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Kory's Fun Time Part 3

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Kory’s Fun Time – Chapter 3

It had been two weeks since Kory, Brian and David fucked for the first time, sadly Kory and Brian hadn’t been able to be alone more than thirty minutes at a time since. That was enough time for a quickie but nothing else. Brian had tried sneaking into Kory’s room a couple of times but they had almost been caught. Now it seemed like they would have the perfect chance to enjoy each other for a whole afternoon, a water line had busted at the school causing school to be let out at noon. Their dad was out of town on business, he’d been gone a week and wouldn’t be back for another week, and their mom was at work and wouldn’t be home till 4:30.

Kory and Brian didn’t waste anytime, they went straight to her room and kissed each other passionately as they undressed each other. Brian kissed down Kory’s neck stopping at her small tits sucking first one then the other of her tiny nipples into his mouth. She moaned as his tongue danced over them and his teeth gently nipped them. He kissed lower stopping at her navel as his hands unzipped her skirt letting it fall to the floor. He leaned back taking in her beauty, her cute face was framed by her pale blonde hair and her skin was so smooth, her tan from the summer was fading but the contrast of her small pale breasts against her darker skin was still noticeable. Moving lower her flat stomach moved in and out as she breathed and her pink bikini panties, her mom wouldn’t let her wear thongs, covered the sweetest prize of all, her blonde haired pussy. He held his breath as he slid the panties down her long legs and even though he had seen her pussy almost everyday since that first night he was still awe struck every time he saw it.

“Wow Kory, you’re so beautiful.” He said as he hugged her feeling her soft pubic hair rubbing against his cheek. He turned his head and let his tongue slide along her slit and over her clit making her shiver and moan. She spread her legs giving him better access to her slit as her fingers ran through his dark hair pulling him tighter to her crotch. As his tongue dug deeper into her wet channel and his hands squeezed her ass, her legs were getting weak and she started to fall, luckily her bed was behind her. When she hit the bed her legs fell open completely and Brian buried his face even deeper into his sister’s pussy, his hands which had been on her ass now spread her pussy wider for his burrowing tongue.

“Oh Brian, I love when you eat me.” She moaned has she locked her legs behind his head. “Oh yea lick it baby, lick my clit.”

Brian’s tongue worked her clit then slid back into her wet slit before sliding down her ass and circling her tiny puckered hole, since that first night when David had licked her ass she loved it and she had even begun fingering her ass when she masturbated wondering how a cock would feel sliding in and out of it. Brian slid a finger into her wet pussy making her moan as he moved it in and out. He moved his finger down to her ass taking a quick taste of her juices covering it before sliding it slowly up her puckered hole.

“Oh yea Brian, that feels so good, slide your finger up my ass. Mmmmmmmm lick my clit while you finger my ass. Gawd I love you so much.” She moaned as she pulled his face tight against her pussy. Her smooth thighs were rubbing against his face as his tongue worked on her clit then slid deep inside her as her sweet nectar filled his mouth. “OH DON’T STOP BRIAN, MAKE ME CUM!! LICK MY PUSSY!!! FINGER MY ASS!!! FUCK I LOVE IT ALL!!!

Across town Michelle and Brenda Johnson had just finished lunch and had decided to have some afternoon fun and they were in Michelle’s car on their way to her house. Even though the school had sent out text messages telling the parents school had been let out early Michelle hadn’t received it, damned cell phones. Luckily things were slow at work so Michelle had no problems taking the afternoon off. She was horny as hell with Randy gone and when Brenda had started rubbing her pussy under the table and suggested they go back to Michelle’s she jumped at the offer. Randy didn’t mind her playing around with Brenda when he was gone as long as Michelle told him all about it. As Michelle drove Brenda had her pants down and was slowly sliding 2 fingers in and out of herself as she said. “Mmmmmm Michelle sweetie, I can hardly wait to feel your tongue licking me, you have such a talented tongue. You’re ready to make me cum aren’t you sweetie? Here have a little taste of what’s waiting for you.”

Michelle moaned as she licked Brenda’s finger clean, she loved the fact Brenda was dominant and sometimes it seemed she was powerless and unable to refuse her anything. “Oh Brenda, I want to eat your pussy and make you cum, you know I can’t refuse you.”

