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Looking Suspicious

“Hi dad” said Jane. Her girly little voice was music to Steve’s ears after such a long day full of paper and paper clips.

“Hey sweetie how was your first day of grade 8?”

“I hate it” she said, casually bending into the fridge, her behind poking out “It sucks, all my friends are such bitches”

“Hey, what have I told you?”

“Sorry daddy, I know, no swearing, but they are so stupid. Today they recon my boobs are too small, yesterday it was my bum, tomorrow it will be my eyes or my nose or even my fingernails, it’s so annoying” she huffed a heavy sigh and her blond fringe flew upwards with her breath.

“I’m off to do some home work daddy, wish me luck”

“you don’t need luck sweetie, I’m sure you will get your work done without a hassle.”

Jane was a clever girl at school. She was much more mature than the other girls; even at the tender age of twelve she was able to understand most adult concepts. Of course being twelve she hadn’t had much firsthand experience at one adult concept yet. Sex. She was untouched, a virgin in every aspect right down to her kisses.

She dived into her pink feather blanket and snuggled into it. The weather outside was rainy and the temperature was cold, perfect weather for being in bed. her soft blond hair was cut short, about ear-high and her pretty little face was free from freckles so she needed no makeup ( although she was still too young to even think about waring make up. She stretched out her full length, which was not very long and yawned. Her slender stomach was shaped and lengthened by the stretch and her firm thighs flexed as she wiggled her toes. Even her soft ass muscles stretched as she twisted this way and that way on the bed. She looked down at her newly developed breast, oh how they were marvellous to her. She loved them. They were everything about her that was woman. Having boobs was still a new experience to her, as she had just hit puberty, so she gave them a quick squeeze just for the heck of it. She was proud of them, even though they barely filled a training bra. She sat up and looked in her mirror to see her sweet green eyes looking back at her. Her lips were fresh and soft and delicate, like her skin. Smoothness at its best. If you could remove her from her skin and lay her skin flat, you would not find a single blemish or bump. She stood, decided to use the little girls room before her studies and left her room through the door.

Steve stood at full length and went upstairs. He walked past his daughters room and a cold breeze hit him on the side of his cheek. Peering inside he could see her window was open and the chilly rain was making its invasion on her room. He used al his strength to pull the shutters closed, they hadn’t been used for a while and rust was making them fixed at the joints. Just then Jane walked in threw the room with her dress tucked up under her arms, her stomach and pussy was right infront of him. she was still putting on her underwear. She quickly dropped her dress to cover up.

“oh gosh” she said quickly covering up and going red in the face

“sorry sweetie I was just closing your window”

“it’s ok daddy, you surprised me is all”

“hey while I got you i was wondering if you’d be interested in going on a family camping trip?”

“Sure, does that mean mum and brad will be coming?”

“Yes I have already asked them and they are happy to go as soon as we make a date”

“lets go now” she said cheekily, knowing he would not

“no, but how about tomorrow”

“wow so soon, ok, ill pack my bags tonight”

Tonight came and went. Both Jane and Steve had their bags packed and in the car ready to go. Jane’s mother lived on the other side of town since the divorce. Her mother was once a business woman, and an attractive one at that, but when her grandad died her mother chose to worke in a strip club and occasionally on the street. Naturally the judge gave custody to Jane’s father.

“Your mother and her boyfriend phoned early this morning saying they can’t make it until Wednesday now, something came up” said Steve rolling his eyes “so we will have two nights without them, recon you can wait that long?”

“I guess I have to daddy”

She climbed in the car wearing her new top; it was a tube top that wrapped around her breast and waist and left her shoulders free as if she was inside a small tube that tightly fit her body. Jane felt a bit devilish; this was the first time she had showed of her body, even though it was only showing of her shoulders. Her short shorts hugged her bum tightly so that each soft mound of her cheeks could be imagined in great detail by anyone whom comes across the sight. She didn’t care so much about who looked at her bum, everybody has a bum, but she did feel weird not wearing her trainer bra. She felt naked without it, as if her boobs would simply fall out for the world to see. Of course the boob tube she wore was so tight to her body that her chest would be completely safe, yet she couldn’t shake the feeling.

