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Kory's Fun Time Part 4

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For the 6 people who took the time to let me know they enjoyed my work here is chapter 4.

Due to apparent lack of interest this will probably be the last chapter. Enjoy!

Kory’s Fun Time Chapter 4

That evening after some nice hot showers , and after Michelle took Brenda home,

Michelle, Kory and Brian sat at the kitchen table discussing what had happened and what

might happen when Michelle told Randy. “Kids, I’m not sure how your father will react when

I tell him what happened today, but I’m pretty sure it will turn him on and he’ll want to

join in. I’ve seen him staring at you Kory in your bikini and I think he’d love to slide

his big cock into your sweet pussy.”

It was still strange to the kids hearing their mom talk like this but it turned them

both on. “Does Daddy have a big dick?” Brian asked as he thought about sliding his lips

over it and swallowing his dad’s cum.

“Oh yeah honey he has a nice big dick and he knows how to use it, oh god I’m getting

horny now thinking about it.” Michelle answered as she let her hand roam over her body and

into her crotch.

I guess that’s where Brian gets his big dick from.” Kory laughed as she squeezed Brian’s

growing cock.

Brian moaned as his sister’s hand slid into his boxers and wrapped around his hardening

cock. He pulled Kory’s face to his kissing her passionately as his hand slipped between her

legs searching for her sweet pussy. Even though they had fucked all afternoon they couldn’t

keep their hands off each other and Kory moaned into his mouth as he slid a finger up her

wet pussy. It was driving Michelle wild watching her kids and her hand slid under her robe

and she moaned as she slid first two then three fingers into her own throbbing pussy.

Michelle caught herself before she got too carried away and her voice cracked as she said.

“Kids, before we get something started again I’d like to know how you two first got

together.” Before Kory could start Michelle added. “Let’s go to the living room where we’ll

be more comfortable.”

Michelle pulled her robe closed making sure her body was covered as she sat on the couch

with her kids on either side of her, Brian was wearing just a pair of plaid boxers with his

cock making a nice bulge and Kory had on one of Randy’s old t-shirts and nothing else.

Michelle’s pussy was already soaking wet and her clit was throbbing as Kory started telling

the story. Michelle remembered when she was young how hearing her mom and dad fucking had

made her horny as well so she could understand Kory’s need for relief that night but she

didn’t like the idea of her showing herself to strangers online. As the story progressed

and Kory told about watching Brian and David suck each other Michelle moaned and she

enjoyed a small orgasm as she pictured her son and his best friend pleasuring each other.

“Oh wow Brian that’s so hot. Do you really like sucking cock?” Michelle asked staring into

her son’s dark eyes.

“Yeah Mom, it’s great. Couldn’t you tell this afternoon how much I liked eating cum?

Well it’s even better when it shoots straight into my mouth, I’m sure I don’t have to tell

you that.” Brian laughed then his face got serious as he asked. “What do you think Dad will

say about me liking cock? Do you think maybe he’ll let me suck his?”

“I don’t know sweetie.” Michelle smiled as she remembered the night she had seen Steve

suck Randy’s cock and then Randy clean Steve’s cum from her well fucked cunt, she didn’t

want to let the kids know everything just yet. “But I know he likes sucking cum from my

pussy as much as you do so he just may understand. Now get back to the story.”

When Brian told her about he, David and Linda, Michelle was shocked, until this

afternoon she hadn’t given much thought to incest now not only was it happening in her

family but two other families she knew well were experiencing it too.

She hadn’t noticed Kory had untied her robe till she felt her lips on her hard nipple and

her fingers sliding over her wet slit. She moaned as she looked down to see her daughter

nursing at her breast just like she had done fifteen years ago when she was a baby, she

arched her back and pulled Kory’s face tighter against her chest as she moaned “Oh baby

that feels so good. Oh yes, rub my clit make Mama cum again.”