Michelle had trouble keeping the car on the road as she watched Brenda finger her wet well trimmed pussy. Brenda was quite a looker for a forty – five year old woman, she had dirty blonde shoulder length hair, bright green eyes and a body that would make most twenty year olds jealous. She was a tall woman, almost six feet, she had long legs that went all the way up to a gorgeous ass, her waist was thin and she had a beautiful set of firm B cup breasts that had just the right amount of sag and they were capped by large ever erect nipples. As Brenda brought her wet fingers back to Michelle’s lips Michelle’s left hand was under her own skirt and franticly rubbing the wet crotch of her panties.

When they pulled in the drive Michelle couldn’t control herself and she leaned over burying her face in Brenda’s crotch, the sweet smell of Brenda’s sex filled her nose and made her even more ravenous as she licked and sucked her swollen clit. Brenda’s hands were holding Michelle’s face against her crotch, her fingers tangled in her hair, as she lifted her ass off the seat and ground her pussy into her face. “That’s it Michelle, eat my pussy work your tongue on my clit.”

Michelle sat up smiled at Brenda and said as she wiped the pussy juice from her face. “Let’s go inside so I can get at you better, there’s just not enough room here. Besides my neighbors would have a cow if they saw me eating your sweet pussy.”

“Ok sweetie, but we don’t want to forget this.” Brenda said as she reached into the backseat grabbing a black bag filled with her favorite toys.

When they walked in the door their lips locked and their hands were clawing at the other’s clothes. Michelle moaned as Brenda’s fingers slipped into her pussy then slick with her fluid rubbed her throbbing clit, her legs were shaking and it was hard to stand as her friend’s expert hand manipulated her pussy. At forty – one Michelle’s body wasn’t as firm as it used to be, her A cup breasts lay flat against her chest her nipples large and dark from breast feeding her two kids, her stomach while not as tight as it used to be was still sexy and led down to a dark very thick bush that completely covered and hid her waiting slit. Brenda’s lips kissed Michelle’s hard nipples as she worked three fingers up her sopping cunt, she could feel Michelle’s pussy muscles gripping her fingers as they slid in and out and from the way her hips were rocking and the way she was moaning Brenda could tell she was close to a major orgasm. But she didn’t want her friend cumming yet so she pulled her fingers from her pussy and brought them to her lips where she licked them clean while she smiled at her extremely horny friend.

“Damn I was so close, why did you stop? I need to cum so bad.” Michelle moaned almost crying as she squeezed her legs together.

“I know sweetie and you will cum soon enough.” Brenda said as she led Michelle down the hall.

As they walked down the hall they could hear moaning coming from Kory’s room. Michelle who had been on the edge of an orgasm now was mad at the thought of Kory skipping school and bringing some boy home and fucking him, she wanted to storm into the room and kill them both but Brenda held her back and whispered. “Wait, let’s see what they’re doing, maybe she’s got some young stud with a big cock stretching her little pussy. You know she’s old enough and I know it turns you on to watch teenagers fuck, remember the videos we watched?”

“But this is my daughter.” Michelle answered

“Let’s just watch for a minute, besides you’d look pretty silly busting in there naked and how would you explain me being here and naked too.” Brenda smiled as she ran her finger along Michelle’s slit sending a shiver down her spine.

Brenda knew she had her as Michelle leaned back against her spreading her legs slightly for her friend’s hand. “God what am I doing? I’m about to watch my baby getting fucked while you play with my pussy, I must be sick but God I love it.”

They quietly moved to the door which was wide open since Kory and Brian hadn’t expected company. Michelle’s breath caught in her throat when she saw Kory sliding her pussy up and down Brian’s cock, her pussy spasmed around Brenda’s finger and a small orgasm shook her body. She practically collapsed in Brenda’s arms as she watched her daughter and son fucking passionately and when Brenda whispered in her ear it felt like her brain exploded. “Wow, look at Kory riding Brian’s cock, she’s fucking her brother isn’t that fucking hot? And oh my god look at the size of his cock it’s huge for a boy of his age.”

Inside the room Kory was riding Brian for all she was worth her ass was moving fast as she slammed her pussy down driving all of his hard cock deep inside her. Brian’s hands were on her ass guiding her and his mouth was glued to her right boob sucking and licking the nipple as she bounced. “Oh Brian, your dick feels so good, I love having your dick in my pussy.”

