

“Dad...What was that?” I asked.

“That my dear was an multiple orgasm.” He smiled and licked his lips.

“What came out of me? Was it pee?” I asked confused. He started laughing

“No no, it was cum honey, well women cum. Not too many people can squirt that much. I'm very proud of you.” He started kissing me again and I could taste my juice on his lips. It actually tasted quite good. I broke the kiss and looked at him. “You okay princess?” he asked. I nodded and smiled

“Absolutely! Thanks daddy! You truly are my prince...But....” I looked down at his crotch. “What about you?” I smiled.

“What about me?” he smiled back.

“You need helping too!” He laughed and kissed me again.

“Why don't we clean up and then you can help me out, If your good at helping me, I may show you something else.” I sat up excitedly making my tits bounce.

“Really!?” I said. He laughed and nodded.

“Uh huh, but lets have a shower first.” I jumped out of bed and daddy smacked my ass. I laughed and ran to the bathroom. I couldn't wait to help out my daddy. My prince!

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