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I am in love with my Sister

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I am in love with my Sister

This is a true story that happened between me and my sister.

It all started when my sister Susan who was two years older than me came to live with me. I was studying in another city and she finished college and got a good job in my city so she came to live with me. My sisters body has changed a lot after college and was really looking mature and fine. She is 23 and is very beautiful but I never looked at her in that way before cause she was my sister. Even though she was 2 years older than me many people who dint know that we were brother-sister used to mistake her to be my girlfriend because she would always stand close to me and pose in such ways that only a girlfriend would stand. I dint mind this though because I really liked having her close to me. We really liked to spend time together but she used to work odd hours so it was difficult. But we made it a point to spent as much time as we could together. She liked to ride with me on my motorbike and always came with me whenever I went for a drive. She said it was more thrilling and preferred it more than the car. Whenever she was coming very late in the night I always used to go and pick her up from work and she would tell me to bring my bike for it. On the bike too she used to sit very close and always used to sit with her arms wrapped around my stomach very tight and I could feel her wonderful breasts on my back. But I dint think of it in any strange way. But as I am a boy and she is a girl I used to get excited a little. She was very open with me and we dint have any secrets between us and we used to talk about everything in our lives. I loved her as my sister and she loved me as her brother and we were inseparable. A series of events led us to become lovers instead of just brother sister.

I used to wake up really late in the morning and normally my sister would be gone to work by then. But my sister was having a holiday that day and I dint know. As normal I started to go to the bathroom in our bedroom to pee. I with dick in hand I opened the bathroom door and saw that my sister was taking a shower all nude in front of me. I froze and just kept staring at her amazing body when she spoke. Oops maybe I forgot to lock the door dear. You want to use the toilet because I see your dick in hand. I realized what my hand was holding and put it back in my shorts. I said I was sorry and walked out. I went to the other bathroom and did my job. I saw her again in her bathrobe drying up I apologized. She said it was ok and not to worry. She then met me later and said that it was ok and that we are both adults and shouldn’t have issues with this and also made a comment that my dick was nice and it would satisfy a girl really well. I just nodded. From that time the sight of my sisters wonderful body was in my head and I couldn’t take it out of my mind. Every time I saw her for the next few days it was what was coming to my mind. And to help it more it was summer and she was wearing very less clothing as possible.

Around a week after this something more happened. My sis had a off from work and so we were as usual hanging out whole day. We went to the mall and then we got a movie DVD and then we also got some clothes. She selected some clothes for me and her selection was always good. Then she asked me to help her get a dress for some party. I said ok. We got some selections and Susan went in the trial room to try them on. First was a dress that was short and really showed off my sisters fine legs. Then she went to try out the second and was not coming out for some time. She asked me to come in and help her I went and she said that she can’t zip up the dress I said ok and tried to help. I could see my sister’s entire back on display and I could see all the way to her panties. I just looked and then took my time with the zip which was a little stuck. She said that this one was not right and she told she will try the last one. I got out of the room. Soon I heard Susan say that this one was more bad than the one before. Does not fit at all, come in and see. I went in and she said see I think this one is not the right size or maybe they got something wrong with the measurements and pointed at her boobs. They were hardly covered up and I could see more than 40 % of her breasts. I just nodded and she said we will get the first dress. I said ok and got out I was getting hard thankfully my loose t-shirt was hiding it. After a while she came out and we paid for the thing. My sister wanted to get a new cell phone so I helped her with it. We got the new phone and I think she was happy with my selection.

We had dinner outside and then we came home. We had planned to watch a movie called paranormal activity. It was a kind of like a horror move and it was a good one. Susan had got the chills. We decided that it was time to sleep and we went to our bedroom. Now our bedroom had two beds one small and one king-size. I had the king size one to myself and she liked the smaller one. I was going to go to hop on my bed when Susan said she wanted me to send some songs into her phone. I said ok and sat on her bed and was sending the songs. We had selected around 240 mb so I knew it would take some time to send via Bluetooth. I was sleepy so I lie down beside her and hugged her and closed my eyes. I had my hand over her stomach and wrapped around her. I slowly dosed off. After some time I woke up to some feeling of my hand being touched. I felt that Susan had took my hand and put it over one of her boobs. I couldn’t believe this. Was she doing this knowingly or was it an accident. It was hard to say.

I mounted up a little courage and thought to my self I may never get this opportunity ever again. So I grabbed her boob firmly as if just trying to hold her close. She dint give any reaction. I stayed that way for some more time. To my surprise Susan leaned a little forward as if to adjust her pose. By this all her boob weight came on my hand. I was in heaven. I built up a little more courage and started to twitch my hand a little and I am sure she enjoyed it. I dint get any objection from her so I continued to do so and gradually I started squeezing her boobs. We continued this for some more time. Later she moved back so now her boob weight was not on my hand but I continued to squeeze her boobs and tried as much to caress her nipples. This went on for a little while longer and then she changed her pose to a straight sleeping pose and I was facing her. I lost hold of her boob when she moved but to my surprise when I tried to keep my hand back she lifted her hand to let my hand over her boobs. I took it as a sign that my sister was enjoying this. I worked on both her boobs this time and she was giving me all the reactions that she liked it. I started kissing her neck and started kissing her all over her neck and lower neck all while I was working on her boobs. She was moaning and moving in pleasure. I continued this and slowly put my hand inside her t-shirt and felt her naked boobs on my hands. And was loving the feeling. I then went up to her face and then reached her lips. I started kissing her lips and she kissed back. Our tongues met and it was a wonderful feeling. I broke the kiss after a little while and she let out a moan of pleasure. I felt like if she was giving in to this then she would give in to anything I wanted. But would I be right?

I got on top of her and slowly pulled her t-shirt and she lifted her weight to help he get it off. This was a good sign. I then put both my hands on her exposed boobs and started squeezing them. Then I started kissing her neck and slowly worked my way to her boobs and started sucking on them . I could feel that they were erect. I put my other hand on the other breast and started tweaking the nipple. It was really nice. Susan was moaning and moving a lot. After some time I started to move off her and went for her pants. I was not sure if she was wearing anything under them. So I started pulling on her pants and she again eased her weight to help me get them off. It came off and her panties came off with it. I decided to move in for the kill. I started to lick her thighs and worked up to her pussy. I put one big lick on it and she moaned. That was the response I was waiting for so I started attacking her pussy with my licks and started to suck on her pussy juices. And the juices were flowing all over. I kept on doing this till her body arched and jerked. I realized she had a orgasm. I went up and sat on her again and removed my pants and shirt. Then I took her hand and put it on my erect dick to see what see would do. She was acting as if she was in sleep all this time and continued to do so but she held my dick like a stick and started to squeeze it and then she started tugging on it. And then she started to go up and down its length with both her hands. Her hands felt like magic. I couldn’t believe that my sister was giving me a hand job and was she good at it. She increased the rhythm of her strokes and I couldn’t hold on for much longer. I came with so much semen that it was all over her breasts and a little on her lips. I got off her and put a blanket on her and then went to my bed and started to sleep with a big smile on my face.

I woke up in the morning and Susan was all dressed up and she got me coffee. I was thinking will I ever get to continue this again. Who knows?

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