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Little Sister can't keep her clothes on

thegreenscar3 on Incest Stories

Our parents died a couple years ago and I adopted my little sister so she didn't get lost in the system. she was 16 at the time and I was only 21. I had to drop out of college to get a job and take care of her. She took it pretty hard but we got through it together. It had been a year since she had moved in with me and I hadn't had any time for other women in my life. My 16 year old sisters body started to take the shape of a woman and I couldn't help but notice.

Especially when I had to take her clothes shopping and she would try on bras. She would pile my arms full of sports bras and lacy ones all in her small A cups sizes. She said she had to try on a lot because a girls first bra was very important. After she had picked all the bras she thought she might want she lead me to the dressing room. As we got there she continued in with out taking her bras. I just stood there caller her name, Zooey.

She popped her head back out and told me to come on. I tried to tell her guys aren't allowed back there but the dressing room attendant, a cute red head probably in her 20's, just smiled at me and told me to go head, its a slow day. There wasn't anything I could do so I followed Zooey in. I saw the lady check me out as I went by. When I got into the stall Zooey was already taking her shirt off. She raised her shirt over head and threw it on the bench, not even attempting to hide her perky 38 A titties from me. She grabbed a yellow bra with smile faces on each cup and started putting it on.

I cant believe how much the site of my little sister's breast were turning me on. I could feel my tool start to grow with excitement. She hooked the bra shut and looked at her self in the mirror. She scooped up her long black hair and twisted it up so it wouldn't be in the way. She modeled it in the mirror and squeezed her own breast to test the comfort, she even did a little bounce. She was driving me crazy, my dick was rock hard and was pushing against my pants. The bulge was clearly visible but there was nothing i could do because my hands were full of bras. She asked if I liked this one and she pushed her chest out so I could get a good look.

My eyes were glued to her chest. I told her I liked that one. That made her mind up, she undid it and took it off. She threw it over on top of her discarded shirt, I guess that was the keep pile. She walked back to me and started shifting threw the bras. She told me that that one fit her perfectly, so she didn't need any of the smaller sizes she had picked out. Her soft honey brown nipples would brush against my arms as she looked through the bras and soon they were hard. She let out a soft moan and I instinctively pushed my hips forward so my hard on rubbed against her body. She jumped back in surprise. She asked me if that was my penis as she stared at my huge bulge. I shyly told her it was.

She burst out laughing, so hard that she fell back into the bench. She sat there holding her stomach which pushed her titties together which made them look bigger. I couldn't figure out what she thought was so funny and when I asked her, she pointed to my boner and said she couldn't believe I got hard looking at my little sister and that I was such a pervert. Thats how she found out that she had a power over me.

Over the years it got worse. As she got older she grew, she is 17 she was only a head shorter than me now with the longest legs I had ever seen, she had amazing 42 D ample breast, and she grew bolder. She would walk around the house in skimpy out fits or just half naked. She never closed a door, whether it was the bathrooms as she showered or took a pee or her bedrooms as she changed or on the rare occasion masturbated. She would ask me to borrow my porn and ask me to buy her vibrators. Every time I tried to tell her to cover up or stop it she tells me that shes my sister and it shouldn't matter unless I was some dirty old pervert.

One day I left work early because I wasn't feeling well. All I wanted to do was get home and rest. When I got there though I heard the familiar sounds of my sister moaning. It couldn't be though cause it was noon and she didn't get out of school till 3:08. Maybe she left one off my Asian pornos on. As I made my way to her bedroom, I poked my head in and the noise wasn't coming from there. It was coming from my room. As I walked closer to my room. It didn't sound like the TV. I could hear I guy moaning too. My door was wide open, guess she didn't think anyone would be coming home early. I peeped in and couldn't believe what I was seeing. My goddess of a little sister was on my bed and on all fours. There was a young teenage boy on his knees behind her thrusting into her doggy style.

They were facing the opposite way from the door so they couldn't see me. Zooey was crying out just like the Asian girls in my porn movies make. I know its a claque but thats really what my little sister sounded like. My cock was stiff and my stomach pain was gone. Apparently the best medicine for a stomach flu was watching your sexy little sister get fucked from behind on your bed. I quietly unzipped my pants and pulled out my throbbing dick.

The guy had his hands on her hips was hanging on for dear life. The guy was obviously no where as experienced as my sis. Her pussy was eating his poor dick. His balls smacked against her harder as she upped her paste. Her large perfectly tanned tits were swinging wildly back an forth as they fucked. She had a great body since she worked out all the time since she was on her high school soccer team and she had a golden light brown tan all over from sunbathing nude by our pool. She even brought some of her beautiful white friends to tan with her sometimes. I loved it when she do that, I would spy and jerk off to them. Zooey knows I'm there but her friends don't or I doubt they would lay out there naked.

It was an amazing site, They would all line up on the side of the pool and my sister would be in the middle. On both sides of her were gorgeous blond girls with little pink nipples, pink pussies, blue eyes, in the middle of them was Zooey with honey brown nipples, light brown skin, and dark pussy lips.

I'm getting away from the story though. The guy was about to cum, I could tell because he doubled over my sister's body, grabbed her boobs and started shouting I'm cumming, Oh god I'm cumming! My sister looked up and saw me standing there yanking my dick through my dresser mirror. I froze, a look of shock crossed across her face but only for a moment, then she started to have an orgasm. Her body went rigid, then she started bucking her ass. She screamed with pleasure, the guy almost looked scared, guess he never seen a girl have a good orgasm. I wonder if she was taking his cherry.

Zooey bucked him so hard that the fell backwards on their asses. She was still riding his dick. She locked eyes with me as she started to slow her grinding on his pelvis. She shuddered as she finally stopped sliding up and down his cock. She sat up and turned to face us. She reached down and took off the condom. We both watched as she held it up so we could all see his load settling at the bottom. She sucked the outside, so that she could taste her own juices. Then she turned upside down so that his cum fell out into her mouth, down her chin, and in her tits. I shot my load then all over the hallway wall.

His dick was hard again and tried to get back on top of her but the she stopped and perked her head up. What he asked. Did you hear that she said. I ducked out of the hallway and hid in the kitchen. I heard some one get off the bed (its creaky), she used fake surprise and said Oh my God, my dads home, you have to get out! I heard them running around. I heard the front door. I went to the living room and found her watching him run down the street, her cute body still nude. She turned around and smiled at me. Your such a perv, jerking to your sister getting fucked she told me as she walked to my room.

She picked up a long blue tank top and put it in. It didnt do much since it was so sheer I could still see her titties and dark nipples. I bet you want to know why I'm not in school today as she then walked to the kitchen. I watched her ass as she did. I know why you weren't in school, you were busy getting laid in my bed, I told her. And why did you tell him your dad was home instead of your brother, I asked. Because its simpler then telling them the truth, plus I thought you like me calling you daddy. Can you imagine me with my legs in the air screaming Daddy fuck me harder while you pound my tight pussy till you unload deep in me, she tells me. I couldn't take it any more. I went over to her and and bent her over the kitchen counter, I pushed her legs open and and pulled my pants down. Ty you better stop, STOP TY!!!



Formatting! It's a great story, though riddled with spelling errors.

"Speech from each person should start a new paragraph," ended with a comma, "Then continued if it's from the same person."

Jeezy Chreezy, If I didn't know better, I'd think I was an English teacher. Keep it up greenscar!

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