By the end of the day they still haven’t arrived at the camp site but Jane’s nerves had all but vanished and she was proudly wearing her boob tube and shorts with a smile on her face. Steve had noticed her shuffling in the car and pulling at the tube to make it a little lower, then higher, then lower again. He was actually a little interested in how his baby girl was growing up. He had begun to see her as a little woman now that she had a fleshy chest, a shapely bum and two slender thighs that jiggled ever so gently with the rumble of the engine. He couldn’t deny that she was a little princess, such pretty green eyes and her softness. The car pulled up Steve had to do all the manly chores like set up the tent and unpack the car, while Jane helped wherever possible. Before long the tent was erect and just in time, the sun had long since set and the two were getting rather chilly. They decided not to light a fire tonight because they didn’t want to go looking for fire wood in the dark, so instead they just sat in the tent with a lantern. They chat for a little while, just about father daughter stuff. First there was school, then they spoke about after school and what she wants to be, she wants to be a dancer and a singer and a writer and a teacher. Her father said to pick one, but she couldn’t.

“I’m going to get changed into my pyjamas sweetie so I’m going to turn the light off ok”

“that’s fine daddy I will do the same” Steve switched off the lantern and both could be heard shuffling in the darkness. The older cloths from today found their way to the corners of the tent and new pyjamas replaced them. Both Jane and Steve thought at times that they could see the others framed shadow while they were getting changed in the dark, but neither could be certain.

“OH NO” Cried Jane in her most girly tone of voice “DADDY, my sleeping bag, look”

Steve turned the light on once more to see a hole in her sleeping bag the size of a baby cow, literally. He also noticed she hadn’t fully dressed into her pyjamas properly. she had her pyjama bottoms on fine, they were shorts that came midway to her thighs, but she only wore a training bra on top.

“Wow, sweetie what happened? Did you fart in it? That’s a big hole”

She shrugged her shoulders and pouted her lips, posing ever so distressfully. He continued.

“Do you think the moths ate it while it was in our cupboard at home? We haven’t used the old bags for a while? I bet they have been sitting still for years, breeding those bloody insects. Or do you think something happened in the car? I don’t know what could have happened”

“Daaaaa-ddy” Jane pretended to cry so she would feel more like a victim and pull some of her father’s sympathy. It worked.

“Come on sweetie don’t be like that, can you still use it?”

“Daddy there’s a hole in it that I could fit threw twice! There’s no way it will keep me warm, not in this weather. And I didn’t bring any woollens or jumpers or nothing” she frowned again, pretending to feel sorry for herself. Underneath the act she didn’t really care at all about the sleeping bag, it was just a bit of cotton. It wasn’t really that cold anyway, she just liked the attention.

“I guess we can share for tonight, I’ll ring your mother tomorrow and get her to bring another sleeping bag up.”

“Daddy, don’t tell anyone at school that I had to sleep in your sleeping bag, It’s embarrassing”

“top secret sweetie” Steve smile reassuringly and let her into the bag. She squirmed and wiggled her way down into the depths of the sleeping bag, engulfed in its warmth and her father’s body heat. His body was so much larger than hers that she was almost engulfed by him as well. Jane was such a small girl, even smaller than most twelve year olds so most things appear big when placed next to her. She snuggled into her father’s stomach, she was in a spooning position with him, and it felt so safe, so warm and so secure. He was wearing just boxer shorts, nothing else. Her bum inched into his crotch and fit snugly there. She could feel his warm chest rubbing up against her bare back and started counting his breaths as his chest rose and fell. One, two, three, four. “This is boring” she thought. All of a sudden she felt a twitch from her father, nothing more, but a twitch in a place she had not expected. His pants. A twitch. In his pants. Her little brain had already come to a conclusion and she was a little curious as to what this might all mean. she didn’t dare reach her hand around and feel what it was, but she wanted badly to know, to see if she was right, to see if her father was getting a hard on. she hadn’t even thought the hard on would be a result of her closeness to him, that thought never entered her mind, she just thought that men get hard, that’s what they do. She nuzzled her ass a little further into him, more firmly.

