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little sisters are the best

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My name is mark i am 18 years old. I'm a very average looking guy. I have two sisters who are both 13, they were born 7 months apart. The older one is Jenn, and the younger is Jill, they both look alike, almost like twins, both with blonde hair and just starting to bud breasts.

 It was a friday night and my parents had just left for the weekend leaving me in charge.  I asked my sisters what they wanted to do and they said prolly just watch some tv.  I said "Not a bad idea, but do you two want to get drunk?". They looked at each other and said sure.  I had a bottle of bacardi 151 and poured them both a shot. they hesitated at first and drank it.  It was the first time they drank.  It was hard for both of them but they kept it down.  I got them to do 4 more and needless to say they were pretty drunk after that.  I asked what they wanted to do now and jill said lets play truth or dare. Jenn giggled and said ok, and i agreed that was a great idea.  Jenn started first and jill said dare. Jenn dared jill to get naked. I was shocked and in awe as my little sister got naked before my eyes. she was beutiful. she then dared jenn to do the same, the next thing i now i have me two cute as hell naked sisters in front of me.  I then disrupted the game by sugesting my sisters should make out, they giggled then Jenn leaned forward and gave jill a peck on the lips. I said no you got to use tongue, so jill leaned in and they started to french kiss.  They started to get into it, and i took off my pants and started to jerk myself.  Jenn noticed this and stopped kissing and had a surprised look on her face.  She then asked me if she could touch it.  I said only if i could watch her eat out jill.

I gave them both two more shots.  They both giggled and then Jill laid on her back and spread her legs.  Jenn went down and kissed Jills pussy, then stuck her tongue down deep into Jill.  I said work her clit and she will love it.  Jenn said whats that? i went over and touched jills clit then slid a finger into her and tasted it, and it tasted great.  Jenn then worked jills clit hard till Jill cried out with her first ever orgasm.  Jenn asked jill if that was good and she replied great.  I then put Jenn on her back and asked if she was ready to orgasm and she said yes.  I put the tip of my dick next to her pussy and she was all wet and nervous. i slowly inserted my dick until i reached her hymen. I asked Jenn if she was ok, and she nodded.  THen with one hard push I popped her chery.  I just let it sit in there for a min till jenn got used to it, the started to pump.  She was so tight that it did not take me long until i was ready to cum, I pulled out of jenn and stuck my cock in Jills mouth and told her to suck.  I shot it deep into her mouth and she swollowed it all. i then stood up and looked at my to naked smileing sisters.


more to come if people like


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