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After first noticing my pubic hairs and swelling breasts I began wondering what the "Real Thing" would be like. Even before that, I played with myself whenever I had the chance and experimented with fingers, hairbrush handles, cucumbers, fantasizing about having a real cock in me. But I never--never--thought my fantasy would be fireworks.

All us girls were into boys now...sharing stories and giggling over this boy or "hot" he would be...but it was just talk. We were strictly amateurs, voyeurs, readers of dirty stories looking for ideas. We didn't even really date, except pretend dates, where we would walk home from school with a boy, maybe hold hands, see a movie together, sometimes study together for a test but our minds and dreams were active, especially for me. One day I got brave and asked Ferris inside my house for a soda...we had walked home from school, our arms brushed, he took my hand, our thighs brushed and I knew he did that on purpose for a reaction. I gave him a reaction...a smile...and asked him to come inside. My folks wouldn't be home from work for a couple hours and he would be long gone by then.

We sat at the kitchen table and I got drinks and potato chips and we sat talking about school, teachers...I didn't even know how to talk to a boy but Ferris knew how to talk to girls. He was the cutest guy in class according to us. He talked and I listened and smiled and tried to laugh at his stories and I guess that encouraged him. It wasn't long before we were in my living room and he was telling me things all girls wanted to hear...expecially me. How I was pretty and he liked the dress I was wearing. I pushed down the dress as it showed my knees. "Don't do that. I like your knees," he said, so I pulled it back a little and blushed. "Would you like another soda?" I asked. I was nervous...very...and wanted things to cool down. So Ferris wanted another soda and I got up to get one but he pulled me down on his lap and kissed me. Right on the mouth! I tried to get up again but he held tight. I felt his legs on mine and was scared but excited, too. "Give me another kiss," he said turning my head and kissing me again. He held me tight, insisting, so I kissed him back adjusting on his lap.

He pulled my legs over his and pushed me back on the couch, reaching to kiss me again. Now our bodies were lengthwise, his face hot on mine. I thought I locked the front door when we came in but wasn't sure. Daddy made me always lock it when I came home. It sure was quiet, except for our breath and his whispers: "I love you. I really love you." Words I wanted to hear and I kissed him back hard. "Do you love me?" he asked. I nodded and our bodies were hot; my dress in disarray and I reached to straighten it but Ferris grabbed my hand and pulled up my dress. A rush of air cooled my legs and his hand was hot on me. I squirmed and said "No." He was strong, stronger than me. It didn't matter, my mind was struggling against my body now and I felt hot and weak. My mind relaxed, saying "No" and letting it happen, whatever that was, I wanted to learn.

I was radiating--hot--sweating--wet and he again said he loved me and I felt warm all over except cool where his hand wasn't busy on my body. He was in my panties now, his hands all around me, petting my little hairs and little wet cunt, on my little lips. I sat up at this. "No!" I said and I really meant it this time, pushing down my dress over my knees pushing at his hand but he just kissed me again and said he loved me and pushed me back into our couch and now the couch was holding me. I was being raped, but I wanted him to. I wasn't going to make it easy for him and fumbled at his hands. He could never think I was easy or willing but I hoped he wouldn't stop. After all, he loved me. Isn't that what he said or did he just want me like I wanted him, or somebody. "Please don't," I said, but meant: "Please don't stop."

I was flat on my back and helping him unzip. He was big and stiff. I marveled at it. I was hoping my fantasies were about to come true but he couldn't find me and his cock poked around even though my legs were spread and I lifted for him and got scared he would quit. I didn't know what I was doing but knew enough this beautiful boy needed help. But would he let me touch him? How ridiculous! I reached down and took hold. His cock was wet all over with him and me all hot and all and I guided him, like my fingers, like my favorite hairbrush handle, like a cucumber, along my slit, putting it into my cunt and then he pushed some more and was inside me at last, a little more with each push and finally I knew what a real boy's cock felt like inside. I wanted him all the way, I wanted him to push inside like I did my cucumber and tickle me deep.

But this was way, way better. He was breathing on my neck and holding my shoulders down. I lifted up to him as he pushed and finally got some serious feelings. I wasn't thinking about him now and was remembering how hairbrushes and things made me feel and hoping this would be better, you know, and didn't hear our front door open. All I could feel was his thrusting; building feelings in me. I turned my head to the side to get more air for this moment that was coming, opening my eyes to look directly into my father's face at the bedroom door! I was torn. I was just building to a good hard come and was at just that point where I couldn't control myself I wanted it so bad. I couldn't stop even if I wanted to. Even if may father's face was a horror. But he stood there and I lay there and my unknowing new boyfriend Ferris was churning me. I was almost there when my father kicked Ferris in the butt. "Get out of this house! What do you think you're doing," father said. But Ferris was almost coming and couldn't stop either and I couldn't stop even though my face was covered with tears and my heart pounding. My body taking a delicious pounding.

My father kicked Ferris again, driving his cock into me real hard. It hurt me, but didn't hurt me. He was driving cock nails into my body...hurting me, but setting me on fire, making me come so hard I just closed my eyes hoping my father would kick Ferris again. And he did. It was so, so very good. Striking into me with pain and pleasure and my tears streaming down my face. I was in a delirium of feeling but Ferris sprang from the bed and out the door. I heard the front door make a loud slam. Now I was scared and drained and opened my eyes finally.

There was my father, looking down on me. "You little slut!" he said. "You dirty slut!" I didn't know what was coming next except then he said: "I'm going to teach you a lesson." I didn't know what lesson but I had sure learned about coming hard and he had taught me that already. I felt the bed move and my legs were pushed even further apart. I had been lying there all exposed. I mean, I came so hard I couldn't move and was just lying there completely exposed to my father's gaze. The bed moved again and I hear another zipper. What could I do or say? I felt another hard cock poking at me and instinctually reached down to guide it, hoping to come hard again. I was surprised that my father's cock was even bigger than Ferris's. I wasn't a cock expert, not yet, but my hand barely fit around this one and it seemed twice as long. "I'm going to teach you a lesson," he said again. Then he pushed inside, but he didn't seem to fit, even as wet as I was. He pushed again. I kept my eyes closed, wondering about all this, impassive for my lesson. He withdrew and pushed again, a little deeper. He was really big and hurt me. "It hurts, Daddy," I said. "I want to hurt you. You've been a dirty little slut and need to learn your lesson," and he pushed harder into me.

But as he kept at me he kissed me on the mouth and whispered that he liked fucking me. That I had a body made for fucking and coming. That my cunt was tight on him. My mind was racing and my body was still hot and getting hotter. I raised me hips involuntarily. I flexed my cunt muscles to hold him. "It feels good doesn't it?" he said. I nodded. If I was going to be taught someting I was going to enjoy it. He was thrusting in a slow rhythm and then faster each time and each time going deeper. I began to feel him deeper than any hairbrush handle or anything. He was opening new parts of me and I began to tremble as he went into me each time. I put my arms around his shoulders and held him close. He was breathing in my ear and calling me dirty things: his little whore; his dirty girl and all these things made me hotter and then I knew there were more fireworks for me. From my toes to my face I was feeling his cock stroking deep inside along the walls of my body and I tightened my grip, breathed on his hot face against me biting on his ear, tasting his blood and sweat and learning my lesson. One I would never forget. And he often reminded me even if I didn't need reminding. . Every chance we got. And it was a story, until now, I never told anyone.





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