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February at Auntie's (Chapter 1: Drake)

honeybearyf on Incest Stories

I couldn't believe my ears when my mom told me that her, my father AND my big brother were going to Canada for a full month while I had to stay at my aunt and uncle's stupid house. I hadn't even seen them in 2 years or so, and they didn't exactly understand what a 16 year old girl meant for fun, I was going to get so bored!

Much as I complained, it was absolutely worthless, and before I knew it I was in the big brown house. To my surprise, my aunt had bought a dog, a formidable black Great Dane, which was already full grown up. I had to say, from the very first time I saw it my mind started wandering into unholy places...

"I'll have a full month to figure out how to have fun, little Drake" I told him.

My aunt and uncle gave me a big room for myself in the same floor that they slept.

"Not so bad, not so bad indeed, except for the ugly old paintings" I said when I first came in. The first couple of days really passed by uneventful, but on the third day boredom really started to get on me.

I started wandering all around the room, checking every drawer I found in case I stumbled into something at least a bit interesting. To my surprise, I found in one of them, without even trying to hide it, a huge stack of porn magazines. "Oh sweetness, finally some proper reading material! I'll get to you as soon as the old ones settle in bed, don't go anyway!" I told my stack of dirty porn. Lucky for us, the old ones didn't stay up much longer than 7pm, as soon as the sun started to set they just hid in their own room and didn't come out until morning.

So I went to have dinner, got a nice hot bath to start me on, and went ahead with business. I didn't even close the door, because I kinda liked feeling that anybody could go in at anytime, although I knew very well that wasn't going to happen... Or so I thought

I picked up the first magazine I saw.

"I'll have enough time in one month to go through the entire stack" Man, I was already horny.

I started going through the pages, lingering in the big, perfect cocks, and how beautifully they fitted into the wet, clean pussys and assholes. I didn't usually read the "stories", though sometimes I read lines or parragraphs that made me really, really wet. Eventually, there was a huge picture of a woman masturbating, and I put myself in the exact same position she was, imagining I was a porn star, and started fapping. Real good. Ohhh, my fingers felt so delicious in there! My pussy was so wet already, I put a second finger and the thing started dripping. Before I came, I took my fingers out, paced them around my nipples, and licked myself. I love enjoying that pre-climax really good and then continue getting horny until I come just from how horny I am.

So I carried on with the magazine, barely rubbing my clit with my index finger. Drake popped out of absolutely nowhere, and before I could react his hot warm tongue was all over my pussy. And then inside my pussy. Man, was I in shock. At first, I didn't know what to do, I just had to stay there, watching. Then, I started to understand what was happening, and I started to really grow fond of it. Each lick felt just like it should. I couldn't take it even for a minute, and I came all over his face. He didn't even seem to notice, and he was definitely not done, so he just kept on working

"So you like my hot wet pussy, huh? Well carry on! It's all yours Drake, all yours! Eat it whole!"

And as if he had understood, he kind of got more comfortable, in order to get all the pussy he wanted. The pleasure just kept increasing, I was getting more and more wet again, my pussy was stretching so good. I came again. I couldn't believe how fucking good that felt. And I had thought I was gonna get bored in here!

"Oh no, I won't get bored al all! Not with this fucking machine here, unstoppable, untireable big cocked fucking machine! At the end of the month my poor pussy will be screwed damn good!"

Drake kept on just a little longer, then he lifted up his head and looked me in the eyes. Then he looked my pussy, lifted his whole body and grabbed my elbows with his front paws, leaving me motionless.

"Oh yes, yes! Fucking dirty naughty dog" He swiftly pushed his big cock into my pussy, as if he knew just how to do it

"Oh goodness yes! That's right, goes right there and now you fuck me really good and fast!"

And he did. He started throbbing his cock in and out so quickly the whole bed shook.

"Fuck fuck fuck! Yes! Ooohh sweety yeeeaaaahh!"

I said in a low voice, even though I knew the bed was making so much noise that even the neighbors could have heard there was some really good fucking going on. I rememberd the door was open and that just made me ridiculously horny.

"Fuck that pussy yea! Screw it good!"

I could feel his doggy cock getting bigger and hotter by the second. I knew that at any moment his knot would pop. The bare thought of this happening made me shoot a third, bigger load of cum.


I let out as I felt his cock throbbing in and out harder, lubricated by my pussy juice. I kept thinking of his knot popping, but before that miraculous event happened, I heard the unexpected noise of the door creaking full open.


I screamed, the dog careless, but then I noticed the weirdest thing. It surely was my aunt, and she surely had a surprised expression on her face. But she also was wearing a leather bra, gloves and boots, and had a whip on her hand. She was wearing nothing on the bottom.


My uncle came hopping, and I quickly noticed why: His legs were tied by the ankles, and so were his hands behind his back. He was also wearing a leather underwear, and there was a bright red panty shutting his mouth. He looked at my with bright, morbid eyes, and shooked his head as if saying

"Oh, sweetie, you ain't seen nothing yet"

All this while, the dog kept humping my pussy as if nothing had changed, in and out really really fast. Realizing this made me cum for the fourth time...


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