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I Drive my Son to School Each Morning

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I Drive My Son to School Each Morning

All characters in this story that participate in adult sexual activity,

or view adult sexual activity are at least 18 years old.

My alarm clock wakes me up at 06:00 am, so I sit up in bed and turn it

off. My son Andy has not moved, so I pull the sheet away from his naked

body and gently tap on his muscular shoulders.

He awakes, then rolls over on his back and says "Mom, I don't feel like

going to school today. Let's go looking at new cars this morning, then

hang around the pool for the rest of the afternoon."

I get up from the bed, then grasp Andy's wrist and say "No, there is

only three weeks left before summer vacation, and you have missed too

many days as it is! Now, get out of bed young man and let's take our

morning shower together!"

You are probably wondering what I am doing sleeping with my son. Well,

about a month ago, he wrecked his car and got cited for "exhibition

driving." The judge took away his driver's license, so I decided to

take him to school every morning.

The first day I dropped him off in the parking lot across from the

school where a bunch of his friends were standing around smoking

cigarettes. I give Andy a quick kiss on the lips and the boys start

whistling and clapping their hands while they chant "Kiss her again!

Kiss her again!"

Andy tells me later, that after I drove off, some of the boys wanted

to know who I was. One of them says "That's Andy's Mom! She is smokin

hot! You should see her in a bikini!"

Another boy says "Oh my God, if I had a Mother like that, I would beg

her everyday to let me fuck her!"

Andy realizes that he is becoming more popular by the second, so he

lies to them and says "I don't have to beg her, she begs me!"

The boys laugh for a few seconds, then one of them asks Andy "Are you

serious about what you just said? I mean, have you really fucked her?"

Suddenly, the school bell rings and the boys run across the street to

begin their work day.

After Andy gets done with his story, he asks me if I would "play

along" with him so his friends will continue to wonder if he is

actually fucking me.

I tell him "Well, that sounds quite naughty, but it also sounds like

it would be a lot of fun. What do you suggest we do every morning to

make your friends believe that you are having sex with me?"

Andy thinks for a few moments, then says "Instead of a quick kiss,

we should make it a really long one and touch our tongues together."

His plan worked perfectly, and after a few days, the boys are

anxiously waiting each morning for Andy and I to arrive.

I am having so much fun, that I suggest to Andy that he run his hand

up the front of my T-shirt and play with my tits while we kiss.

After about two weeks, I wear just a towel wrapped around me, and when

we get to the school, Andy pulls it off and runs his hands all over my

naked body.

I am loving the attention and compliments I am getting about my

beautiful body and long blond hair!

When Andy gets home that night, we have dinner together, then go into

the living room and sit on the couch to watch the evening news.

One night, Andy says to me "Mom, I know that you let me play with your

tits in the morning so you can show them off to the guys, but can I

play with them now while we are watching television?"

I pause for a few moments, then say "Honey, what we are doing in the

morning is innocent enough, but if I start letting you play with my

tits here at home, I would probably get horny and would want you to

fuck me. So, the answer is no!"

Andy immediately says "Mom, please! I promise that I will never tell

anybody! This will be a secret just between us! Please Mom! Please!"

I get up from the couch, point my finger at Andy and say "Well, just

this one time! After today, we have to just forget this ever happened!"

Andy intently watches me as I strip naked in front of him. He just sits

there and looks at me, so I say to him "Well, what are you waiting for?

Get up from the couch and take your clothes off!"

Andy gets up and takes his T-shirt off while I unzip his shorts and

push them down to his ankles. Oh my God, he has one the biggest

cocks I have ever seen, and it is not even hard yet! I put both my

hands around it and start stroking it back and forth while Andy plays

with my tits.

I suddenly get an urge to have a cigarette and a beer, so I release

my grip from his hard cock and tell him to follow me to the kitchen.

Andy sits down at the table as I open the refrigerator door and ask

him if he wants to have one with me.

He replies "Yea, get one for me, and by the way, you have a great

little ass!"

We pop open our beers, then I get a cigarette from my purse and light

it up. Andy does not take his eyes off my naked body as I walk around

the kitchen puffing on my cigarette and taking small sips from my beer.

I stand real close to him several times so he can squeeze my firm white

ass cheeks and play with my tits for a few moments, then go back to

parading around naked in front of him.

After four or five minutes, I snuff out the cigarette, then hop up on

the kitchen counter and spread my legs apart. Andy's eyes zoom right

between my legs, so I reach down and begin playing with my pussy,

teasing him.

I put my beer down, then run my fingers through my silky long blond

hair as I ask Andy "Honey, do your friends really think I am sexy?"

Andy replies "Shit yes! They tell me that you are just as good

looking as those models on the internet porn sites and I agree! The

guys especially talk about how perfect your boobs are with their

brown nipples sticking out like big pencil erasers! You should have

seen the look on their faces when I told them they are invited to come

over Sunday afternoon and go swimming with you. They all broke their

dates with their girlfriends so they can be here all day and play with

you in the water!"

