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Lisa and Her Dad

pepe6924 on Incest Stories

Redone this story hope you all like it. Thanks for the comments so tried to make it better for all the readers.

Lisa was always a little bit of a show off. She would tend to walk around the house in tight tops and really short tight shorts as well. She hardly ever wore a bra and panties were almost never part of her daily routine as well. She liked to have a lot of people notice her She was told she was a cock tease as well because even as much as she like to show off and temp guys as well she had never had sex before. Lisa did masterbate alot though and enjoyed getting herself off. Nothing got her more worked up and wet than teasing guys and even some girls that she knew were either bi or lez. Lisa had a wonderful body for a young fifteen year old girl. She had developed a nice set of 36 B breast and a cute ass that had a nice shape to it. She had learned that some of her friends had already started to shave their pussies so she did too. It made her feel so good after she shaved because she could have to cool breeze shoot up her shorts and across her clean shaven pussy. This would send cold chills up her spine and make her pussy tingle.

Lisa's parents were split up because her mom was more or less dead in the bed from what her dad had said and only cared about herself. They were also fussing all the time about pitily things too. Her dad Michael was a very loving father who tried to give Lisa everything that she could want. She didn't get to see Michael too often because she mostly stayed with her mom but here lately Lisa had been thinking of moving in with her dad. Her mom's new boyfriend was a bit of a dick. He tried to boss her and her mom around and she was tired of putting up with all the shit that has been going on. Lisa had deside to stay with her dad for the summer and see how things would go with him and maybe move in if things went ok. She had a feeling that it would because he has never done anything to hurt her feelings or gave her a hard time unless it was something that might be bad for her .Then he would sit down and talk to her about it. She felt so confortible around him and had wished she would have stayed with him alot earilier in her life than now.

When she arrived at her dad's house she came in and gave he dad a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. Her dad was a pretty handsome guy. He was about a little over 6 ft tall and had brown hair and a nice tone to his body. She figured it was from doing stuff and keeping busy because he didnt have much to do on his time off but to find stuff to keep his self busy. Lisa went to her usual room and started to unpack all her stuff from her suitcase and put them in the closet and drawers. Her dad came in and asked if she need any help putting stuff up. She replied that she had everything under control and she would be good in about thirty mins or so. Her dad said that he would call and get some delivery food since it was starting to get late. He had some pizza delivered, got the plates out, and grabbed a movie that had come in the mail and put in on the table in the living room. Lisa came out in her usual outfit a tight fitting tank top and some cheerleading type of shorts. The pizza came and they sat in the living room.They sat and talked about things about how the school year was and stuff and what all things had been going on with her dad. Lisa said that the school year wasn't too bad and that alot of guys had been hitting on her and stuff but she wasn't really interested in the young guys because they had been so inmature. They acted like dicks and stuff. Lisa asked her dad if he had any girl friends or dates or anything and he replied that he been on a couple of dates but they never lead to anything or worth trying for at the moment. Lisa and her dad had always been pretty honest and open with each other because they were pretty close even though they didn't get to see each other that much.

After they got done eating Michael put the movie in that he had and he relaxed in his soft chair. Lisa proped back on the couch and started to get confortible. As they watched the movie there was a part in the movie that had some sex in it and Lisa looked over at her dad. He looked back at her and relized that he didn't know it had some spots in it that might have sex in it and apoligized to her about it. Lisa said it was ok with her if it was ok with him so they contined to watch the movie. The movie started to really get good and Lisa got good and into it. Lisa could feel her self starting to get a little turned on. She looked over at her dad and he was staring at the telivision as if he was locked into what was going on. She could also tell there was a buldge starting to form in his shorts so she figured he was getting turned on by the movie as well. Lisa looked down at herself and could see her nipples were hard and she knew she was starting to get wet from the movie. She also started to wonder weither or not it was from seeing her dad turn on as well. A devilish thought passed through her mind so she keep one eye on her dad and slid a hand down to the bottom of her shorts and moved them to the side so that her dad would have a great view if he looked her way. She loved being a such a tease.

