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Is it Really Incest?

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My story is tame compared to the usual tales of incest But perhaps one or two of you may find it interesting.

From the time my parents taught me that the human body was to be hidden from all males but a few select people I've had an urge to expose myself to men. Then when I got married I found out that I got just as turned on seeing men naked, which suited my husband just fine since he had the same urges. In fact, I'm not sure which made us hornier, seeing or being seen. As you can imagine, we spent a lot of time at home without clothes.

My husband's death left me with a thirteen year old son and totally frustrated, not only because I was denied screwing but I had no one to ogle or to ogle me. The best I could do was get in some of those chat rooms on my computer, which helped a little but not enough to suit me.

One night about a year and a half after Frank died I was getting ready to take a shower when I thought I heard something at the door. I stood still and listened but didn't hear it again so I continued to get ready.

You must understand, getting ready meant more than just taking off my clothes. I stripped and checked out my boobs, then took a pee. I checked my boobs again, and my butt, ran my fingers through my muff and watched myself jill in the mirror. Did I mention I had a full length mirror on the wall opposite the door? Anyway, that nigt I fingered myself to a fairly satisfying cum, showered, and spent some more time dong my hair before I put my robe on and went to my room. When I opened the bathroom door I noticed a spot on the rug, looked closer, and immediately knew it was jizm. Damn, Mike had been peeking through a small crack in the door and jacking off. The little bastard! He didn't have sense enough to cum into a Kleenex! Then I wondered if he got turned on by watching me or by spying on me. One way to find out.

I got a box of Kleenex and went to Mike's room.

“Here, use these instead of shooting on the floor. And if you want to watch me jack off all you gotta do is ask, I hate a Peeping Tom.”

He just laid there, mouth wide open, too shocked by what I said to react. Then it sunk in. “How'd you ...

What ….? You mean you know and ain't mad?”

“Yes, I'm mad! You been sneakin' around watchin' me and not giving me the same chance. How about letting me see that pecker you been jerkin'?”

“Uh, yeah, okay.”

He tossed the sheet back to expose his shriveled peter. I let my robe fall open, his dick grew and stiffened and I felt my pussy juice begin to flow. I let my robe drop to the floor and his eyes got big as saucers.

“Why don't we watch one another jack off?”

“Holy shit! You mean it? Yeah, let's!!”

He sat up in bed, I sat facing him and began fingering my pussy as he stroked his cock. I never knew masturbation could be so exciting! I felt my cum building up and slowed my fingering, not wanting to end so quick. When Mike began gasping and pumping his prick faster I went ahead, tickling my clit till I exploded in the most intense cum I'd had in years. At the last minute Mike grabbed a Kleenex and covered the head of his dong to catch the thick spurts.

I could end my tale here, because for the next seven years me and Mike never went beyond jacking off together, usually on Friday or Saturday night. But Mike met a girl in college, they dated, got engaged, and eventually got married. They visited me fairly often after the honeymoon and I couldn't help noticing Marla looking at me strangely when she thought I didn't see. Finally, one night when they had dinner with me, Marla helped me clean the table and put the dishes in the washer.

“Is something bothering you, Marla? You seem to look at me strangely once in a while.”

She turned beet red, stammered, and burst out, “I've wanted to ask you something but I've been scared to. But her goes. A girl I work with keeps talking about going to a nudist camp. I wondered if you thought Mike might get mad if I suggested it to him.”

“You don't mind the idea of him looking at all those naked women?”

She blushed even redder than before. “Well, I hope you don't think I'm evil, but I love the way he looks at me when I'm undressed.”

“Hmm.” An idea took shape in my horny mind. “Why not have him try it out here first, to see how he reacts. And how you react, being naked with someone else around.”

“I wouldn't mind, it sounds better than being with a bunch of strangers. But how do I ask him?”

“”Let's see. How about if I invite you to spend the night? We'll play some cards, and I have a feeling he'll dare us to play strip poker.”

As luck would have it, Marla had to pee, and I took the opportunity to clue Mike in. When she came back Mike said something about leaving, I asked them to spend the night, and from there on everything went according to plan. With a little cheating, the poker game ended with Mike and Marla naked and me in my panties. Back in the living room it wasn't long before Mike started fooling around with Marla, she wanted him to behave but when she saw me smile and wink at her she let him go ahead, and gripped his dick.

“I got a feeling something's going on here that I'm not in on.” Her smile and tone of voice said whatever was going on she wanted to be part of it.

“Marla, Dear, I want you to feel perfectly at home whenever you're here, so if you and Mike feel like fucking I won't mind a bit.” I got out of my panties and played with my pussy. I can amuse myself while you're busy.”

“Oh, wow! Mike, is she kidding?”

“I don't know, let's find out.”

She laid back on the couch and pulled Mike on top of her, and the whole time he banged her she watched me jack off. Watching them fuck and them watching me finger myself brought on an even more intense cum than the first time with Mike. And now I really look forward to their weekend visits.


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