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Jim's teenage daughter part 4

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It had been days, three to be exact, but who’s counting, that Jim had had sex with his lovely daughter Jennifer and his equally beautiful niece Sara.  He felt his balls were about to explode and it didn’t help matters much that the two fourteen-year-olds ran around the house half naked with their ultra-tight shorts and flimsy half-length tee shirts which proudly revealed their very flat young stomachs.  The problem was his wife Heather.  She was always around and he could not get to see the girls by himself.


His daughter had her long blonde hair down today and sat down next to him on the couch.  She was braless today and her nipples were clearly outlined by her thin white shirt.  She crossed her long smooth legs and stared at her bare feet.  It looked to Jim as if she had just painted her toenails a baby blue which matched her gorgeous eyes.


“Why the sad look Daddy?,” she said.


“I haven’t been with either of you girls for an eternity,” Jim grumbled.  “We have to figure out a way to get some private time together, away from your mother.”


“How about we go up to your friend Dave’s cabin in the woods for a couple of days?  Mom hates camping out, she won’t want to go,” Jennifer offered.


“You know honey, I think that might work.  You think Sara would want to come along too?”


“Of course, where I go, she will.”


As Jennifer predicted, her mother wanted nothing to do with camping in the woods in a cabin with no Jacuzzi or Wi-Fi in it.  Jim called his buddy Dave and it was ok with him to use the cabin for a couple of days.  So they packed up and headed off to the mountains. 


It only took a couple of hours of hiking to reach their destination.  The girls were wet with perspiration and their tee shirts clung to their nubile bodies.  Jim was hot too, but not just from the trek.  They opened the door of the cabin.  There wasn’t much inside; a black wood stove, a table and chairs, two beds and a sink with a hand pump next to it to get well water.


“Home sweet home,” Jim said jokingly.  They all put their backpacks down and Jim said, “there’s a small pond nearby if you girls want to cool down.  Let’s go find it.”


It was only a few hundred yards away and they found it easily.  The girls looked around, saw only squirrel’s and birds in the area and figured it was a good time to go skinny dipping.  They quickly shed their shirts, shorts and shoes and slowly waded in.  Jim watched the two naked teenagers as they tested the water’s temperature.  It must have been cold because they didn’t just jump right in.  Instead, they bent over and splashed each other, giggling all the while.  They both got their hairless bodies drenched and Jim could indeed see that the water was cold for their nipples were rock hard on their developing pubescent breasts.  They finally gave in and began swimming and Jim decided to join them.  He had become half hard while watching his blonde lovely daughter and her brunette cousin splashing away and knew that once he hit the water, he was going to go soft.  No problem, he thought, there was plenty of time left for fun later on.


Finally alone with the girls, he thought to himself.  Now let’s play.  He swam over to them and they surrounded him.  He started kissing and rubbing his daughter’s tits while Sara grabbed his cock and started stroking it.  Even with the cold water, being fondled and kissing two beautiful fourteen-year-olds will get you hard, Jim found out.  Soon, he was fully hard with his daughter pressing her small titties into him.  Sara was stroking him underwater and occasionally played with his balls.  He grabbed Jennifer by her ass, lifted her up and her legs and arms instinctively wrapped around him.  She was so light, and in the water even more so.  He held her up with one hand and with the other he went down to her smooth white slit and opened up her delicate pussy lips then eased her down onto his erection.  With the water and her own flowing pussy juices, he easily glided into her tight vagina.  Her tight warm cunt warm cunt felt so good squeezing his hard cock.


It had been too long since he ravished his daughter and he started lifting her up and down on his hardness, pounding inside her harder and harder.  Her warm insides finally got the better of him and he exploded his full load deep inside his daughter’s cervix.  For the final ten thrusts, he spurted and spurted the last drop of his cum, feeling Jennifer shuttering and was climaxing with him.  He let Jennifer down and his cock fell out of her.  The sun was going down, it was getting cooler and they all went back to the cabin to warm up.


Sara looked a little disappointed that she didn’t get anything but Jim went over and kissed her deeply and whispered “I have a surprise for you,” to her.


He quickly started a small fire in the wood stove and lit some oil lanterns for light.  Once they got warmed up, Jim said, “Sara, it’s now time for you to learn about being a real dirty slut like my daughter.  You wanna be a dirty slut, don’t you?”