After about fifteen mins of kinda watching the movie and trying to see what her dad was doing; she relized that he didn't even glance her way. Her dad shifted so she snapped back to the television and pretended to be watching the movie. When she thought he wasn't looking she glanced over to him and could see that he must have moved to adjust his cock because she could see the head starting to stick out from his shorts. Her eyes became glued to the sight. This started to get her really turned on and she became a little more bolder. She called out to her dad and asked how he liked the movie so far. He looked over and as he was saying it was pretty good he got a good look at Lisa's wet shaved pussy and kinda stopped in mid sentance. He started to blush and stammered to get it all out but Lisa knew he had seen what she wanted him to see. He tried to look back at the tv but he would turn and try and get a view of her wet pussy. Lisa knew that this was driving him crazy because he hadn't been with anyone in a while and wanted to tease him more. When she glanced at him she looked at his hard cock that seemed to pulling his shorts up and begged to be freed. Michael looked back at his daughter and could see she was staring at his shorts so he thought she was tring to look at him as well. He asked her if she like the movie? It was her turn to be a little speachless. Lisa started to mumble and and said yeah it is a good movie but it kinda turned her on some. Michael answered back yeah I know what ya mean there because I am getting that way too. He said again he didn't know that it had some sexual parts in it or he wouldn't have choose it to watch with her.

Lisa said that it is ok that it didn't bother her too much. Michael said it was hard not to get a litlle turned on by that since he hadn't been with anyone in a while. Lisa agreed with him and with out thought said I can see something that looks better in real life. As soon as she said it she relized she did without thinking Her dad looked down and could see the head of his cock sticking out the bottom of his shorts. Feeling a little embarrised he tried to laugh it off but he said I think we about even as he nodded towards his daughter. She looked down as if she didn't know that she was giving him a show and made a face as if she was saying oops. Michael kinda laughted about it and said i guess it is only natural for people to get turned on at such sights as they had seen. They might just need to get back to the movie instead. This got the gears in Lisa's head to start working and she said well that sounds like a good idea. As the movie went on there were some other good parts and boring parts but as it went on so did the occasional glance back and forth. Lisa could take it no more she slid a hand down her body and into the bottom of her shorts. She ran her hand under the inside and slid her fingers up her shorts to her he wet pussy. Electritricity shot through her body as her fingers hit her clit. Lisa moved them down her slit and parted her folds and easied two fingers in her wet hole. They slid in with ease with her being soaked from the movie and the site of her dad cock sticking out.

Lisa started to move her fingers in and out and a slight moan excaped her lips. She looked up at her dad and he had just pulled out his cock and begain to slowly stroking it watching her finger herself. It was as if a magnet excerted its force. Lisa got up and walked over to her dad and got down between his legs. She reached up and grabbed his cock. Michael not sure what to do just sat there in shock as he watched his daughter open her mouth and take in his seven inch cock and begin to suck. Michael just leaned his head back as the sensation and thoughts of of his own daughter rushed through his mind. Lisa could taste the precum leaking out the head of her dads dick. It tasted so good as she licked and sucked up and down on his shaft. She reached down and slid her shorts off and drove her figers back in her wet cunt and finger fucked herself and slurped on his hard cock.

Lisa could take it no more. She pulled her dads cock out of her mouth with a pop and raised up. She took and sat down on his lap and reached down and positioned her dads cock at the entrance of her pussy. Lisa eased down and could feel his cock opening her up and filling her as she slid all the way down to the hilt. Lisa begain to rock back and forth slowly but the urge of all the feelings of his hard cock with it being her dad and the raw passion drove her to pick up the pace and ride his dick for all it was worth. Micheal Leaned forward and pulled his daughters shirt off and revealed a beautiful set of young tits. He placed his mouth on the right breast and his hand went to the other. He begain to lick and suck on one and pinch the other. Lisa was so over welmed that she could feel herself start to cum. She yelled out and begain shake and drive herself down sinking Michael's cock deep inside her. Her pussy contracted and started to milk his hard shaft. This drove Michael over the edge and cum shot up his shaft and deep into his daughter pussy. This made lisa's orgasism continue until she could barly move. As they started to recover from the intense sex that they just had. Lisa couldn't help but to think that this would is going to be a great summer and that she might just have to move in and continue to have some fun.

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I love daddy/daughter stories, especially the ones like this where the young daughter is the temptress, and this story is no exception. It got all the right things happening to me. Yes loved it Pepe - well done.

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