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Grandmother Caught me Doing my Mom

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Dad and Mom had been divorced for three years, I was 16 and mom was 28, my grandmother lost her husband one year ago. My mom and I had been making love for about 6 months, One night we were right in the middle of it and my grandmother came and knocked on the door, said she was cold and had to get some more blankets, of course my mom was about to climax and she didn't answer at first, my grandmother pushed on the door and it came opened, here I was ramming my cock deep in mom. grandmother just stood there and then said looks like you two are busy so I will come back later, mom said its over with now mom come on in. as we layed there grandmother sat down and started asking how long have we been doing this, we told her the truth, mom said that was our secrete. Grandmother said well I have a secrete too. Shesaid that she hadn't had any since her husband died and sometimes she has no other chpich but to rub it. She is 65 years old and rerally looks more like fifty

Anyway, as we sat there my cock began to grow again, mom asked me if I woould be willing to help grandmother out, I said I have never done an older woman, grandmother said the older you get the more experiance one has, so she proceeded to undress, her titties were sagging a bit, but that pussy really still looked good,as she laid on the bed I began to play with her tits, she said stop that and fuck me now, I need it bad. So I got between her legs and slowley my cock went in and she began to fuck me like she had never been fucked befor

My mom was sitting and rubbing her own pussy as she watched us fuck, grandmother said please fuill my pussy, I need it we fucked for atleast twenty min. and I shot a load in her deep she fell back as she had a full blown climax.. we layed there and told me that her husband never fucked her that hard,,from that  time on we all three sleep in this king size bed and fuck when ever we want... this such a great living arraingement.


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