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I control my daddy.

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I'm just a bit older than legal. Plump and cuddly, with nice breasts, a full pubis area of pubes, soft round belly that trembles when having sex. My labias poke out of my pussy lips just enough to show where my entrance is and I have a secret...

I've got a liking for alcohol. Pertly because it removes my inhibitions and makes me sex mad. [And I mean MAD!] That is, I'll do anything for several cans. My tipple is lager or cider,let me suck a couple down and I'm yours for the taking!

My dad at first frowned on me drinking under aged, but I soon trained him! - I knew, he like the boys, would succumb given the right course of sex. So I did just that! Having had dad, tell me in no uncertain terms I wasn't to drink booze, I stormed off [all an act of course] to my room and made a lot of noise banging about up there. - Dad fell for it, I flouted across the landing in just my panty's [Titties naked!] back i came from the lavatory/bathroom dragging my panty's up awkwardly [Revealing pussy fur and ass. I was pretty young and all]

I knew dad saw me from the lower stairwell,but made out I didn't. He stood looking at my body so I flouted back again with nothing on, but struggling to get my nightdress over my head. Flopped myself against the upper banister as tho' to fall. [Dad did, he was up those stairs,grabbed at me] "Stupid girl! - What if you'd toppled over then?"

I flashed my eyes at him faking anger! - "I'm alright, just put me down. I only wobbled about a bit!" - "A bit? God girl,look at you. You're all uncovered" - I broke into a grin & applied my mature woman stance - "OOPS! Sorry daddy, I didn't realise about these [I cupped my breasts] & this [I smoothed over my brand new pubes] I'm finding it hard to get used to all these new woman things that's growing on me!" - Dad was as well, he still had my bum cheeks in his hands!

Next day,dad in a sheepish manner took up on me. "That thing with you last night, I didn't mean to grab you, you no, you bits, but I was worried being that you were, well drunk. Lets face it you were!" - "Sorry dad, but it makes me, well makes me feel good" - "Good! Well, we'll say no more about it then, mind you, did you realise what you were doing while you'd drunk it? Mind you,you were in house, anywhere else could have led you well! Who knows where it might have led!"

If you're going to drink, you must keep it in here not where the lads are about!" - "Daddy, if I pinch the odd can from the fridge, will you be cross if I done what I did last night again?" - Dad looked at me - "You mean, the flashing you gave me? God girl I'm your father, but after all you have all the woman tributes that does things to men including me. Hey you little witch! Did you let me see you on purpose so that I'd let you drink again?"

[I had him] D-A-D-D-Y Would you? Would me letting you see me like I did let you say I can have alcohol, you know because it makes me do stuff. You know like I did!" - Dad looked away, guilty of his thoughts I suspect! - A mumbled sound emitting from his lips. DADDY! That sounded like YES!! - Dad nodded an affirmative, but couldn't face me.

My dad was at my mercy now and this is how it developed... I'd take a can or two without him knowing, then I'd expose my breasts or pussy to him and I knew it made his penis stiff. This led on to where we're at here. - My phone received a text. The text would show just a party girl with a glass of bubbly [Meaning 'its party time'] immediately another multi text would arrive showing a hardon [I recognise it straight away] Its my dad's and he's after me to do for him.

Excitedly I head from where I'm at, knowing he'll have cans for me and after drinking a couple I'd go in search of him. Always, he'd be feigning sleep or was he really asleep? - I'd sneak in and get myself comfy, open his trousers and play with his balls until he started to stiffen, then I'd suck it some. At some point, he'd start peeping at what I was doing, but it was my getting off on using his penis that I really enjoyed!

I'd strip naked, rub his cock head on my clit or press it at my bum hole [what ever my mood took me] - At some stage he could stand it no longer and grabbing me anyway he could, he'd ram his hardon in to me and rape the fuck out of me. My orgasm would be tremendous and the sperm oozed from me as he came off... "You're going to get your ass fucked if you keep sneaking in to use me you drunken little whore" - It was his catch phrase it seemed. - Then the night came when... Dad's brother had visited us, and a stopover took place after I'd gone out of which I was unaware.

The signal arrived as expected, but I had no idea that a stopover was happening. I'd gone thro' the ritual and after our first orgasm, dad rolled me on top of him and I started fucking him big time. - Having no clue my uncle was still in the house, imagine my shock when a body mounted me from behind and in moments a fat wet cock poked at my sphincter and what with the alcohol and sex, I found my cum covered asshole penetrated by six or seven inches of man flesh.

Uncle had me in the ass while dad was still stuffing my cunt. What an experience they gave me, I would never have believed a woman could take it up both holes, but being rather young made it more unbelievable. There it was, like a bird on a spit. they screwed my poor little holes until they were little no more and I loved every second of it!

They got me to pose so they could see their sperm oozy out of my holes. Dirtily my dad said to his brother, "Amazing that! Your cum's as white as mine coming out of her and yet you've just fucked her in her shit hole! Fucking amazing!" - I said nothing about the fact that I secretly enjoyed giving myself enema's with the shower hose!

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