It felt heavenly for Steven. Her soft behind was firm and tender and rubbing right on his member. He didn’t care so much for what his penis felt like or what she was doing, all he cared about was the ass. It was beautiful. Perfectly rounded, sculpted and moulded into a tight package of flesh and smooth, smooth skin. Her ass was not big, but it was certainly fleshy.

“I should not be thinking this” he thought to himself, but never once stoped himself from thinking it. If anything, he let his thoughts digress and thought about her soft little nipples and what they would taste like.

“No” he thought again, but already he had replaced that thought with a new one, one of erotic desire for his daughter.

She knew for certain now that he was erecting, that was the twitch she had felt. Now she had to figure out a way to find out more without upsetting daddy, or making it obvious. She snuggled her smooth back into his hairy chest further until eventually she was pressing up against him with allot of force. Steve rolled over at this point and she lay were she landed, on her back. She waited five minutes so as not to seem suspicious then she innocently rolled onto Steve and put one arm around him. She knew this would not be too weird as she has slept this way with teddies when she was a baby.

Steve felt her arm land on his muscular chest. He knew now that she was doing this deliberately, and he knew that she must have felt his hard on. He felt so embarrassed and wanted nothing to do with her, but the little arm on his chest was inviting him so seductively, it was magical. He raised his hand and brushed it upon his daughters arm so that he was holding her while she held him. He did it in a sleepy way as if he didn’t mean to do it, that way it wouldn’t look suspicious. His hard on was fully erect now and created a tent in the sleeping bag. The sleeping bag could in fact have been used as a tent; it had a large enough pole.

A cold wind blew and Jane felt her lips chap in the chill. She pulled herself closer to her father for warmth, instinctively, without thinking, and he pulled her to him. She pretended to half role onto her side and dropped her hand, she figured she could just bump his penis and see what it was like, that way it wouldn’t look suspicious. her little hand slid down as she rolled over. It made its way through the darkness, down his stomach, across his pelvic bone and BAM, there it was, her hand had brushed past his hard cock making it rock backward and forward briefly. She now lay on her side facing him with her hand resting on his upper leg. He lay on his back with his fully erect member pointing to the stars and his daughter right next to him. she thought she heard a moan escape his mouth, and she defiantly felt him jump slightly to the touch, but , who knew if he was suspicious of her or not.

“She just touched my dick” he thought “she just touched my dick”

he was shocked, amazed, and excited as hell. A touch was all it took to open up new imaginations. Before he had been fantasising, but one touch made it all seem possible and real. An absolute possibility. Could he make it a certainty? He could try? But he shouldn’t. She’s his daughter. But it would be so great; her tiny body is so firm, so petite. He had never felt budding breasts before, in all their firmness and perky glory. His daughters boobs had not even had a year of sag in them, they sat fair on her chest right where they would as if there was no gravity at all. He wondered what budding breasts would feel like, they were only a cock length away from him right now. ”but I mustn’t” he laid still for some time, the two of them, it was getting unbearable now, her hand on his leg, centimetres away from his balls. It was just as unbearable for her, she longed to know what it felt like, she didn’t care that he was his father, it was just a penis to her. Steve decided to roll over back into the spooning position, only this time she was facing him.

“He is rolling to face me again” she realised with excitement. As he rolled over her arm fell from his leg to the floor. She pretended to stir in her sleep and immediately moved the arm back up to his pelvic bone, once there, she rested it’s weigh on him. She was so excited, she was sure she was going to get to touch it now. She shuffled her pelvis forward a little. Nothing. A little more. Nothing. A little mo- There. His penis was lined up just to the left of her pussy. “On my it was exciting” She feared she may have gone too far so she lay there a little longer, waiting to see how he would react.