Pussy juice was running down Michelle’s thighs as Brenda slid three fingers in and out bringing her close to an orgasm as she watched Kory’s ass moving faster slamming her pussy down on Brian’s cock. “You like watching them fuck don’t you?” Brenda whispered as her other hand squeezed Michelle’s tit. “You like seeing your son’s cock filling his sister’s pussy?”

“Oh yes I do, I love seeing my kids fuck.” Michelle moaned.

“You want to join them? You want to suck his cock and lick her pussy just like I lick my daughters Shelly and Kimmie?” Brenda moaned letting her friend in on the secret that she and Jerry had been fucking their daughters since they were young girls. “That’s right Jerry and I fuck our girls all the time. In fact they’ve been wanting to join our group but we didn’t know how everyone would react.”

Michelle couldn’t believe her ears and her pussy spasmed as she thought about Brenda and Jerry fucking their fifteen and sixteen year old daughters. Just as she was about to say something they heard Brian groaning. “Oh shit Kory, you’re making me cum!! HERE IT CUMS!!! FUCK YES!!!”

Kory ground her crotch against his as she felt his cock swell then his hot cum coated her pussy sending her over the edge too, she through her head back arching her back and squealed. “OH BRIAN SHOOT IT!!! FILL ME UP WITH YOUR CUM!!! OH FUCK ME I’M CUMMING TOO!!!”

Michelle lost her balance and stumbled into the room banging the door against the wall scaring the hell out of Kory and Brian, Kory tried to move but Brian was holding her hips as his cock finished pumping its load into her and she was still riding the wave of her own orgasm. Michelle could see the base of Brian’s cock flexing and his cum oozing from his sister and running down his cock, she couldn’t stop herself as she fell to her knees and began licking it up. Brenda smiled and slid three fingers up her own neglected pussy getting herself off as she stared at the wild incestuous site before her.

Michelle’s tongue licked Brian’s cock and Kory’s slit as she gathered all the cum she could. She could feel Brian’s cock pulsing as it pumped more cum into Kory’s overflowing pussy and she could feel Kory’s body shaking as she enjoyed her huge orgasm. As Brian’s orgasm subsided Kory rolled off him lying on her back with her legs spread wide panting trying to catch her breath. Michelle was torn between cleaning the cum from Brian’s softening cock or burying her tongue in Kory’s well fucked cunt, when she saw the cum begin to run down Kory’s slit she groaned and buried her face in her daughter’s pussy licking and sucking up her son’s cum. Kory’s fingers were tangled in her mother’s hair as she pulled her face tighter against her crotch. The sight of her mother’s face buried in her crotch was such a turn on she was close to cumming again. As she lifted her hips grinding her pussy against Michelle’s mouth she moaned. “Oh Mama, that feel so good! Lick my pussy, suck Brian’s cum from me! It tastes good doesn’t it?”

Michelle moaned and nodded as she looked up into her daughter’s eyes, she knew it was wrong but she loved licking Kory’s pussy and eating Brian’s cum. Her tongue circled Kory’s swollen clit, causing her hips to jerk, and then slid deep into her vagina scooping up another glob of Brian’s huge load.

Brenda, not wanting to be left out and not wanting to miss the chance to suck a fourteen year old’s cock, dropped the bag of toys to the floor then crawled between Brian’s legs and swallowed his softened cock, she moaned as she tasted the mixture of brother and sister cum. As her tongue circled the head she slid her hand up it bringing another drop of his cum to the head which she quickly devoured. Between watching his mom eat his sister and Brenda’s expert oral manipulations Brian’s cock was rapidly swelling and was soon rock hard and throbbing. His hand was on Brenda’s head holding her as his hips fed her his young cock. Since early last summer when he had seen Brenda at a pool party he had jerked off thinking about her and now here she was sucking him and man could she suck a cock. She was taking all he had and when her nose was buried in his pubic hair her tongue would lick his balls, David and Kory were both good cock suckers but Brenda was amazing. He could feel the cum churning in his balls and he was fucking her face faster then just when he felt he was going to explode she squeezed the base of his cock and held it stopping him from cumming.

Kory pulled Michelle’s face up to her own and kissed her passionately then looked into her eyes and said. “I want to eat you too Mama. I’ve never done it and I want you to be my first.”

