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How did this happen? PT I

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Hello my name is Greg and I'm 43 years old, about 6'1, 180 LBS, green eyes, and a full head of short brown hair that's starting to gray a bit. I've never found myself to be unattractive, but certainly nothing spectacular. Fortunately for me I got to marry my high school sweet heart in 1990. In 93 we had our son Max and in 97 our daughter Sam.

As I'm sure most of you know the divorce rate is pretty high and I'm embarrassed and regretful to say that in 2006 my wife and I became another bad statistic. People change, life keeps moving. Other then being heart broken our divorce wasn't too bad. We were able to split our money and property up evenly without too much of a fight on either end. As the kids were 13 and 9 at the time we felt them old enough to tell us which parent they wanted to go with. They were pretty close when they were younger but surprisingly Sam chose me as the best fit for her and Max chose his mother. So it was settled the kids chose their homes, and every other weekend would swap.

Life continued swimmingly there was never a hassle when dropping off or picking up either child. Their mother and I didn't speak much more then what was required because of the kids, and when we did we never argued. It seems we all definitely made the right decisions.

So fast forward to this year. It was late July and my weekend to have Max, however their mother was on a weekend get-away with her new beau so I had both kids. I didn't mind, it was a nice change to have them both and almost be a full family. When they were together they never argued like normal siblings of their ages, and they didn't really talk too much. I think since they didn't spend much time together they were a bit desensitized as siblings. I had to work that day and usually get off at 6pm but as it was a special occasion to have both the kids I wanted to try and get off work early and go spend as much time with them as I could. I pulled a few strings and was able to get off at about 3:30. I decided to stop and get some pizza and drinks for us as a treat, and finally got home at 4:15

I walked into what seemed to be an empty house. I couldn't hear any talking, no TV, no music. "Huh, that's odd" I thought. I walked upstairs after putting the food and drink in the kitchen and came across Sams closed door. I could hear a faith chatter inside. "C'mon Sis, touch it. It won't bite I promise. You'll like it." What?!?! Did I just hear my son telling his sister to touch his penis?! I was so shocked and taken a back. What does one do in such a situation? I didn't want to burst in the room in a fit of anger and embarrass both children and risk further problems. I was frozen in my tracks anyways. All I could do was continue to listen to their conversation

"I don't know Max, I've never even seen one before."

"It's okay Sam it can be our little secret. I can touch you too if you want... I bet I can make your privates wet. Have you ever had that happen to you before sis?"

"Uhm.... sometimes.."

"Really sis? When?"

"Uh.. well sometimes I can hear dad in his room and he's watching porn on the computer then I can hear him moaning and stuff like he's touching himself and it gives me a funny feeling. One time after we'd been swimming I could see that he was really hard through his trunks and that gave me the same feeling"

"Did you do anything about it?" asked Max.

"Well I lay down in my bed and first I play with my nipples til they get all hard and stuff, then I take my shorts and undies off and take my middle finger and rub where it's wet."

"What do you think about when you do that Sam?"

"Heh... about daddy....."

This was becoming way more than I could handle. Sam continued talking to her brother but I needed to stop this. I walked into my bedroom and slammed the door very loud as to announce to them I'm home. I could hear Sam's door open and heard them run down stairs. What do I do about this? One thing was for sure, I needed to change out of my work clothes. As I stripped down I had a horrible revelation. I seemed to have gotten a hard on while listening to my daughter speak about me. "Oh this is terrible. What am I to do about THIS now?" I didn't want to sit there and jack off as I knew my mind would wander to the things my daughter just spoke about but this bulge was definitely going to be noticeable in any pants or shorts I put on. I looked at myself naked in the mirror, my cock abut 7.75 inches when hard was sticking straight up to the sky. Absent mindedly I began rubbing the head of my cock. Just as I predicted my mind wandered to my daughter laying on her bed, wet, with thoughts of me. It wasn't until I let out a soft moan that I snapped back to reality. "I can't do this. I need to control myself. I am a grown man, she is my daughter" I thought. I, however still did not know how to go about the situation between the siblings.