Michelle’s mind was racing as Brian joined his sister sucking her tits and his fingers

slipped into her wet pussy, she thought ‘My god I must be sick having sex with my kids, but

how can anything that feels this good be wrong.’ Her hips were lifting off the couch when

she felt Kory’s lips kissing down her stomach and through the thick patch of dark hair

heading for her slit. She spread her legs wider and held her breath waiting for the first

electrifying contact of Kory’s tongue. She didn’t have to wait long as Kory spread

Michelle’s thick hair covered lips and moaned as she buried her face in her mother’s wet


“That’s it Kory, lick Mom’s pussy make her cum all over your face. Jeeze this is hot, I

love watching you eat Mom’s pussy. Brian moaned as he sat back rubbing his hard cock. “Is

she doing a good job Mom? Do you like having your daughter lick your pussy?”

“Oh god yes, I love Kory licking my pussy, lick my clit Kory! OH FUCK that feels good,

eat me Kory!!” Michelle groaned reaching for Brian’s hard cock. As she pulled him toward

her face she moaned. “Bring your big dick up here and let Mama suck it, let me suck your

hot cum from your big balls.”

Just as Brian was moving up so his mom could suck his cock, the doorbell rang. Everyone

jumped when they heard it and Brian grabbed his boxers and said. “Don’t worry, I’ll see who

it is and get rid of them quick, I can’t wait to have my dick in your mouth again mom.”

Michelle and Kory covered up as they sat on the couch waiting for Brian to return,

Michelle couldn’t sit still, she had been so close to cumming that it felt like needles

were poking her as she sat on the couch. After a few minutes Brian walked back into the

living room and said. “It’s no big deal, it was just David.” When he said that David walked

into the room behind him, naked with his hard five inch cock leading the way.

Kory grinned and dropped her shirt but Michelle sat there holding her robe over her body

as she said. “I don’t know about this kids, it’s one thing to mess around with you but I

don’t feel right about doing this with David. What if his parents found out?”

‘Oh come on Mom, you know about us messing around and besides, wouldn’t you like to see

me suck his dick and eat his cum?” Brian said as his hand slid up and down David’s hard


Michelle couldn’t take her eyes off Brian stroking David’s cock and Brian was right she

would love to see them suck each other. Feeling the last of her inhibitions fade she threw

her robe across the room and said. “What the Hell? Come on and join the fun David. I just

hope you’re horny because there are two very horny females here.”

Everybody laughed then Kory moved back between Michelle’s legs and resumed eating her

pussy like she was starved. Michelle moaned as Kory’s tongue circled her clit then slid

deep inside scooping up all the delicious fluids she could. She shuddered when she felt

Kory’s finger sliding over her puckered asshole.

“Wow, I can’t believe I’m watching your sister eat your mom’s pussy. Damn I’m about to

cum just watching them.” David said as he sat on the couch next to Michelle but he couldn’t

talk anymore when Brian slid his seven and a half inch cock into his mouth.

Kory took her mouth away from her mom’s cunt just long enough to say. “Look Mom, David’s

sucking Brian’s dick.” She slid two fingers into Michelle’s pussy as she talked then her

lips were back on Michelle’s slit as she sucked her clit into her mouth. Michelle moaned as

Kory’s fingers slid in and out and her tongue worked on her clit, her eyes were glued to

her son’s hard cock sliding in and out of his best friend’s mouth. David’s lips were

stretched tight around Brian’s cock as Brian’s hips moved back and forth feeding him all

the dick he could handle.

“Oh yeah David, suck my cock. Show my mom how much you like sucking the cum from my

balls. Look at her humping Kory’s face, she loves having her daughter eat her pussy while

she watches you sucking her son’s cock.” Brian said as he fucked David’s face his words

were making everyone hotter and he knew it.

Michelle’s orgasm was building rapidly and her hands pulled Kory’s face tight against

her crotch as her hips lifted off the couch. Kory could tell her mom was going to cum and

she moved her pussy slickened fingers down and slid them into Michelle’s ass. That was all

Michelle needed and she squealed as fireworks went off in her brain and a huge orgasm



Michelle’s body shook and huge amounts of clear fluid gushed from her pussy, filling

Kory’s mouth and running down her chin. This was one of the biggest orgasms Michelle had

experienced and her own daughter had given it to her, as it subsided she pulled Kory up to

her and kissed her deeply, savoring her own juices on her daughter’s tongue.