“Oh baby, I shouldn’t be doing this but I’m just so horny and you’re so sexy I can’t help myself.” Michelle moaned as she swung her leg over Kory’s head and lowered her hairy pussy onto her daughter’s waiting mouth. “Oh yes baby, lick mama’s pussy! Oh my god that feels so good.” She moaned as Kory’s tongue slid along her slit and over her clit.

Brian and Brenda watched as Michelle pressed her pussy down onto Kory’s face then leaned forward burying her own face back in her daughter’s pussy. That was the hottest site Brian had seen, even hotter than when David had fucked Linda, and his cock throbbed even more in Brenda’s mouth as he watched his mom and sister 69. Brenda’s free hand was busy in her own crotch sliding three fingers in and out of her sloppy pussy as she sucked Brian’s cock. She felt his cock swelling again and as bad as she wanted to swallow his hot load she wanted to see him fucking Michelle more so she pulled her mouth off him and smiled as she watched his cock jerk uncontrollably. When he calmed down she led him by his dick behind Michelle and rubbed it along her slit, kissed his ear and said. “Now fuck your mother’s hairy cunt while your sister licks it. Shove that big dick in her and make her cum all over your dick. She wants her son’s fat cock in her pussy. You want your son’s big cock in your pussy don’t you Michelle?”

Michelle moaned and nodded as she heard her friend telling her son to fuck her and when he slid his cock into her wet cunt fireworks exploded in her brain and she groaned into Kory’s pussy as a monstrous orgasm swept through her body. Kory was amazed by the amount of pungent fluid that was gushing from her mom’s pussy filling her mouth and running down her cheeks as she and Brian made their mom cum for the first, but certainly not the last time.

Brian’s eyes were closed and he held Michelle’s hips as he slid his cock in and out of her wet pussy, Kory’s tongue licking the shaft as it slid by. He moaned as her pussy gripped and released his cock, he couldn’t believe he was actually fucking his mom, he and David had talked about how hot their moms are but he never dreamed he’d actually feel her pussy wrapped around his cock.

Brenda had moved between Kory’s legs and she kissed Michelle, their tongues wrestled back and forth passionately. She looked Michelle in the eyes, loving the look of absolute pleasure and lust on her face, and said. “You like your son’s cock in your hot wet cunt, don’t you? You like him fucking you?”

Michelle nodded her head and moaned. “Oh my god yes I love him fucking me! I love his hard cock in my cunt! I love fucking my son!”

Brenda kissed Michelle again before saying. “Then tell him about it, tell him to fuck you, tell him to fuck his mother!” Then she buried her face in Kory’s crotch moaning as she savored the flavor of her sweet young cunt.

“Oh Brian, your cock feels so good in me, fuck me baby, fuck your mama with your big cock!” Michelle moaned as Brian fucked her harder.

“Yea Brian fuck her, fuck our mom, make her cum with your big cock, like you do me!” Kory said as she watched her brother’s cock sliding in and out of her mom’s pussy.

Kory moaned as she felt something hard sliding into her pussy, since her mom was straddling her face she couldn’t see Brenda between her legs sliding a vibrator into her waiting pussy and when Brenda switched it on it was like nothing she had ever felt before. Kory moaned into Michelle’s pussy as the plastic cock buzzed inside her and when Brenda pulled it out and ran it over her clit she squealed and fluid gushed from her pussy as she experienced another huge orgasm. Brenda’s mouth was glued to Kory’s slit trying to catch all of the fluids rushing from her pussy.

Above them Brian was gripping Michelle’s hips tighter as he hammered her with his cock, he could feel his balls tightening as his cum started it’s journey up his cock. His legs were shaking and his mom was moaning as he yelled. “MAMA, I’M GONNA CUM!! I’M GONNA CUM IN YOUR PUSSY!!”

Michelle felt his cock swell and jerk then she screamed as jet after jet of her son’s hot cum filled her pussy and her own orgasm erupted. “OH YES BABY, CUM IN ME!! FILL MY CUNT WITH YOUR HOT CUM!!! LET MAMA FEEL HER BABY’S CUM!!! OH FUCK ME, I’M CUMMING ON MY SON’S COCK!!! FUCK I LOVE IT!!!”