After about 15 more minutes in my bedroom I went down and joined the kids. I decided for now I would act like I didn't hear anything. Maybe it was an isolated incident anyways. Just as I suspected though my large boner and not subsided and though I did my best at hiding it I think it was a bit visible. I had to take my chances though and hope neither of them noticed.

The rest of the day went on as normal. We had our pizza, talked for a while, watched a movie, etc etc just had normal family bonding.. They both acted normal and I didn't ever notice any prying eyes staring between my legs so I'd say all in all it was a success. At about 10 I decided to excuse myself to my room. I was getting tired.. and honestly wanted to take care of the problem between my legs that never seemed to have fully went away. I told them to go to their rooms by 12 for lights out, I didn't want them sleeping in all after noon as we were going for a day downtown.

About 15 minutes later I found myself in front of the computer. My solution was to watch porn while I jacked off so I'd be sure to just be thinking about the girls in the porn. I found some run of the mill average guy fucking girl porn and slid off my shorts and boxers. It wasn't that great of a video but enough for me to want to stroke my cock...

All was going normal until I really started getting into it and all the sudden the people in the film changed into my daughter and I. In my head it was me slowly sliding my stiff cock in and out of her tight hairless pussy. All the while hear moaning for her daddy to shove his big dick inside his dirty little daughter. "Oh my god I'm going to hell, I'm going to hell, I can't stop, I can't.... Mmmmm baby take daddys big dick" were the thoughts running through my mind. I couldn't stop stroking myself it felt too damn good. With a few more strokes came stream after stream of cum shooting out all over. I hadn't came like that since I fucked my ex wife. Wow it felt so good, almost good enough to ignore the guilt I felt about cumming while fantasizing about my own daughter. But as luck should have it that guilt did take over me so I cleaned up and went to try and fall asleep in my bed.

While laying there I could hear the kids come upstairs but instead of going to their own rooms I once again heard the both of them in Sams room. Her room bordered mine and the walls were not the thickest so I could hear them talking again.

"Damn Sam.. did you see that big ass bulge coming out of dads shorts? Gross!"

"I guess... I liked looking at it.. it was nice. Why do you think it's gross?"

"Because! I like pussy and tits! not old man dick!"

Oh, my god. they DID see my hard on. I am so embarrassed. I fucked up.. I shouldn't have ever let them see me in that condition. I am a terrible person... All I could do was lay in bed my face burning, listening to my two children speak about my manhood

"Well remember earlier when you asked if I'd ever been wet? Well I might be now..."

"Really Sam? That's sexy. Are you going to let me feel?

"I don't know if I should Max it feels wrong..."

"But I'll make you feel good, I promise"

This is becoming too much. It obviously is no isolated incident. I jumped out of bed and slowly opened my door as to not startle them. I was certainly going to stop this now once and for all though. Sams door was opened a crack and seeing them made me very nervous about what I should do, how I should handle this. I became frozen again looking at them. Max had his hand up Sams shirt rubbing her barely budding breasts. "Do this feel good?" I heard him ask his sister. "Hmm yeah.. I like it" she responded. "Take your pants off for me sis." and with that, Sam obliged" I then saw him slide his hand down the front of his sisters pink underwear. I could see the outline of his hand and could see he was rubbing her clit with one finger. Her head rolled back and she was letting out soft moans.

"These kids are in so much trouble" I thought to myself. I was becoming so angry and I didn't know if it was because what they were doing was so wrong, or if I was angry with myself as my cock began to grow again.

Inside the room I could see Max continue to rub his little sisters 13 year old clit, as she seemed to be pressing her self against his hand

"Mmmm Max, this feels so much better then what I do to myself"

"Here sis, I'll make you feel even better..."

And with that I see Max slide a single finger into his sisters virgin cunt.

"Ow Maxy, that hurts!"

"It'll be okay just relax"

He continued sliding his finger inside her until it was all the way in. You could tell she liked it as she laid there stiff moaning for him. He was now successfully all the way inside his sister and began moving it in and out. I could not believe I was watching my son finger fuck his sister. I also could not believe how turned on I was. By this time I had my hand down my boxers rubbing my cock again. I was so turned on in fact, I didn't even care anymore they were doing this. I just wanted to watch the story progress. I wanted to see my little girl feel good. In all honestly I might've also been a little bit jealous it wasn't me doing that to her..........................

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