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Innocence Lost - Ch2: Doing it without

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Please first read "Innocence Lost - Ch1: The Beginning"

The next morning, Gwen was a little nervous when Dad served up her usual plate of bacon and eggs but it turned out to be just another meal. The girls met at school but did not mention anything about what had happened. They instinctively knew that if over heard their lives would likely change for the worse. After all they had instigated the incestuous contact.

That evening Gwen called Pat for their usual chat. Pat announced "I have to do you one better so tonight I am going to sit on his lap without panties. Maybe I can make better contact." Gwen squealed "Who's the slut now?" Pat laughed "Listen I'll let you go but I'll call back later tonight. I sure wish it was your Dad I was doing this with as he's way sexier than mine." With that said she hung up.

Gwen thought about Pat's last statement and felt a strong twinge of jealousy, best friend or not, any underage physical contact with Daddy was going to be with her and not Pat. After finishing her home work Gwen went down and cuddled up beside Dad to watch TV. She thought he was disappointed when she did not sit on his lap. Oh well a sexy young temptress needs to stoke the fires of desire now and again.

She really liked the warmth and love she felt when tucked under Daddy's arm. While watching the TV show his hands absently rubbed up and down her arm coming to within a hair's width of her nipple. That made them hard and she found herself wishing he would take the next step. This was the first time that she questioned whether this little game could get out of control. When the show ended she kissed Daddy on the cheek and went to her room.

Gwen waited for Pat's call lightly diddling herself, stimming on a daydream of Dad's "could have been" touch. The low buzz from the cell brought her out of that erotic dream. She quickly asked "So did you do it?" Pat squealed "Yes and you can't believe how turned on you get when your bare pussy is rubbing against an erection." Pat went on to recite her experience and how Daddy must have know what she was doing as he gently rocked with her but said nothing. Gwen was reliving Pat's experience with her fingers playing the role of the erection Pat had aroused.

When they had both come, Pat breathlessly ended the conversation saying "Gwen you simply must do it without panties. When I got back to my room I came harder than ever before." After Pat hung up Gwen's head was swimming. Could she really rub herself on Daddy's hardon with no panties? She had time to think it over as it would be another three days until she could get "cuddle time" with Daddy.

The next three days did nothing to change Gwen's mind. On Monday she told Pat that it was her turn to take the no panties challenge. Supper seemed to drag on forever while waiting for Mom to go to work. As soon as she left Gwen was in her room changing into a tight night shirt no bra and of course no panties.

She heard the shower and knew Dad would be in his robe and boxers. As the anticipation built she rubbing her thighs together trying to tame the tingles. Gwen thought of her Dad naked and soaped up in the shower with water dripping off the head of his cock. The young girl was all but vibrating as cuddle time approached.

As soon as she heard the shower turn off and Dad close his bedroom door she headed for the TV room. Eventually Daddy joined her sitting in his usual spot. He smiled at Gwen and gestured for her to snuggle beside him. Instead Gwen sat on his lap. As she sat down she flipped up the back of her nightie so it was clear of her bottom.

Gwen looked up and said "I am feeling a little sad so I need a special cuddle tonight Daddy." A smirk crossed his face as he replied "Anything my angel wants." He wrapped his arms around her and started slowly rubbing circles on her stomach. She could not help herself as she quietly moaned into his robe.

Daddy kissed her hair and whispered how much he loved her. Gwen for her part started slowly moving her hips. Eventually her motion made Daddy's robe open and she felt a change in texture from coarse robe to softer cotton boxers. Gwen slightly shuddered but enough that Daddy felt her reaction. He rewarded her with a growing shaft easily felt by her naked undercarriage.

Gwen descended into an surreal erotic dream state. Here she was with no panties stimulating herself on Daddy's manhood feeling sexier then any daughter should. As the excitement built Gwen forgot everything but the sensation of her pussy rubbing Daddy's stiff cock.

To get better pussy to shaft contact she repositioned herself. Gwen's manoeuvre inadvertently pulled Daddy's boxers towards his crotch exposing his cock. Gwen's pussy instantly recognized the direct skin on skin contact with Daddy's thick shaft. She instinctively put a leg on either side of his. Gwen moaned then picked up the pace abandoning all pretence of innocent intent.

Daddy placed his hands to her waist providing a pivot point for Gwen's grind. He lightly kiss her neck and encouraged his special girl. With Daddy's approval, the erotic sensation of her sex on his and the realization she was no longer needed to play the innocent game, Gwen rubbed herself to a loud climax sliding her pussy up and down Daddy's bare shaft until she was spent.

Daddy still hard as rock, pulled her close and told her she was the sexiest women her had seen and thanked her for sharing this moment with him. In her climatic glow she snuggled into his chest and exclaimed "Daddy I love you so much. I'll never forget what you've done for me."

They snuggled for a while until her Father detected she was getting sleepy. He said "Honey off to bed with you, remember tomorrow is a school day." As Gwen got off her Daddy's lap she looked down and saw the still hard shaft had escaped his boxers and was pointed straight up. All of one side glistened with her girly juices. She looked into her Dad's eyes meeting his smile with one of her own and gave her hot Daddy a good night kiss before retreating to her room.

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