“My daughter is now at the end of my penis” he smiled on the inside to himself in disbelief. He rolled his arm over her and rested it around her ass so as his weight could lean her pelvis slightly closer to him. In doing so he bumped her arm off his hip and it landed right on his penis. She was quick to seize the opportunity and opened her palm to rest it firmly around his shaft. He gasped with shock, a loud “Oh” jumped from his mouth, he hadn’t planned on that. his heart quickened in pass, so did hears. Hormones pumped through his forty year old body, and hormones, for the very first time, pumped threw her 12 year old vessel. He had given up on the game finally and gave in, showing her that he was indeed awake and that none of this was an accident. He pulled down his trousers and wrapped his large hand over her tiny bunch of fingers and steadily guided her on his cock. She learned quickly. First she was softly feeling all over his dick, learning about it, trying to store memory of its shape, its texture, its size, its exciting aura and its pulsating nature. She had felt this cock from top to bottom and he again motioned her to rub up and down. She did so, and noticed how much it throbbed in her hands, it grew in width even more. Her tiny little hand could not wrap around it now, it was too thick.

“oh sweetie” he sighed, those were the first words the two had spoken as sexual partners.

“Amazing” she thought “nothing like I imagined. Its better” she continued to rub his dick, up, down, up , down. He was panting now, she must have been doing a great job. She felt herself getting wet in between her legs, a strange sensation, she hadn’t felt it before. And all threw her body was a feeling, like jelly, warmer though, and much more exciting. She moved her other hand to her pyjamas and checked to see what all the feelings were about. She was right, sopping wet. Her pussy had drenched her pyjamas. She stopped rubbing her father’s dick and retreated, embarrassed. She rolled over and pretended she was asleep.

“What happened sweetie?”

She pretended she couldn’t hear him. He repeated

“sweetie? What happened?” and again he got no response. He wrapped his arm around his daughter and kissed her. it was just a fatherly kiss, he only wanted to comfort her. he had forgotten how young she is and how new this all was to her. Unfortunately, when he wrapped his arm around her he caught grasp of her budding breasts through the trainer bra. All thoughts of comfort had left him and once more he wanted her tiny little body. He massaged her breast, still pretending to simply hug her for nurturing reasons. It was so soft, so firm, so warm. Her tit was so tiny it fit entirely in his hand. The whole boob almost fit between two fingers it was so small. Her tiny nipples were like heads of pins. They almost didn’t exist. He slid his hand downward and back up, this time undernieth her training bra.

“Sweetie talk to me” he said again. He didn’t want to take things too far if she wasn’t comfortable with it. He was still, however, very confident that tonight he could get what he wants, however wrong it may be.

“its weird daddy” she said shyly “ I promise I didn’t pee the bed”

“what?” Steve was confused. She grabbed his hand and showed him the wet patch in her pyjamas. Still she was shy and embarrassed that her father had seen her like this. This was the first time she had ever made herself so moist, this was the first time she had ever touch a penis and this was the first time some one has ever played with her nipples. She had no idea what to expect.

Steve did not remove his hand from her wet pyjamas.

“it is very wet isn’t it” he said suggestively.

“Daddy I didn’t wet the bed” she hit him playfully on the arm, soft enough so that he wouldn’t have to remove his hand from her lower body.

“well sweetie, I’m not sure what’s happened here” he lied “but we better get these wet pyjamas off.” He tugged at the seams. She sighed and lifted her hips so he could remove them properly. now she lay next to her father in just a trainer bra while he spooned her with his cock out. Neither of them had predicted this would happen ever, yet, neither of them wanted it to stop.

“is there something wrong with me daddy?” she asked, a little distracted by his moving hand between her legs.

“no sweetie, your just a bit wet that’s all. Does it feel good?” he asked her. he had noticed her pussy was completely hairless as he played with her outer lips. She hadn’t grown hairs yet.

