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Little Sis and I

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Billy was just 13 be he had been regularly beating off for years. This hot June day was no exception. He went into the upstairs bathroom, which was his favorite daytime location to do the deed for the fourth time that day. All was well; he slid off his loosely fitted shorts and black bikini undies. Next, he took off his shirt. Billy didn’t have to be totally naked to jack off, but it was an exceptionally hot day and he did not want his shirt soaked with sweat.

Just as he grabbed his cock for the first wondrous stroke, in walks in his little 12 year old sister! Being so close in age, they had seen each other naked many times, but never with a boner!

“What the fuck are you doing?” Phoebe screamed.

Billy instinctively tried and covered his large hard organ but then put his hand aside and showed his wide eyed sister the full glory of his very swollen cock.

“I think it’s time for you to learn about boys, little sister,” he told her, showing no embarrassment on being caught playing with himself.

“What do you mean?”

“Take off your pants and tee shirt and I’ll show you,” Billy said. “But not here in the toilet room. Let’s go into your bedroom and continue this.”

Phoebe led him into her room. Their parents were away to work and wouldn’t be back for hours. They both go inside her room and she closed and locked the door. Billy thought this might not be bad after all!!!!

He never really dreamed about fucking his sister, but he was never sickened by the thought either. Earlier this year when she tried on her newest bikini for the year, he had to admit that her body was coming along nicely. Her tiny titties fitted into her bra well and he knew it would only get better. She had started to pay more attention to her looks and body too. She wore some makeup, but not too much, had a great haircut and took time to shave all exposed parts necessarily. He hoped he would soon find out if the unexposed parts were shaved as well!

She turned around and his cock was just as solid as ever. Now what?

“Well,” Billy said, “I thought we agreed that you get naked too.”

Phoebe nodded and slowly pulled off her pink tee shirt. As she stretched her arms above her head he could see the fine talent she had, for her armpits were immaculately smooth. She had on a light pink bra which she really didn’t need with a loose tee Billy thought. But off it snapped exposing her budding tits and quarter sized erect nipples. Phoebe was scared that Billy would tease her about her small tits, but it was just the opposite: Billy was becoming even more aroused with this stripease!

As loose as the tee shirt fit her top side, her short shorts were virtually painted on to her cute rounded ass. She unbuttoned them slowly, now sensing that Billy really was getting turned on! She turned around showing her firm ass and pulled her shorts down to her ankles, leaving only a laced pink thong on her wet slim body. She turned around and now only a little piece of lace weighing less than an ounce was between them. Then, within five seconds, Phoebe pulled her thong down to her ankle and flung it away with her foot. As Billy expected and thrilled to see: she also took good care of her cunt and kept it smooth as silk without a trace of stubble to be found.

“Now kiss it,” Billy said.

Phoebe seemed to know instinctively how to orally pleasure a guy. She stuck her tongue out and gently licked from the bottom of Billy’s shaft to the top and twirled it around his bulbous head. He was pre-cuming in buckets and she tasted his salty dick juices. Then she dived into his long hot shaft mouth wide open. She could only get half of his dink in her small mouth but it was all good. Billy couldn’t even believe his eyes. His little sister, naked and hot, was giving him a blow job – and she was good at it! There were two reasons why he hadn’t shot his load so far into his sister’s mouth. First, he had beaten off three times today already, so that took the edge off slightly. And second, the big one, he desperately wanted to fuck his sister in her sweet bald tight snatch.

After a few minutes of Phoebe’s oral delight, he lifted her off of his cock and they both went to the bed. She got on her back and spread her legs wide. He pulled her to the side of the bed and knelt down so his head was now even with her beautiful slit. Billy took his fingers and spread Phoebe’s soft outer cunt lips, exposing her love button. As soon as his tongue touched her clit, she convulsed in sheer ecstasy. That’s what he wanted: to get her nice and wet for the introduction to his eager cock. He continued licking and playing with her little clit and she had multiple orgasms, sender her tiny ass off the bed and into his face.

Billy and his cock could not wait any longer. He had to get into her hot cunt and it had to be now. He took her slim long legs and spread them out and up over her head. She was very flexible and the sight of her ankles near her head made him hornier than ever. Her tiny puckered asshole was just as delicious looking as her sweet twat, but he would leave that hole to another day. He took aim with his pulsating cock.

Phoebe was looking at Billy as he gripped his cock and aimed for her virginal twat. She fingered herself a lot, but a finger didn’t measure up to her brothers meat.

“You’re not going to cum in me, right?” Phoebe nervously questioned.

“I’ll pull out Sis,” he lied. Billy had only fucked two girls in his life, both with condoms on. He had fair stamina but knew he couldn’t guarantee anything!

The piss hole one his cock was dripping with pre-cum and was now touching her outer lips. Billy wiggled his cock around her twat until it started to slowly go into her. He looked down and saw his head disappear into his younger sister’s pink cunt. Billy almost couldn’t believe what he was seeing and feeling.

Phoebe was very wet but still very tight. She moaned with pleasure and pain as he started going further into her. Then he felt her virginal membrane: her hymen. He gave an extra thrust and blew past her virginity. She moaned in pain and pleasure and Billy continued to slide his cock into that wet tight hole. What took only seconds, but felt like minutes, his cock was fully inside his dear sister’s tiny body. He looked down just to see his short pubs right on top of her shaved slit; his rock hard shaft hidden and buried in her cunt canal.

Billy started pulling halfway out and back into her. He knew he couldn’t last long. His balls urged to be released! Phoebe’s hot wet pussy tunnel was so tight around his rod, it too seemed trying to squeeze his cum from him.

With what he knew was his final thrust, his balls opened their floodgates and he shot his load deep into his sister’s cervix.

Phoebe felt Billy’s hot stream of cum as it exited his piss hole and entered her cunt tunnel. She felt pissed off and excited at the same time. “He wasn’t going to cum inside me!!!,” she thought. But his dick inside her with his cum felt so good!!

Billy pulled out of his 12 year old sister’s shaved pussy bringing with it a combination of his cum and her pussy juices. I was a lovely view: his sister, still with her legs spread, with white cum and cunt juices dripping from her tight little smooth hole. He pressed just above her clit and a little more cum came out. She had a beautiful cream pie!

They just sat there in silence for a minute, and then ….




There were many girls in our family with one brother. I remember the first time that five of us tricked our younger brother into cumming in us the first time. The neat thing was that three of got pregnant.

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