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I Popped My Sister's Cherry Part III

tiggertigger on Incest Stories

The parents of our cousins were off on vacation for two weeks and we got the ‘pleasure’ in housing them in our spare room for that time. There are two twelve year old twins, Jessica and Jennifer, and their fourteen year old brother Ian.

The twins came in and looked quite plain looking with loose clothing apparently hiding their non developing tits. My sisters immediately went to them and said, “Hey, gals, you two need a make-over.” I wondered what that meant but I found out soon enough.

Ian and I got along ok and started talking about the three things most important to boys: sex, sex and sex. Ian confessed he had a crush on my sisters. I wondered if I should tell him that by his age, I had already fucked one of them, but withheld. I asked him how far he has gone and was surprised that he had only done some heavy petting and only has received a hand job; no blow jobs yet. Maybe I could help him out, I thought, what are cousins for?

After talking for a while, the girls, all four of them came back from shopping. I don’t know who was more shocked, me or Ian. Ian’s sisters, plain as paper when they left, were transformed into two hot babes who radiated ‘fuck me’ from their bodies. Their soft light brown hair flowed over their gentle exposed shoulders as they strut in with some hot mini thong bikinis. They were better developed than I thought, maybe just A - cups right now but there was potential there. It was the make up job my luscious sisters did to them that made them so hot. The perfectly accented eyes, blush and lipstick were all immaculately applied to give any red blooded boy a hard on.

“Wow, you gals are hot!,” I exclaimed and they came over to me for a closer look. I was bare-chested and only wearing some shorts being 95 degrees out, but I think the temperature went even higher than that. Jessi playfully sat on my lap putting one of my legs between hers. “You like?” she smiled and started rubbing her snatch up and down my leg. What did my sisters tell these two I wondered? Jen was behind me and started massaging my shoulders. Within thirty seconds they got me just where they wanted me – hard! The little sluts were not going to get away with this, I would have to fuck them now.

“Well, little brother, what are you going to do with that big tool now?” Nicole teased. In the meantime, Michelle started making out with Ian and I could see from his bulge that he did not object. What was this turning out to be? A fuck fest?

“Ok,” I said, “if you gals are going to dress and look like sluts, you gotta play. Pull my shorts off and both of you lick my cock.” I laid down of the bed and they joined me, pulling off my shorts and their own bikinis. They were perfect twins in every way except one. Jennifer kept her snatch clean shaven while Jessica kept her wispy beginnings of a bush. Jen grabbed my hard cock and stood it straight up. The she and Jes started licking it like a lollipop and swirled their tongue around my big bulbous head. Then Jes took the plunge and put it in her mouth. She couldn’t go deep down but she gave an effort to put it down her throat. ‘Give her time,’ I thought. I reached out and put a hand each on their virginal pussies. They were wet with their hot cunt juices and I put a finger up each being careful in not going too far up; I wanted my cock to pop them, not an over eager fingering.

Now it was time to make these little girls into full fledged cock sucking whores. Ian and I earlier discussed that he should fuck one of his sisters while I was doing the other one and have sort of a stereo “cherry popping”. I looked over at him and it appeared that he had just finished fucking my lovely sister Michelle. “You have any juice left for Jessica?”, I asked.

“Give me a minute and I’ll be as hard as a baseball bat again.” Good kid.

Both girls got on their backs and spread their legs. The room was hot from all of our actions and the twins were glistening with sweat. A few beads ran down Jennifer’s thighs towards my intended target – a sweet little hairless slit. Both twins looked a little nervous but my sisters calmed them down and said that it was the best thing that would ever happen to them. Ian and I both climbed between their legs and took position. Good to his word, Ian was rock hard again and ready. I gave a thumbs up and we began.