“oh yes” she exhaled and slouched back into her father as his hand finally made contact inside her pussy. His finger slipped up and into it slowly at first, edging out, and in, then out, then in a bit more. She started breathing heavily, this she hadn’t felt before. She was pressing against him too firmly for his likings so he moved aside and let her role on her back. She didn’t care at that moment. With his other hand he pushed her trainer bra above her nipples and exposed her to him. by now the sleeping bag had been unzipped and laid flat on the floor, things were really steaming up in the tent. She arched her chest outwards breathing frantically as his fingers pushed deeper and deeper into her pussy. It felt like a soft marshmallow was gripping his finger and squeezing. She was very very tight, but her juices made it easier to finger her. her tiny nipples poked towards the stars and her slender body quivered bellow her. The trainer bra was up around her chin and her tits had began to jiggle as she wiggled. Although there was undoubtedly not much breast to jiggle, just two small lumps the size of plums. Steve lent forward and sucked on one of them. oh it was sweet, and soft and so smooth in his mouth.

“dad they aren’t big enough” she said blushing and panting from his finger.

“they are beautiful sweetie, I don’t want them to ever get bigger” he nibbled her nipple between his teeth gently and watched her draw sharp breaths, and felt her contract on his hand. He thrust his thumb onto her clit and rubbed franticly, feeling her pussy squeeze him like a vice. This time he was sure of it, she must have come. She was panting out loud and pushing her arms and against her father in an effort to hold herself still. Her eyes had rolled in the back of her head and she was shaking slightly. Steve run his hands threw her hair to try and make her look at him but it was no use, she was gone, in another world of orgasms. “This must have been her first orgasm” he still rubbed her pussy franticly, making sure she wouldn’t come out of this orgasm quickly.

Steve couldn’t wait any longer. It was time. While she was still in ecstasy and out of her mind he got on top of her and slid his member up and down her wet pussy. She was still shaking from her orgasm when his cock entered her, just the knob. She was so tiny beneath him, it was like a giant fucking a dwarf. Her little legs instinctively wrapped around his waist. Her little tits bounced as she twitched from her orgasm still, her eyes were closed now and he mouth made a constant moan. He held her firmly by the shoulders and slid all the way into her until he hit bottom. The whole time, as his cock grinded against her vagina walls she twisted and squirmed and moaned and panted. Before she had a chance to come out of her last orgasm she was strait into her second, her pussy clamped down on his cock and sucked it with incredible force. Her legs tugged him closely and dug into his back, her arms were pulling her up to him, she wouldn’t let go. She wrapped her arms around him as best she could while his thick dick penetrated her tiny pussy properly, in and out, in and out. Her tits rubbed against his bare flesh as he fell on top of her in a wild fucking frenzy.

Her marshmallow pussy was incredibly on his massive cock. Her tiny frame rocked with his rhythm.

“slow down” she managed to say between all the panting “too deep”

he ignored his young daughter and thrust into her as deeply as he could, again hitting the end of her vagina.

“da-a-a-a-d-d-d-d-y” she said between each thrust. “oh my god daddy, oh my god, your hitting bottom” he stopped. Stillness at last. She lay panting and twisting beneath her father still. Her pre-pubescent body was finally used the way it was meant to be used, only by her father and not someone else. She calmed down finally back to reality. he looked at her for a moment, waiting for her to talk. She was too tired to talk so they just stared.

The silence lasted 5 minutes before his daughter broke it and said “ok I’m ready now”

“ready for what?” he asked

“ready to go again “ she said smiling. Her face was covered in sweat, her hair was a mess, her trainer bra was wrapped around her neck and her soft little boobs were smiling at him. he looked down her slender stomach to find his cock still buried in his young daughters pussy and, it should be no surprise that it was still erect. He couldn’t help but think how suspicious this might look.



When my daughter was twelve we had to share a motel cock got hard when she backed into me and my hard cock pressed between her as cheeks.Nothing more happened that night except sliding my cock along her ass crack that had become slippery with my precum.She did reach around once to feel what was going on and gave my cock a squeeze.Wonderful.


When my daughter was eleven and she would cuddle up next to me I couldn't help but get a full erection and the way she would grind her little ass into my cock was amazing. I never took it any further than that. Now she is a lot older and gets me hard when she wears a tee shirt and panties around the house. She does it mostly when her mom is at work, I would love to slip her panties off and if nothing else just enjoy the erotic view of her thick mound that forms the most perfect camel toe

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