Kory and Michelle’s kiss was interrupted by the sounds of Brian grunting and groaning as

he held David’s head in his hands feeding him his cock then his cock exploded filling his

friend’s mouth with what he craved. “FUCK YEAH DAVID, SUCK MY COCK!! HERE IT CUMS!!! OH


Michelle and Kory watched as David swallowed shot after shot of Brian’s cum and even

though he swallowed as fast as he could there was still some running out of the corner of

his mouth and down his chin. Kory pulled her mom’s hand to her pussy as they watched the

base of Brian’s cock pulse with each hot squirt of cum that filled David’s mouth. Michelle

moved her other hand to David’s dick causing his own orgasm to hit and cum flew from his

cock covering her hand and arm and his stomach. When he finished cumming she brought her

hand first to Brian’s lips and she shivered as she watched him lick another boy’s cum for

the first time, then to her own lips where she and Kory shared the last of David’s cum.

Brian pulled his cock from David’s mouth then kissed him before licking his cum from his

chin then moving lower to clean his chest and stomach and finally his cock.

Kory felt left out, she was the only one who didn’t cum, and she moaned as she humped

her pussy against her mom’s hand. Michelle noticed and said as she moved between Kory’s

legs. “Don’t worry sweetie Mommy will make you cum.”

The boys watched as Michelle kissed Kory’s flat stomach and her fingers played with the

thin blonde hair above Kory’s slit before spreading her swollen puffy lips exposing the

soft pink flesh for her tongue. Kory moaned and grabbed her mom’s head pulling her close as

Michelle’s tongue slid all along her juicy slit. Michelle loved eating pussy but Kory’s was

something special, it had such a clean, sweet young taste. Her tongue slid deep then

circled the hard little nub of Kory’s clit. Kory’s fingers were tangled in Michelle’s hair

and little whimpers were coming from her open mouth as Michelle’s tongue worked its magic.

“Oh Mama that feels wonderful, I love you so much.”

Hearing Kory say how much she loved her had Michelle about to cry, she had to make this

orgasm mind blowing for her little girl. As her tongue worked Kory’s swollen clit she slid

two fingers deep into her waiting slit, Michelle moaned in pleasure as her daughter’s cunt

gripped and squeezed her fingers. Bending her fingers in just the right way she slid them

over the spot most men find almost impossible to find, Kory’s G-spot, sending the young

girl over the edge. Kory’s body shook and her legs squeezed her mom’s head as her cum

covered her mom’s hand and arm and she squealed. “OH MAMA, I’M CUMMING!!! OH MY GOD, I LOVE

YOU!!! OH MAMA!!!”

While Michelle was giving Kory a mind shattering orgasm she hadn’t noticed one of the

boys moving behind her, she moaned when she felt a hard cock sliding up and down her slit

and she groaned when she felt it slide inside her, not stopping till it was buried

completely. She moaned again as David began fucking her hard and fast, leaning forward and

squeezing her big nipples as he slammed his cock into her wet pussy. He had thought many

times about fucking his friends mom, especially when he would see her in her bathing suit

or in the tight shorts that she wore around the house, and now he had his cock buried in

her wet pussy, she wasn’t as tight as Kory or Linda but the fact she was Brian’s mom was

driving him crazy. “Oh wow Mrs. Hancock, your pussy feels so good. Do you like my cock?”

“Oh yes David, I love your young cock in my pussy.” She moaned as she moved with him,

rocking back to meet his thrusts. “I can’t believe I’m getting fucked by a thirteen year

old and I’m loving it. Fuck me David, make me cum on your young hard cock.”

David grabbed her waist as he slid in and out, he could feel her pussy juice running

down his balls as her pussy gripped him with each stroke. He shivered when he felt her hand

rub his balls as she reached down to rub her clit.

Brian had moved Kory to beside Michelle and he moved behind her and rubbed his hard cock

up and down her slit then they both groaned as he slid his cock up his sister’s cunt. He

and David smiled at each other as the two friends fucked the hot mother and daughter in

unison. Kory leaned into Michelle and kissed her as Brian fucked her, no matter how many

times she felt his hard cock in her pussy it was always wonderful and kissing her mom made

it even hotter, the only thing she could think of that would make this better was having

her daddy’s big cock stretching her little pussy while her mom and brother watched,

hopefully that would happen soon enough.