“Yes, Uncle Jim, I think I am a slut.  I think about cock all the time.  But what’s a ‘dirty’ slut mean?”


“I’ll teach you,” Jim said.  “Start licking my cock until you get me hard then lick Jennifer’s asshole to get it nice and wet.  Finger her ass too.  Get her hole nice and loose and wet.”


Sara obediently did as she was told.  When he got hard and felt Jennifer’s ass was ready, he fingered her dirt hole a couple of more times, got his daughter to point her young smooth hairless ass in the air and grabbed his cock.  He couldn’t resist and took a long lick on her sweet puckered anus.  Then he pressed his cock to her shitter and forced it into her tight intestines.  Jennifer had been ass fucked before, it hurt then and it still hurt now but she bit her lip and went with the pain.  She wanted to make her daddy happy, and this was one of the best ways.  It took a full minute, but he penetrated his daughter’s ass fully up to the hilt of his cock.  Then he slowly started thrusting his cock inside his petite daughter’s warm colon.  After several minutes of fudge packing Jennifer, he motioned Sara to come over near her cousin’s ass.  “Open your mouth sweetie,” he said as he pulled his cock out of Jennifer.  “Now taste her,” as he grabbed his cock and put it in Sara’s mouth.  She wrapped her tiny mouth around his dick, her tongue tasting Jennifer’s fecal matter.  She expected to be revolted about licking shit off a cock, but it was actually sexually arousing to her.  Sara cleaned his cock as best she could with her tongue and then put her tongue down Jennifer’s still gaping ass hole. 


“You’re such a fuckin’ whore Sara.  Now I gotta fuck your ass you know.”


“Yes, Uncle Jim, I want it bad!” she exclaimed and did as Jennifer had done and stuck her teenage pretty flawless ass in the air.  Now it was Jennifer’s turn to get Sara ready.  She licked and fingered her young cousin’s dirt hole until it was ready to be violated.  Jim spread his niece’s ass cheeks and licked her lovely tasty hole.  Now it was time to turn Sara’s virgin ass into a true slut’s ass.  He took his dick and forcibly thrust it into her.  Sara’s anus muscle strained open and she cried out in pain as his cock head went into her dark colon.  Jennifer comforted her as best she could, but Jim knew she was hurting.  This didn’t slow him down however.  He kept on his mission and got his full shaft into her shit canal. 


“Just try and relax your asshole muscles honey,” Jim said soothingly.  She tried but it still felt like there was a red hot burning poker up her ass.  After a while, the pain was almost bearable as Jim was thrusting in and out of her.  He finally pulled out of her and turned her around to face him.  “Taste yourself, Sara, you dirty slut.”  She took hold of Jim’s cock and put it in her mouth.  She tasted different than her cousin, but that was to be expected.  She still got a thrill from tasting her insides though.  Jennifer came over and helped clean up her father’s dick from any remaining feces. 


“You’re a good whore, Sara.  I fucked Jen earlier and it looks like I owe you one.  Spread your legs sweetie.”  She opened up her long soft legs wide.  Her bald slit was willingly ready to be ravished and Jim happily obliged.  First though, he wet a finger, spread her outer pussy lips and inserted it deep inside her pinkness.  The he found her hard clit with his tongue and licked it until she started to get orgasms.  After getting her off, it was his turn.  He quickly inserted his rock hard cock deep inside her tight wet pussy.  Her hot vaginal muscles gripped his cock like a vice but she was so lubricated with her young juices that he was able to rapidly pound her for several minutes.  He felt her convulse as she got orgasm after orgasm.  He came inside Jennifer earlier, so he felt he had to do the same with Sara.  His second load of the day into his fourteen-year-old niece was just as satisfying as cumming inside his daughter.  Spurt after spurt of hot cum shot deep inside Sara.  He pulled out and with it a stream of white jism.  Jennifer happily licked her cousin’s pussy clean of the cum then kissed her to share the prize.


They decided to call it a night, pulled the two beds together and all three of them slept together naked; Jim in the middle with a lovely teen nymph on either side.


The morning came soon enough with a rapping on the door and then it opening.  There, in the doorway was his buddy Dave, the owner of the cabin.  “I just came by to see if you needed anything but I see you have everything you need ….” He said gasping, wide-eyed and mouth open.  What other reaction would he have, Jim thought.  Jim had a morning erection and there were two very underage and very naked girls sleeping with him ….







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