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Forbidden fruit

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Forbidden fruit.

Is a lust I never dreamed I had before this.

I suppose one could call it a domestic accident. Well what I really mean is my husband had gone off sex while I had become rampant for it. So,quite by accident I entered the bathroom to take a shower,while unknown to me my twenty year old son was already completing his shower

I stopped dead in my tracks as there before me was this son with towel in hand rubbing his cock and scrotum dry. The friction was obviously having some effect as his cock half hard was bobbing around and up and down as though it had a mind of its own while his balls were as tight as a drum. My instinct was to dive for my bedroom but my eyes were stuck to the 10 inches of bouncing flesh dancing before my eyes.

"Blimey mum, It won't bite you" Grinned my son. I freaked and sped to my room,there to find myself flaming up at the face and nape of my neck as I caught the full length image in the mirror of my tits with hardened nipples and my pussy slit with my neat soft inner lips cheekily peeping out from my shaved bald pubis.

My embarrassment was complete. Unknowingly my adult son had seen all I had as the shock of his cavourting cock had meant my hand drawing my dressing gown closed and being completely naked apart from it had unadvertently on putting hand to mouth allowed the gown to fall open,thus revealing all to his hungry eyes. I plonked face down on my bed,then peeping guiltily from the side I was confronted with my naked son having followed me to my door. More still,I could only assume my own nakedness had had an effect on him because now he stood with a full hardon pulsing slightly to the left of centre. Pulsing I say! Yes,pulsing and at least ten inches,with a bush of pubes spread each side of it and all over his balls.

Embarrassed,hot at the face,my guilt whelmed up to new heights as he blatantly stood naked before me with my eyes now riveted on this hardon. "What're you doing? go away,can't you see I'm embarrassed" - "Come on mum,its not as though you've never seen my cock before" - "Not in that state I haven't,when I used to see it it wasn't hard and throbbing,GO AWAY PLEASE! PLEASE GO AWAY!"

He was having none of it,he just stood and kept showing me this huge throbbing hard cock. Now moving into the room towards me he stood with this thing of his no more than a couple of feet from my face. - "NO,DON'T YOU DARE!" - "Dare what mum,what are you daring me? You're still staring at it" - I consciously averted my eyes only too see his hairy manly legs,shit, "Go away and leave me!" - "Blime' mum,its only a cock,you'd think you'd never seen one in your life. I bet you've fondled plenty in your time" - I needed to get this sorted. - "Fuck off you little tyke,take the damn thing out of my sight,o-o-or!" - "OR WHAT MUM,You'll suck it?

I jumped at him, -"FILTHY MOUTHED ARE WE,I'LL GIVE YOU FILTHY MOUTHED!" Now with modesty gone to the wind I grabbed at his body... Big mistake! Wrestling me back to the mattress with my thighs flailing apart and all other of my sexual assets exposed,I felt this hardon dancing against my inner thighs. Twisting and struggling I knew my pussy was leaking love juice as his cock kissed those soft inner labias. - "NO! NO! Don't you dare" - He did dare and as I felt his hard but spongy cock head press at my opening I knew all was lost. My son was going to take me!

Now determined to resist him from making me orgasm I gasped as he plumbed the depths of my vagina,try as I may,my pussy turned traitor and as my body humped at this stupendous hardon,all I could weakly utter was, "Don't shoot up inside me" By now with tits flopping in all directions I knew it was lost on him that the sexy slippery pussy around his cock was his own mothers and as the first spurt of cum speared deeply up the neck of my womb I gasped and grabbed at him so tightly in my own orgasm there was only one option opened to him and that was all his sperm being pumped into the very peak of my vagina.

I cared nothing now,I just wanted more of the same as his complete weight held me under him. I was enthralled at the sensations ripping through my pussy,enthralled,excited,disgusted and ready to ignore all these feelings. "JUST FUCK ME SOME MORE" - That was my voice as he started to do just that all over again. Two more times he saited his lust into my insides.. Now with a serious wedge of softening flesh still in my inner being, he uttered, "Thanks mum we needed that" Oh yes! I admit we needed that alright and a lot more besides...

"Jerry,come on mum's waiting in here,hurry up,I need you NOW!" - "Okay mum,just be patient,I'm washing under my foreskin,I'll suck and fuck you in a jiff" - "Its my turn to suck you off first now get that fucking cock in her now" I MEAN RIGHT NOW, or I'll start without you" - The swine,his hardon now protruded beyond the door jam. The shit had been there all the time making me beg for it. AH WELL! I'm not proud, "Now get your ass in here and fuck your poor horny mummy - Bastard!"

He did & does again and again!


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