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Marisa's first time with her little brother Part 1

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Hi there. My name is Marisa and I’m 30 years old. To describe myself, I’m 5’9” tall, 110 lbs, and very athletic. My dirty blond wavy hair comes just past my shoulders and I have a pair of dark brown eyes. My face has never really been described as gorgeous, but pretty is the description I usually get. My body on the other hand is always ‘hot.’ As I said before, I’m very athletic and stay in great shape, but in addition I have a pair of 34D breasts (yes, they’re real) and a very nice ass. I would probably say that my butt is my favorite feature, but it’s a tough choice. I also always try to keep a good tan year round.

I’ve always had a friendly, outgoing personality which meant I was friends with all sorts of people in high school. I played softball and volleyball as well, which meant that I was always doing something. One other thing about me is that I’m a thrill seeker. I love to try new things. I tried sky diving, surfing, snowboarding, and I was bi-sexual throughout high school and college. My parents were hippies when they were younger, and even though they had eventually ’conformed,’ they always encouraged us to be open and understanding, so they never saw anything wrong with my sexual orientations. After college I went to work full time for a marketing agency out of Atlanta and everything pretty much settled down for me. I had to commit myself fully to my job, so I had little time for exciting new things and I rarely had time to go see my family in Florida. When I was 15 my mom gave birth to my little brother, Jake, whom I adored. It was really fun having a baby brother at that age and I hated to have to leave for college a few years later. Ever since, I’d only seem him occasionally once or twice a year.

Finally, one summer, I had the opportunity to take a few weeks off of work, so I decided to drive down to see my parents and brother, and then take him with me on a road trip out to Arizona. I arrived Sunday afternoon and spent the day catching up with mom, dad and Jake. At 15 years old he was the polar opposite of myself at that age. While I had been tall, attractive, and outgoing, Jake was short for his age (only 5’2”), kind of cute, but very quiet. He was a dork, I was sure of that, and from what mom and dad said, he pretty much spent all of his time alone in his room by himself. We always got along great though, and he was excited about going on the road trip.

We packed up his things into my Chevy Trailblazer the next morning and headed for Arizona. The southern gulf coast states are brutally hot in the summer time, especially with humidity so I decided to forgo panties and just wear a pair of very short, low-cut, denim shorts, a white tank top and a white bra with flip flops. I don’t know why, but Jake was wearing a pair of blue jeans and a black t-shirt with ‘Star Wars’ written across the front as well as some tennis shoes. He had brown hair that he kept kind of long and brown eyes like mine.

The trip was going fine enough and we were just listening to the radio when I decided to try to strike up a conversation. It always seemed like I was the one that had to, otherwise I’m kind of sure he’d ride the whole 31 hours in silence. Once I got him to open up though, he usually would stay that way.

I smiled over at him, “So how was school this year?”

He shrugged, “I don’t know, it was ok I guess…nothing new happened.”

I laughed a little, “So what you mean is that it sucked?”

He looked over and smiled, “Yeah, pretty much.”

“Any girls that you like? I know you’ve got to be old enough to be into them now.”

“Well, I like some,” he said, “but they aren’t really into me. They go for the popular guys. What about you? Are you dating anyone?”

Now it was my turn to shrug, “I’ve met a few, but they aren’t really my type.”

He looked over at me, “Not your type? What are they; short, ugly, and quiet?”

I laughed a little, “Nooo, as a matter of fact they’ve all been really handsome, but they’re kind of arrogant.”

“Oh,” he said, “I just figured….well, I thought that’s what girls like you would be into.”

I glanced over at him, “Girls like me? Look Jake, I know right now in high school it seems like all girls are shallow and kind of bitchy, but when you get out in the real world your going to find that girls like that only go so far. There’s a lot of girls who are looking for guys with depth, not just good looks.”

He smiled, “Really? Well…thanks Marisa. So, would you ever go for a guy like me if I were older?

I looked over at him and smiled, “Yeah, I think so.” It seemed to brighten his mood for the rest of the morning.

We stopped at a beach in Mississippi that afternoon to walk around and take some time off from driving. We were walking along the sand when I stopped to look at a crab that was shuffling across the beach. I bent down to look at it and called Jake over.

As he came up behind me he laughed slightly, “Damn Marisa, you don’t like panties, huh?”

I laughed, realizing my shorts had slid down, exposing nearly the top third portion of my bare ass. I was going to adjust them, but I had never been ashamed of my body and the thrill of exposing it to everyone, even my brother, was too tempting. “What’s the matter? Don’t like the view?”

He laughed, a little surprised, “No, no, the view’s great. I just didn’t know if you meant for everyone to see it.”

I looked up and shrugged, “It’s just my ass.”

“Wow,” he said, “my sister is a semi-nudist.”

I pushed him playfully as we stood up and kept walking for a little while before continuing with our trip. We were planning on staying just outside of New Orleans for the night. It had gotten dark when Jake looked over.