David moaned as he felt his balls tightening and he knew he was about to fill Michelle’s

pussy with his hot cum. He gripped her waist tighter and his hips almost became a blur then

he squealed as he slammed into her one last time, holding his cock deep inside her as his

hot young cum sprayed the walls of her gripping pussy. “HOLY SHIT MRS. HANCOCK, I’M


The feel of David’s hot cum filling her pussy was all Michelle needed ad she groaned as

her pussy spasmed around his young cock. “OH YES, I’M CUMMING TOO BABY!!! SHOOT YOUR HOT


“Wow, Mom really likes David cumming in her.” Brian said as he kept pounding Kory’s

pussy. “Are you ready to feel my hot load in your pussy sis?”

“Oh God yes Brian, fill me up with your hot cum. Make me cum with you.” Kory moaned

rubbing her throbbing clit while her brother fucked her harder.


cock jerked inside his sister’s pussy, pumping a huge load of hot sticky cum deep inside



FUCKING WONDERFUL!!!” Kory squealed as her own orgasm rocked her body and her own sticky

fluids mixed with her brother’s hot cum.

After filling Michelle and Kory with cum, David and Brian switched and began sucking

the others cum from the well fucked pussies before them. They both slipped a finger deep

inside, coating them with the sweet mixture, then offered them to the girls, who of course

licked them clean. They were both hard again and ready for another round when Michelle

heard the grandfather clock chime ten and as badly as she wanted to be fucked again she

knew David needed to get home and Kory and Brian needed to get to bed, tomorrow was a

school day after all, so she said. “Sorry kids, but that’s all for tonight. David get

dressed and I’ll take you home. Kory, you and Brian go to bed and I mean your own beds.”

Michelle went to her room and put on a pair of shorts and a t shirt while David got

dressed. Once in the car Michelle could see David was still hard as his cock pushed against

his jeans, she didn’t want to send the boy home in this condition so she pulled onto a dark

street and unzipped his pants and leaned over in the seat taking his hard cock in her

mouth. As she sucked he slid his hand down the back of her shorts running his finger down

her crack before sliding into her wet slit. She knew it was dangerous but she had to feel

him inside her again as she slid her shorts down and straddled him, reaching down and ling

his cock up as she lowered herself onto him.

“Oh yeah, Mrs. Hancock ride my cock, slide that hot pussy over my cock.” David moaned as

his hands gripped her ass squeezing her cheeks while she moved like a wild woman.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this, I’m fucking a thirteen year old right out here where

anyone could see.” She said as she slid up and down his hard cock. The fact that this was

so forbidden and the danger of getting caught was making her pussy even wetter and her clit

throbbed as it rubbed against his cock as she moved. “OH FUCK I’M ALREADY CUMMING!!! FUCK

YES!!!” She kissed him hard sliding her tongue deep into his mouth as her body shivered and


After her orgasm she slid off his hard cock, he hadn’t shot his load, and she looked him

in the eyes and said. “I want you to cum in my mouth David, I’ve tasted your sweet cum

twice tonight but I want to feel your young cock jerk on my tongue as you fill my mouth

with your sweet boy cum.”

She slid her mouth down his hard cock while her hand gently squeezed his hairless balls,

she couldn’t believe what a turn on it was to bee sucking a young boy’s cock, she’d heard

stories about older women liking boys but she’d never thought she would be one. Her tongue

slid over the head of his cock, gathering a drop of precum which she savored, then she

licked around the rim causing him to moan as he humped up into her mouth. She slipped a

finger into her pussy before sliding up his tight ass. He groaned and his cock hardened as

her finger slipped into his ass, finding his prostate and rubbing it gently. His balls

tightened and his cock jerked as he groaned. “OH FUCK HERE IT CUMS!! SWALLOW MY CUM!!!”

Michelle held just the head of his cock in her mouth as she felt it spasm and the hot

nectar she craved filled her mouth again and again and again. His cock kept jerking and it

seemed liked he pumped a quart of cum into her mouth as she savored the taste and feel as

it slid over her tongue and then down her throat. As she sucked her pussy spasmed and she

moaned as she enjoyed another small orgasm of her own. When his cock quit pumping out cum

she pulled her finger from his ass and squeezed the base of his cock as she milked the last

drop of cum from it. Then she moved up to his face and kissed him letting him have a taste

of his cum as well.

