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I Popped My Sister's Cherry Part II

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About a week after popping my fifteen-year-old younger sister’s cherry, she, Michelle, and my older sister, Nicole, showed up in my room. Let me just explain that I am the middle child between two, admittedly, gorgeous sisters who could easily be Victoria’s Secret models. Nicole is one year older than I am at seventeen with beautiful firm C cup breasts, long slender legs that won’t quit and an ass to die for. Michelle is a smaller B cup but they are in perfect proportion to her petite body.

Today, they were both wearing halter-tops, which just barely fell over their lovely cleavage exposing tight flat stomachs that you could bounce a dime off of. Neither wore a bra, as was common, and the outline of their erect nipples was proudly seen. After salivating at the site of their titties, you could not help but to bring your gaze to their shorter than short shorts. They almost appeared to be painted on, being so tight. One could clearly see the outline of their pussy lips and indented hot slit. I bet if you looked closely enough, you could even see their clits! By now, every straight guy would have a full-blown boner and I certainly did now. One of them by themselves was enough to make you cream in your pants, but now there were two of them in front of me!

I truly believe they take some sort of perverse pleasure in making me hard at will by wearing these outfits. Nicole, pretending not to notice my zipper almost bursting casually said, “So, little brother, Michelle told me what happened last week.”

“Hmmm,” I quipped. “Did you happen to tell her what you gave me a couple of years ago for my fourteenth birthday?” ----------------------

---------------- Nicole, who lost her virginity before the age of thirteen, gave me one of the finest birthday gifts I have ever known. She was fifteen and fully developed with a couple of years experience, which was her gift to me. The night of my fourteenth birthday when everyone else was asleep, she came in wearing only a pink nightie and a red bow on one of her firm tits. “This is my gift to you,” as she pulled up her nightie slowly revealing her immaculately smooth slit. Then she turned around revealing a beautiful soft ass. She pulled it all the way off still with her back to me moving her ass from side to side in an erotic dance. Her long blonde hair just barely reached the crack of her perfect ass. She took her hair and brought it in front of her as she turned around. Her blonde locks now were teasingly blocking my view of her exceptional tits but her defined midriff and shaved slit were on complete display.

I don’t know which was throbbing more, my dick or my head! Talk about a surprise birthday! “You have to learn how to control yourself. Too many guys I know get off before a thirty-second TV commercial can finish. So we will just have to do some practicing. First, I want you to take a close look at my snatch, feel it and finger me.” My hands were shaking, not from fright, but excitement. I pawed over her baby smooth pussy. While I was rubbing, one of my fingers instinctively went into her hole and it was quite wet.

“Taste it”, she said, and I obediently did. She tasted and smelled so good! “Now, start rubbing my clit.” She guided my hand to her sex button and then she said, “Now lick it with your tongue.” She moaned with pleasure. “Not bad for a beginner,” she smiled. I started getting more adventurous as I started putting one finger up her pussy, then two, then three, licking her juices every once and a while.

“Ok, you passed the ‘Intro to Pussy’ lesson,” she whispered. “Now, I want your dick inside me. You probably will cum almost immediately, but don’t worry, we will practice this over and over again until you get it right.”

I had only been wearing pajama bottoms and they had a big spot soaked with pre-cum. I peeled them off quickly and stood in front of her totally aroused. “I usually would give you a blow job first, but I think you would cum in my mouth. That will wait for another day. For tonight’s lesson, I want you to cum in my cunt. She gently pushed me on the bed so I laid down flat. Then she climbed over me and knelt with her knees next to my waist putting her smooth snatch hovering only inches from my throbbing cock. Her soft hands gripped my dick and put it straight up, and then she gently lowered herself down onto my cock. I could not believe what was happening! My cock entered her hot wet cunt easily. I could feel her pussy muscles contract around my manhood. There she was, sitting straight up on my waist as she had probably done a hundred times when we were kids fully clothed. This was definitely different. We were both naked now and my cock was completely in her snatch! I reactively reached out to grab her inviting tits and squeezed them, rubbing her erect nipples in the process. It must have only been thirty seconds; she was right, I could not hold on and climaxed with my full load into her steaming twat.

I could tell that she felt my orgasm and bent over to kiss me on the lips. She climbed off me and my still erect cock popped out of her snatch. As my cock pulled out it took some cum with it and the spew was now dripping out of that nice smooth cunt. Nicole took two fingers proceeded to dig out my hot spew from her hot pussy and then licked them clean. “You wanna taste a combination of you and me?”