“So, do usually go without panties?” He asked.

I laughed, surprised by the question, “Um, yeah, usually. I wear them sometimes but most of the time I go without.”

He smiled, “Wow…that’s pretty cool.”

I had to admit that although this conversation wasn’t one I’d expected, it was kind of fun talking about adult things with him. “So what’s your favorite part of a girl? Be honest.” I asked with a grin.

He shrugged, “Uhhh, I don’t really know. I mean I’ve never seen a girl naked before. Not in real life.”

I looked over, surprised. “Really? Well, have you ever, um… done anything sexual with one?”

He shook his head, kind of embarrassed. “No, I’ve….well, I’ve never even kissed a girl.”

I was almost speechless. I’d always know he was kind of a loser, but I’d assumed he’d at least had some friends or a girlfriend. Somehow I felt bad for him, like he was missing out on life.

I guess he noticed my loss of words, “Yeah, it’s pretty bad, huh?”

I forced myself to sound more sure than I was, “No, no, I mean you’ll find someone. You just have to give it time. Your only fifteen after all.”

He shrugged, “Yeah, I know.” I wasn’t sure what else to say, and the awkward silence hung in the air. Jake decided to break it with I guess whatever the first thing to come to his mind was.

“Hey, you could always show me your body, I’ve already seen part of your butt.” He said jokingly.

I laughed, but something about it sounded right. I knew he was young, and my brother, but I’d always had a soft spot in my heart for the helpless and awkward. “We could do that.”

“Yeah, right. I think you could do better than me, sis.”

I smiled, “Yeah, I could. But you’re my little brother, I should help you.”

He stopped laughing and looked over, “Your serious? I-isn’t that like illegal?”

I nodded, “Yeah, I think it would break like four laws, but if you want to I will.”

He nodded quickly as I saw our exit coming up, “Yeah! Totally!”

I laughed lightly as I veered off, turning into the parking lot of the hotel we had reservations for. Jake stayed in the SUV while I went inside to check in. I came out a few moments later and drove over to our parking spot. I could tell he was nervous as we got out and took out our luggage for the night.

“Your really going to uhh, do this?” He asked.

“Yeah,” I said, “unless you’ve changed your mind.”

He shook his head, “No, no, I just didn’t know if you were joking.

I grinned, “Relax, come on.”

He followed me into the hotel and up the elevator to our floor. I nearly laughed at how nervous he was, but it was so adorable. I opened the door to our room and turned on the light. It was spacious enough with two queen sized beds. I sat my bag on the floor and looked around for a moment before smiling and turning to him.

“Ok, Jake, have a seat on the bed.”

He nodded and put his bag down next to mine, then walked over to sit on the edge of the foot of the bed next to the window. I walked over in front of him and grinned before lifting my tank top over my head and letting it fall to the ground.

He smiled, “This is great Marisa!”

I reached behind and undid my bra. “Well this is better.” I let my bra fall forward and to the ground as I stood there topless. My quarter sized nipples were already hard with excitement as I undid my jeans shorts. His eyes were wide as stared at my bare breasts, before I unzipped the shorts and slid them down. As I stood up I was completely nude. I’ve always kept my whole body shaved and I was glad of it now. I stood still for a moment, letting him stare at my body before turning around to give him a view from the back. I bent over slowly and stayed that way for a few moments as well, letting him stare at my body completely bare. I knew it was wrong, that he was my brother, but he needed this. I slowly leaned up again and turned around to face him with my hands on my hips and a smile on my face.

“So, Jake, what do you think?”

His eyes kept roaming my body, but finally he looked up, “I think… I think your incredibly hot!”

I grinned, and walked closer to him until I was closer and then bent over, resting my hands on my knees and my face was only a foot away from his. “So far we haven’t done anything really that wrong, but if you want to….well, I’ll go as far as you want to.”

He looked up at me and nodded, “I want to. I really want to be with you, sis.”

I smiled. He was 7 inches shorter than me, half my age, and not nearly as attractive, but I would do anything to make him happy. I leaned forward and gave him his first kiss. It was just a soft kiss against his lips at first, but then I reached forward and gently pressed him onto his back. I climbed on top of him and lowered my mouth to his. For three or four minutes we just kissed, moving our lips against each other before I slowly slid my tongue into his mouth. He wasn’t great, but he was learning at an incredibly fast rate. As our wet mouth’s pressed together and our tongue massaged each other, his hands raised up slowly to begin feeling my body.

We moaned into each other’s mouth’s as his hands begin to grope and massage my large breasts. They explored my nipples, gently squeezing and twisting them as my tongue explored his young mouth. I broke the kiss and leaned forward, moving so that my breasts hovered above his mouth. He greedily begin to lick, suck and bite my breasts as I moaned in ecstasy.