Back at home Brian had Kory bent over in the shower and was sliding his hard cock in and

out of her sweet pussy while his finger slid in and out of her puckered little ass. “Oh

Brian that feels so good, I love your finger in my ass while you fuck me. I wonder what you

cock would feel like in my ass.”

Brian’s cock jerked when he heard his sister talk about him fucking her ass. “I don’t

know sis, do you want to try it?”

Kory thought for a moment, Brian had been the first cock in her mouth and her pussy she

thought he should be the first cock in her ass too, then she said. “Yea little brother I

want to feel your big hard cock in my ass.”

They both shivered as Brian slid his cock from her pussy and placed the head at her

asshole. When he tried to push she pulled away in pain but she wanted it bad and she pushed

back against him and a little scream escaped from her mouth as the head started to open her

little hole. Brian saw a bottle of baby oil on the counter and reached for it as he said.

“Maybe this’ll help.”

“WOW, that’s cold!” Kory laughed as the oil ran down her crack. She looked back to see

Brian stroking his hard oil slick cock then moaned when he easily slipped two fingers in

and out of her ass. “Oh Brian, put your cock in me I need to feel it sliding up my ass.

Fuck me Brian, fuck my ass.”

His legs were shaking as he moved closer to her, he slid his slick cock up and down her

crack then placed the head at her puckered hole and slowly pushed. They both groaned as the

thick head of his cock easily slipped past her tight ring and he slowly slid forward

sliding deeper. He stopped for a moment and said. “Are you alright Kory? Do you want me to

take it out?”

“Hell no I don’t want you to take it out this feels awesome! I want more, I want it all!

I want your big dick in my ass! I want you to fuck me!” She answered moving her hips back

trying to get more of her brother’s cock up her ass.

“Ok sis if you want my cock you’re gonna get it.” Brian smiled as his hands gripped her

slim hips and he withdrew slightly before sliding his cock all the way up her ass. They

both groaned as his dick filled her completely. He slowly pulled back till just the head

was still inside then slid forward bringing another loud moan from her throat. As he fucked

her slowly he looked down and watched his cock sliding in and out of his sister’s ass, a

sight which excited him even more.

“Wow sis I can feel your ass squeezing me, it’s fucking amazing!” He moaned as he picked

up speed and began fucking her harder and faster.

“Oh Brian, I can’t believe how good it feels. Fuck me Brian, fuck my ass!” She squealed

as she reached back with one hand to rub her clit while she balanced herself with the other

on the shower wall.

After dropping David at his house, Michelle opened the front door dropped her keys on

the table and started down the hall. As she approached the bathroom she could hear the

shower running and loud moans. She opened the door to see Kory and Brian fucking in the

shower and what a sight it was, their bodies glistened as the water beat down on them,

Brian’s hips moving fast as he slammed his cock into his sister and Kory’s hips rocking

back to meet each thrust. She didn’t realize he was fucking her ass till Kory moaned. “Oh

Brian, I love your cock up my ass!”


his body shook and his cock jerked spitting the last cum he had in his balls up his

sister’s ass.

Kory squealed when she felt Brian’s cum filling her ass, it wasn’t a very big load but

it was enough to trigger her own orgasm. “OH BRIAN! OH BRIAN! I’M CUMMING TOO!! I LOVE YOU


Michelle’s hand was down her shorts working her clit furiously as she watched her kids

cumming in the shower. Her body shook and she fell against the wall as her orgasm erupted

in her. “YES! YES! FUCK HER BRIAN!!”

Kory and Brian hadn’t heard their mom come in and were startled when they heard her

moaning, they stood in the shower still hugging each other when Michelle said. “Ok you two,

we’ve had enough fun for today. Finish your shower and go to bed, there’ll be plenty of

time for fun later.”

Even though Michelle would have loved to mess around some more she knew she still had to

be a mom and tomorrow was a school day and furthermore she was just too damn tired and

truthfully so were the kids.

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