I take my last swallow of beer, then tell Andy "Well, let's get


As Andy gets up and walks over to me, I position myself as close to

the edge of the kitchen counter as I can, and let my legs hand down.

Andy and I tongue kiss for a while, then he works his way down and

sucks on my breasts. Suddenly, he gets on his knees and buries his

face in my pussy! I start squirming around and moaning as Andy flicks

his tongue in and out of me. Oh my God, I should have let him start

doing this years ago!

Andy is driving me crazy by alternating between fucking me with his

long tongue and sucking my clit! I start screaming "Don't stop Andy!

Don't stop! Make your Mommy happy! Please don't stop!"

After a few minutes, I feel an intense orgasm building up and

desperately need a cock inside me!

I scream at Andy "Stand up and stick your cock in me! I want your cock

in me right now! Stand up and shove it in me!"

Andy immediate stands up, strokes his cock a few times, then positions

it at my pussy entrance and thrusts his hips forward. His first try

gets about four or five inches inside me, then he backs it out and

rams it back into me again. After a few attempts he gets the entire

monster all the way in me and begins slowly fucking me.

I look down between my legs to watch his cock going in and out of me

for a while, then look up at him and say "So Andy, how do you like

having your big cock inside your Mommy? Is it all you expected?"

Andy is starting to breath hard, but replies "Oh God Mom, my cock

feels so good inside you, that I really can't describe it! Is there

any chance that you would change your mind and let me fuck you a few

times a week? I will do anything you want! Please Mom! Please!"

Between my moans, I reply to him "Well, let me think about it. For

now, just keep making me happy."

After a five or six minutes, Andy suddenly says "Mom, I am going to

ejaculate any second now! Should I pull out of you?"

I scream at him "No, the feeling of warm sperm shooting inside me

triggers my orgasms! Just let it gush inside me!"

Suddenly, Andy gives me one last big thrust and stops. I can feel his

cock jerking around inside me while it pumps sperm over and over again.

I immediately feel a tremendous orgasm shoot upwards from the base of

my spine, then it hits my brain and explodes! Everything goes black and

I see hundreds of twinkling little white starts dancing around. After a few

moments, I come back to reality and Andy is kissing me.

I kiss him back for a while, then reach over to my purse and get

another cigarette and light it. I take a few puffs on the cigarette,

then say to Andy "Did you like having your cock squirt sperm inside

your Mommy?"

Andy immediately says "Oh Mom, I have been wanting to fuck you my

whole life! You would not believe how many times I masturbated while

thinking of you walking around in your bikini! Now, I finally got to

shoot my load in your pussy instead of a paper towel!"

As I smoke my cigarette and we continue our conversation, I notice

Andy's is still hard and he is starting to slowly fuck me again.

I say to him "Andy, are going to fuck me again?"

He immediately replies "I sure am!"

Andy starts off slow, but is soon violently thrusting his cock into me

faster and faster making tits are flop wildly around on my chest! Oh my

God! Oh my God! Fucking Jesus Christ! Holy Christ!

Anyway, that is how my son Andy and I started our sexual relationship.

This morning Andy says that he wants to "skip" school, but I grab his

wrist, then pull him to the edge of the bed and make him stand up.

He puts his muscular arms around me and grabs my naked ass cheeks, but

I push him away from me and say "We don't have time this morning to be

fooling around! Now, follow me down the hall and let's take a shower!"

We have a fairly large shower with two separate show heads on opposite

walls, so I walk over to mine and adjust the water temperature while

Andy does the same with his. We quickly soap ourselves up and wash our

hair. Andy gets done first, then shuts his water off and begins squirting

shampoo on the tile wall.

In a few moments, I turn my water off and say "Andy, why are you

putting shampoo on the wall?"

Suddenly, Andy pushes me against the slippery wall and starts trying

to get his hard cock inside my pussy! I struggle with him, but he is

more powerful than I am, and within a few seconds his cock is buried

all the way inside me.

I yell at him "Andy, we don't have time this morning to fuck! Let go

of me! Let go of me this instant!"

He grabs hold of my wrists and forces them over my head while his

body pins me up against the slippery tile wall. Suddenly, he thrusts

his hips upwards and my feet leave the floor! He holds my wrists

securely against the wall as he keeps ramming his cock into me! My

feet dangle around in the air as Andy continues fucking the hell out

of me.

After a few minutes, he lets out a big groan, then releases his grip

from my wrists. Oh my God, the only thing holding me off the tile

floor is my son's big cock! Andy leans back a little bit, then thrusts

his hips upwards again! Oh my God, I just slid up the wall another

couple of inches!

Andy's big cock is inside my further that it has ever been, and I can

feel it pumping sperm inside me over and over again!

After a few moments, he bends his knees and lets me slide down the

wall until I can stand on the tile.

He pulls his cock out of me, then says "We better hurry up, or I will

be late for school!"


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