I spread open Jen’s soft white cunt lips with my two fingers revealing her wet pink insides. I rubbed my head on her exposed clit and she started breathing heavier and her nipples were as erect as my cock. Then I moved my cock down and slid my throbbing head slowly in her soaked cunt. Her luscious little lips encompassed the tip of my cock and I could feel her tense up. My head was in and now I slowly started sliding in. Her pussy was tight but she was also flowing with pussy lube, making the journey easier. Then I could feel her barrier on the tip of my cock and she felt it too. She looked at me wide eyed and knew this was it. I pulled back a little and wanted a hard thrust to pop that little cherry. Just as I was about to bang forward, she started to yell “Nnnnnnnnn …..” but never finished as my quick, hard deep thrust broke through her virginal membrane with ease. She yelped in pain and tears welled in her beautiful blue eyes.

Apparently waiting for my queue, two seconds later Jessica screamed as Ian made his little sister into a full fledged slut. Both girls were balling their eyes out but that only made me pound Jen’s cunt deeper and harder. My sisters wiped their tears and again encouraged them through this glorious event. After several minutes of pussy pounding, Ian looked over apologetically and said, “sorry, I came in her.”

“That’s ok kid,” I said, you did the most important thing. It would have been easy for me to cum inside of Jen’s tight pink cunt too, but I had some other work to do. I pulled out my cock and it was covered in a combination of busted cherry blood and her sweet tasting cunt juices. Now to make her a dirty whore instead of a regular one, I had to fuck her up her tiny puckered asshole. Her sniffling were almost over when I turned her over and propped her cute smooth little white ass in the air. I licked my finger and rubbed her shit hole before I inserted it. Damn, I could barely put it in; how was I going to get my rod in? Nicole saw my dilemma and quickly retrieved the K-Y jelly from my desk. Now at least I could get two fingers in that hole. So I lubed her asshole and colon as best I could and plastered a lot of jelly on my head and shaft. Once I got my bulbous head in her shitter, it should be clear sailing for the rest of my rod; or so I thought. I grabbed my cock and forced it into the miniscule asshole. It was hard to grip due to all of the lube. But finally after a little work, my head vanished into her asshole on its way to explore her intestines.

I thought she cried too much when I popped her, but that was nothing compared to this. Her tears were flowing openly and she screamed, “Stop. Stop. Stop …..” Oblivious to her screams, my cock continued it’s journey into her shitter. I must admit a twelve-year-olds asshole’s opening with the size of a dime is not designed to handle a five in a half inch girth cock. Her four and a half foot frame really should not be subject to eight inches of cock in the colon either. Regardless of that, I kept shoving my cock into her dirt hole with pleasure.

With her screams echoing in my ears, I managed to fit my entire piece of meat totally inside her. All of her asshole muscles squeezed on my cock trying to push it out like they were designed to do. I withdrew a little then back in. After a while of the back-and-forth action, her asshole muscles finally loosened up a little. Her screams subsided but she was still crying uncontrollably. I had planned on shooting my load from my shit encrusted cock into her mouth and having her lick it clean, but in her state I felt generous. Instead, I fucked her for five more minutes up her ass, pulled out and moved my cock down to her cleaner pink hole. She hadn’t cleaned out her colon like Nicole does and my cock indeed was full of shit. I thrust my rod into her sweet pink slit and figured it would be a good way of cleaning it. After some hard pounding to that former virginal snatch, I shot a huge load deep into her blood soaked wetness. I rested a minute or two, liking the feeling of her hot petite form encompassing my still hard cock. I pulled out and looked down. Her asshole was still partially open and not fully contracted like normal and her pussy was dripping with my spew and blood. Her face was swollen by crying so much. Her lovely blue eyes were bloodshot and her once perfect makeup was totally smeared. She truly looked like a car wreck. But she was my slutty car wreck!

Ian did not butt fuck his sister, and instead, Michelle and Nicole used dildos to open up her tiny ass. Not to worry, though, I still need to have my way with her and other plans before her stay ends………….

(what other things does he have planned? ---- next if you want …)


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