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First Story - Part 1 - Mother & Son play games

Baby Blue on Incest Stories

Part 1 - The kids perspective!

Like many others before me, I’ve had fantasies about the one woman in my life; she has always been there. Who nurtured me from the start and raised me into the man I am now. My mother and me have always been close but never close enough for me to ever want hugs from her or anything like that. My parents were divorced when I was just a kid, my mum made the obvious sacrifices and we got through just fine. We have never had any real problems; we operated like an average family.

My mother is a natural brunette; she has long curly hair that often ran down past her beautiful pert breasts. To me, my mother is extremely beautiful but she isn’t the sort that makes heads turn. She can pick up the men but she stayed single that she could concentrate on me. I never really saw why, I’m ever so slightly overweight but I’m tall and it doesn’t make too much of a difference. I’m the kid who could do well if he tried. Anything I try I can do well in, I’m just not the most motivated kid. My mum is often pushing me to do well and trying to punish me if I do wrong, but nothing she throws at me can stop the thoughts I have about fucking her and when she punishes me the fantasies just get so much better. But anyway, on with the story!

It was Saturday morning; this is where it all started. Mom came upstairs to my room to wake me up as she does routinely everyday but something was different this time. She didn’t knock on my door, this time she just went straight in. I heard the door open and quickly realised my morning wood was at full attention in front of her wide eyes. The moment was quick but her eyes etching at my manhood felt like an eternity. I blushed and hid under my covers and my mum just left the room and went back to fixing up the food in the morning as she usually does. I was left in shock hiding under my covers, my wood pulsating and my mind drifting to my mom.

As I went downstairs to finally get around to eating, I entered the kitchen and saw my mum all ready with some ingredients cooking something delicious. “Hi Matt” she said in her usual happy tone. I replied back with a crack in my voice “Hello, what are you making for breakfast mum?”

I replied back with a crack in my voice “Hello, what are you making for breakfast mum?”

“I’m making your favourite to wake up to, some eggs with bacon all in a bap!” I stayed silent and just watched her from behind cooking my favourite meal. Her voluptuous behind absorbed me in, whilst it wasn’t anything to special, it was still enough to keep me looking.

“Voila!” she exclaimed, snapping me back into reality. Quickly she managed to serve up the food, which I wolfed down. I then just sat back into my chair any watch as my mother ate her food. Nothing really prepared me for the sight I took in, her breast was in my clear vision. The dressing gown had obviously shifted slightly as she had sat at the table. She must have seen me ogling because she quickly re-adjusted in her seat making sure to cover everything up.

As I went to leave, I could see her face turn a shade of pink whilst I walked awkwardly out the room with my raging hard penis, I was only covered by a dressing gown so I presume she saw just how much my body wanted her.

I ran up to my room just thinking about her body. My thoughts were so corrupt but nothing could stop my hand wandering down until it touched the heat. I couldn’t help but masturbate thinking about her, I swear she did it on purpose.

My thoughts wandered and once again I was wanking as hard as I could. I erupted all over my chest, which was a change for me, but I didn’t think it would be too noticeable. I tried drifting off to sleep but weirdly I hadn’t been the slightest bit fatigued by my session. I simply changed into a new set of clothes abandoning the others in a pile in a corner. Went downstairs and said goodbye to my mum so that I could meet up with some friends and chill out.


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