Kory watched as Brian’s cock flexed each time he pumped more cum into Michelle. When it started to ooze out around his cock she quickly licked it up and when Brian’s softening cock slipped from Michelle’s pussy Kory quickly sucked it clean. Brian looked down and saw his cum dripping from his mother’s cunt onto his sister’s chin and he groaned as he pulled his cock from Kory’s mouth so he cold lick his cum from her chin and help her clean Michelle’s pussy. Brenda saw the kids sharing the cum and she kissed Michelle and said. “The love of cum must run in your family, Brian’s sucking his cum from you just like Randy does.” Michelle shivered as her kids cleaned all the cum from her pussy, then she rolled onto the bed beside Kory exhausted, for the moment.

Brenda was the only one who hadn’t gotten off and she was hornier than the proverbial three peckered billy goat, she slid the vibrator she had used on Kory into her own slit and moaned as she fucked herself on the floor. She noticed Brian staring at her as he slowly stroked his hard cock so she motioned him over. She slid her mouth down his shaft, getting a quick taste of his young cock, before putting him on his back and straddling his hips in a reverse cowgirl. She held his shaft in her hand sliding it back and forth in her slit, the head getting slicker and slicker from the juices flowing freely from her pussy. She moaned and her body shivered as she lowered herself onto his hard young cock, not stopping till it was completely inside her and her clit was pressed against his balls. She loved young cock, the way they can get it up again and again, Brian had just cum twice and he was hard as steel as she slid her pussy up and down his shaft.

Michelle and Kory kissed each other, their fingers sliding through the other’s slit while they watched Brenda riding Brian’s cock. Brenda slid the vibrator over her clit as she rode Brian’s hard cock, not only was she enjoying the sensation but Brian could feel the vibrations in his cock. Brian moaned as the vibration went through his dick and down to his balls. Brenda noticed he liked it so she slid the vibe down to his cock and she laughed as she felt his cock jerking inside her. She rode him faster as she slid the vibe down over his balls and over his ass. He moaned when she moved it away, he didn’t know she had taken it to her mouth to cover it with spit and when he felt the slick tip touch his ass again he moaned. “Oh yea that feels so good.”

“Well baby if you like that, you should love this.” Brenda giggled as she slid the vibe into his puckered hole.

His cock jerked and swelled as the hard plastic sleeve slid up his ass, it felt different than the fingers he had had in his ass before and even though he had thought about having David fuck him they hadn’t done it yet. “OH YEA FUCK MY ASS!! I LOVE IT!! FUCK I’M GONNA CUM!!” He screamed as the vibrator pressed against his prostate. His cock swelled even more as his cock erupted in Brenda’s gripping pussy.

“OH YES, SHOOT IT BABY!!! SHOOT YOUR HOT FUCKING CUM IN MY PUSSY!! GOD I LOVE IT!!” Brenda squealed as Brian’s hot cum coated her pussy triggering her own mind shattering orgasm.

The phone rang as everyone lay there catching their breath and even though she didn’t want to Michelle went to answer it. She picked it up, still breathing heavy, and said. “Hello”

“Hi baby it’s me.” Randy said. “I called your work and they said you had taken the afternoon off. Is anything wrong?”

“No honey, everything is great. Brenda and I had lunch and wanted some dessert.”

“Oh wow, I wish I was there with you I could use some dessert myself.” Randy laughed. “I’m so horny and I miss you so much I’m about to go insane, but I have good news. I’ve finished all my business early and I’ll be home tomorrow.”

“That’s great honey, what time do you get in?”

“My plane lands at 12:30 and I can hardly wait to feel your pussy wrapped around my cock. Baby I gotta run I’ll see you tomorrow.” Randy said before hanging up.

“Honey wait, I need to tell you something.” Michelle groaned and hung up the phone as she realized she was talking to herself. “Oh well I guess he’s in for a surprise tomorrow.”

When Michelle walked back into Kory’s room she saw that Brenda had been in her toy bag again, Kory and Brenda were sharing a double headed dildo and were both moaning as their hips jerked back and forth. Brian was sitting back watching the lesbian scene as he stroked his beautiful cock with one hand while he slid Brenda’s vibrator in and out of his ass with the other. Michelle wondered how Randy would react to what had happened that afternoon, she didn’t know he had messed around with his brother and sister when they were kids. She knew she’d find out soon enough as she slid her lips over Brian’s thick cock not stopping till it filled her throat.

To be continued?

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