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well it all started after i got home from work .i walked threw the door and there she was my 16 yr old little girl Amanda leaning on the bar .know to tell you a little about her she 5ft 8 118 lbs blond hair blue eyes 38 c. i walked over gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek threw my keys on the table and asked her whats for supper she said order pizza so i gave her money and went to take a shower as i got done i heard the door so i jumped out of the shower not think my Amanda may see me i walked to my bed room little did i no she had seen me she walked down the hall while i was drying off and started watching me i turned to my closet and could see her standing there rubbing on her tight clean shaved pussy and i yelled what are you doing she said nothing daddy and for sum strange reason the way she said it made my cock tingle and start to grow she said but daddy i get wet when i see you walking around the house i set on the bed and said come here we need to talk i look in her eyes and said you cant have these kinda of thoughts about your dad its not right as i said this she grabbed my cock which instantly got hard she said daddy i want to give you head i started to grab her hand and remove it when she bobbed her head up and down i instantly lay ed back on the bed and let her give head her mouth so wet and her lips are perfect taking all of my hard dick into the back of her mouth o my god Amanda your going to make me cum she stops sucking me off stands up starts a sexy little strip teas by this point there no stopping me i grab her throw her on the bed start kissing and sucking on her tits bit ting her perfect gum drop nipples kissing down her flat tummy to that perfect pussy flicking my tongue over her pussy she screams as i suck on her clit in a matter of seconds she pouring like a river she taste so sweet she looks in my eyes and says daddy fuck my tight pussy i push the head of my cock in her and can fill her tight pussy contract around my head i push deeper she rears up and down i start fucking nice and slow as i bite her tits and tell her your my dirty whore i pull out and make her suck her pussy juice of my cock and tell her to get in doggy i grab her hair as i slid my cock drives deep in side her young pussy she screams fuck my tight pussy daddy harder daddy harder I'm pounding her pulling her of the bed by her hair as i pound her pussy like the first piece i ever had i can fill her pussy contract around my cock as she shakes and squirts her sweet teen juice on my cock which sends me into a frantic a start fucking her harder she moaning daddy I'm cumming i Pound till i fill my own orgasm about to hit i pull out she turns and takes my cock in her mouth and sucks me till about cum she stops looks in my eyes and ask daddy can i eat Ur cum i start spewing hot creamy cum on her face and in her mouth she eats as much as she can looks at me and says daddy i love your cock can we fuck me again .


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