“Ohhh fuck, Jake, yesss, lick them good baby!” I was in no hurry as he licked and sucked on my breasts and he was in no hurry to stop. He kept at it for many more minutes, learning what made me moan the loudest and what made me gasp in pain. Finally I decided it was his turn. I leaned upright, looking down at him, my breasts still glistening with his saliva.

“Mmm, that was great baby, but you’ve sucked enough. Now it’s my turn.”

He looked ecstatic, “Your going to suck my dick?!“

I grinned and nodded, “If that’s what you want.“

“Definitely!“ He exclaimed

I climbed off of him and pulled him up so that he was standing at the foot of the bed. I kissed him deeply once more before slowly getting down on my knees in front of him. I grinned up at him as I undid his belt and unbuttoned his jeans.

He smiled back down at me, “Fuck you’re the best sister, ever, Marisa.”

“I do try to please,” I replied. I gripped his boxers briefs and his jeans by the waste and quickly pulled them down to his knees. What sprang out at me was one of the biggest surprises of that night. While I was well endowed with large breasts, my brother had been endowed with a large cock. Being an overall small boy, I had assumed that his penis would be matching. Instead, a fully erect 7 inch cock the width of a cucumber was standing at full attention, finally released from the tight boxer briefs he’d been wearing. Hanging below his cock were two balls somewhere between the size of a golf ball and a plum. I looked up at him in awe.

“Is it ok?” He asked.

I nodded, “Y-yeah…have a seat. It’s just bigger than I thought it would be. A lot bigger.”

He sat back on the bed as I leaned forward. His cock was surrounded by hair as well as his balls. I gently took the shaft in my hand, drawing a soft moan of pleasure from him. I gently stroked it, hardly believing that this was my baby brother’s penis in my hand. I lifted the shaft gently and leaned forward. We’d been in a hot car all day long and the stench of his balls was horrible, but I fought my revulsion and ran my tongue over them, bathing his sweaty balls. The moans that slipped from his mouth were more than worth the disgusting act. Finally, I opened my mouth and slowly slid it over his cock. He groaned with pleasure as my warm mouth enveloped inch after inch of his cock until it was pressing at the back of my throat. I could only fit 5 ½ inches of his thick cock in my mouth but it was enough.

He ran his hands though my hair as he moaned softly, “Fuuuck Marisa. Oh fuck that feels incredible! Mmm, suck it good.”

I moaned onto his cock, using my tongue to gently lick the underside of the shaft as my mouth slid back and forth on it. The room was filled with his moans and the soft, wet, slurping noise of my mouth as my pace began to quicken. It was his first blow job ever and I was amazed at how long he was lasting.

Minute after minute ticked by as I blew his cock. My eyes stared up into his, and his stared back into mine as we both experienced incest for the first time. After 7 minutes of this his face begin to contort with ecstasy and I felt his cock beginning to pulsate in my mouth. I took my mouth off of it, but continued to stroke him with my hand.

“Ohhh, I think I’m gonna cum Marisa. Will you swallow it? Please, I’ve always wanted to see a girl do that.”

I hesitated as I stared back at him. I’d always hated letting guys cum in my mouth, let alone swallow it. The idea of having a man’s sperm in my mouth was repulsive, and the taste and texture were horrible. But this was my brother and this was his first blow job. He deserved to have his sister swallow his cum.

I nodded, “Ok, sure Jake.”

He smiled, “Thanks Marisa, your amazing!”

I took his cock back into my mouth and continued sucking. His moans quickened as I continued to suck him and soon his body was tensing. He let out a long groan as his cock began to pulsate in my mouth. Rope after rope of the thickest, saltiest cum I’ve ever tasted began to fire into my mouth. I had to fight the urge to gag as I began swallowing the mouthful of cum.


No sooner would I force one mouthful of his hot, salty cum down my throat than another would already be spraying into my mouth. It was like a hose that wouldn’t turn off as I struggled to swallow glob after glob of his cum. 5 seconds passed…then 10.…then finally 15 seconds later the last rope of cum landed on my tongue and I forced it down. It was the largest amount of cum I’d ever swallowed and it had been my brother’s. I could feel his cum inside, going down through me. I finally took my mouth off, breathing heavy.

I looked up at him, and grinned, “How was your first blow job?”

He smiled, looking thoroughly pleased, “It was the best thing that’s happened to me in years!”

I grinned as I stood up, “I’ve never seen so much cum in my life…is that normal for you?”

He smiled proudly, “Well, there was a little extra that time, but yeah, it’s usually close to that.”

“Incredible…well come on.” I said with a smile, “Lose the clothes, we’ve got to take a shower.”

He stood up and started to finish undressing as he followed me to the shower. “Are we going to do more?”

I grinned as I started the shower and got some my tooth brush out. “A lot more.”

-----------------------------------------------THE END-------------------------------------------------

Hi Guys & Girls. Hope you enjoy and Part II will be following shortly after. Feel free to send feedback or comments to

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