“Sure,” not knowing how my cream would taste. She poked deep inside her pink hole and got some of my remaining cum. I stuck my tongue out and she rubbed our sex juices on it. It actually didn’t taste that bad and we laughed about it.

“I said it was normal to last only a few seconds. What we must do in the coming months is to fuck so much that you are comfortable in having your dink inside a pussy or asshole.”

“Asshole?” I inquired.

“Definitely! That’s tomorrow’s lesson, so keep that in mind,” she giggled, her perky tits rippling slightly. She left without bothering to put her nightie on and I heard the shower a minute later. I could not sleep imagining Nicole lathering up her body, rubbing those firm tits and flat stomach. Then moving down to her hairless snatch, making sure it was clean and fresh and finishing off with her long lean legs. I was harder than the Rock of Gibraltar again and came with only a few strokes to my meat.

The next night, it was getting late and I thought Nicole would chicken out on ‘Lesson 2.’ I was almost asleep when I awoke to Nicole, this time not in a nightie, but some real hot lingerie. She had a bright red lace see-through bra on revealing her beautiful nipples with a matching bright red thong, which easily showed her clean slit. A matching garter belt hooked on to a pair of red thigh highs completed the heavenly vision. She also carried a small bag with something in it. Another present?

As she turned around to show me the whole outfit, the thong intensified her already goddess-like ass with a teasing little string right up her smooth crack. I had gone to bed naked that night so when I removed the sheets to get up, Nicole could plainly see that I liked her choice of garments.

I walked up to her and reached out to her young firm tits. The soft nylon bra felt good in my hands. I moved down to her nether region and rubbed the nylon patch covering her glorious hole. She was getting wet down there as I kept going down running my hands up and down her long sleek legs. The soft material only added to the beauty of her supple legs and firm thighs.

Then I slipped my hand between that little patch of nylon and her snatch searching for that wet hole with my fingers. “We are not going to work on my pussy tonight honey, remember?” She turned around and slapped her ass, “it’s all ass tonight.” She slipped off her garter belt and thong, leaving on her bra and thigh highs.

“I want you to start licking my asshole like you did to my cunt last night. Don’t worry, I cleaned my shitter quite thoroughly.” She climbed up onto the bed, knelt down, and bent over leaving her lovely ass sticking straight up in the air and her puckered asshole stood out like a bull’s-eye on a target. I went up to be close to her dirt hole expecting some bad odor but instead I smelled flowers. She wasn’t kidding; this hole was clean as a whistle!

“I cleaned it in and out after my shave.” She was a Picasso with a razor. Her ass, pussy and legs were all perfectly manicured with no hint of stubble or nicks. I started licking that hole and like my pussy lesson before, I started fingering it. Tighter than her cunt, but just as enjoyable. “Open that bag I brought and take out the K-Y jelly. I think you’ll find it easier fingering me than using just your saliva.” Sure enough, I still had a lot to learn.

“Lube up my asshole real well and put some on your dink when you’re ready to fuck me. Take your time, I’m in no rush.” Maybe she wasn’t but I was feeling my balls ready to burst if I didn’t cum soon. A few more minutes of finger play and I was ready to go. I dabbed some jelly on the head and shaft of my cock like instructed by my horny teacher. I rested my head on her wet lubed hole and pushed my cock in with my hand. Damn, she was tight and I almost came, but took a deep breath and sunk my cock all the way into her bowels. I pulled halfway out and lunged back in slowly. Then again. Her asshole muscles seemed to become more relaxed as I fucked her and the insertions became easier. I think a whopping forty-five seconds elapsed before I shot my entire load deep within her intestines. “Getting better,” she smiled, “beat your old time by fifteen seconds!”

I let my cock rest in her asshole, enjoying the warmth and tightness of her asshole around my rod. Finally, I pulled out and some of my spew came along with it. Nicole’s hole didn’t close up completely and she squeezed her bowels as if she was taking a shit and the rest of my load came dripping and bubbling out. “I’ve heard of some real kinky gals who would eat that but I think I’ll pass. You?”

“Yeah, I’ll pass too.” We both laughed.

Throughout the year, Nicole taught me a lot more about sex. She was and is the sex queen and goddess for me.------------------

-------------- “So, Michelle, now you know the story of how your sister actually “popped my cherry” so to speak. I am happy to pass my knowledge on to you. I still get some refresher courses from Nicole and now we don’t have to be so secretive.” We all were grinning.

But then my heavenly teacher took over.

“Ok, student! Show me what you’ve learned on Michelle,” as they started stripping ……

(what happens next …. ---- if you want more)


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