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Me and my Father In law -8

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Me and my Father In law – 8

By Jeevan  <>

SO that was the best quickie I had. Sorry I never had any sex as I was a virgin till marriage and then too I never fucked out of my wedlock. That night my husband was surprised that I was still dripping cum from my choot. He even asked me why I had not wiped it all. What should I say? Should I tell him that I am going to keep that cum in my choot because its precious for me as it is his father’s cum? Ohhh no! I had the cum of both, father and son in my choot. So perverted! I was going to ask him if he would love to lick it out of my choot. But I could not. I went to the bathroom and pushed my fingers in my choot and drank all the mixed juice of three of us. I was so excited!
Now I was more depraved and adventurous. I had to! I was sex crazy and my choot stayed wet all the time. I had never thought I was so depraved. I was fucking both father and son!
          That day I asked my FIL if he loved fucking me after he had just fucked my MIL. He said no I never did this.
            “ Seema! I don’t fuck my wife much. She is good in bed but somehow has lost the interest. But I really want to do it. I will fuck my wife and then fuck you in succession. But the time should come for that. I can do this when Sunil is not home. My wife sleep immediately after we fuck so it wont be a problem for me to fuck you after that but Sunil should not be home. Ok?”
“OK Baba! I will wait for that.”
                 Now my FIL was somewhat busy in the daytime with his friends and some business. So we did not get much time to speak and do things. So in the afternoon when I retired for a nap I used to take some big cucumber in my room and then enjoy it. Thinking of my FIL’s strong lund I would put the cucumber in my choot and let it go in slowly. I would fondle my breasts thinking that FIL was rubbing them for me. My choot used to get all wet and juicy just thinking of my FIL fucking me.
                     That day I was doing that! Our maid was doing her washing work and cleaning the floor so I had nothing to do. I took the cucumber and went to my room and just closed the door. I lay on the bed and then I spread my legs and put the thick cucumber inside my choot and started to fuck it in and out. I cried loudly,
               “ Ohhhh Baba! Fuck me! Zava maala! Ahhhhh what a nice lund you have Baba! Fuck me! Fuck your Bahu with that lund! Ohhhh Baba fuck meeeeeeeee!”
                    I think I was making a lot of noises and thought that the maid would hear me. Fuck her! I said. I did not bother for that and continued my masturbation. The idea that the maid would be listening made me more excited! Was I exhibitionist? Was I? I did not bother. I continued to fuck my choot with the big cucumber.
             I was kneading my breasts at the same time and moaning too. Ohhhh how I wanted my FIL’s thick lund in my choot! I then heard the doorbell ring and shouted,
                “ Manju! Open the door I am taking bath!”
        My heart was beating faster and I wanted it to be my FIL. I would fuck him NOW! I heard my Baba asking the maid where I was.
        “Bai sahib is in her room taking bath”, Manju said.
      I was about to call Baba in my room but then there was Manju. So I kept quite and continued on! I heard Baba’s footsteps nearing my room and I froze. Was he coming in looking for me? YES his footsteps approached my room and I heard the door open slowly. Then I saw FIL enter my room!
          Ohhh god! FIL was looking directly at me and was very much astonished at this. He saw me putting that big cucumber inside my choot!
        “Ohhh Seemu! What are you doing? Fucking that sweet choot with this big cucumber? Ohh god! Is this due to me? Did you want my lund in your choot                 Bahu? Ohh poor darling! You miss my lund very much. Come on now do it for me! Fuck your choot with that cucumber. I want to watch you doing it!”
          “Ohh Baba you tease me so much! I can’t wait to have your Lund in my choot. Ohhhhh so you want to watch your Bahu masturbating with that big cucumber? Come on here goes your Bahu wild and crazy while you watch!”
Manju was doing household work and Baba and me were in my room with the door just closed. I did not tell Baba to bolt it! I wanted to take the risk and that made this wonderful!
               Baba was standing close to me and watching me. I was looking directly into his eyes and fucking my choot crazy with the cucumber. Baba never touched me but he unzipped his pant and took out his semi erect lund. Ohh god! Was he going to masturbate in front of me? Ohhh so exciting. I fixed my eyes on his lund and watched him. He caught his lund in his palm and rubbed it slowly watching me. Ohhhhhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhh! Were we two dirty creatures doing things which we never thought? Ya we were! I watched his lund grow in his palm and he then pulled it upwards. This made it ooze some precum. He took off the precum and put it to my mouth.
               “ Bahu! Lick it! Lick my precum! That will make the things better!”
I licked it and felt my choot flow with juices. I then took out the cucumber and put it to him.
            “ Baba Taste this! Taste my choot raas on this fake lund of yours. Ohh come on suck it like I suck your lund for you!”
              Ohh I was asking FIL to suck the cucumber that was fucking my choot! As if he was sucking a lund. Ohh god what has happened to me? But FIL did not argue. He licked the cucumber with the tip of his tongue and drank my juices. Ohh! he was now going to suck it! FIL opened his mouth and took the cucumber in. Ohh he was sucking it! I put my fingers to my choot and swapped out some juice which I licked myself, looking at him suck the cucumber. He had swallowed about half of it and was moving his mouth to and fro, fucking the thing in. Ohh god! My FIL was expert in sucking a lund. No he was a genius, doing things that need to be done. He sucked it for some time and then handed over the thing to me.
“ you taste nice Bahu! Your choot raas is as sweet as you. Come on put that thing in your choot again. I don’t want to miss the show!”
                 I took the cucumber from his hand and thrust it again in my choot. I started to fuck again. Now Baba was hard as rock and was holding his lund in his fist and moving the fist up and down. The veins on his lund were swollen and prominent. His cock head was red and swollen. It was a wonderful sight readers! It was so close to me that I just had to move my face a little. It was a close chow for me. His balls heaved as he fisted his lund and I had to struggle not to touch them.
                   I was now moving the cucumber in and out very fast and it made fuch fuch sound . the sound was very prominent and intoxicating! I then brought my free hand to my breast and pulled on my nipples. The nipples started to grow with the touch and I pulled the hard nipples to show them to my Baba.
“ Seemu! Turn around and fuck your choot with you on your knees and do it from back and assume that I am fucking you. I want to watch your ass as you fuck it. You know I like your ass very much! I may put a finger in your asshole Seema! Be careful that you don’t excite me to that level!”
           “ Baba! I am your slave! I am your slut! You can do anything that you like. You can even fuck my ass with that big lund of yours when I am fucking the choot with cucumber. Anything you do will take me to heaven! “
                   I very much wanted to feel his finger OR even his lund in my ass! I turned around and lay on my hands and knees. This way my ass was high up and must be a great sight for Baba. I put the cucumber in my choot from behind and I knew Baba was watching my choot distend as the cucumber went in. it felt real nice and the cucumber went deep into my choot. I looked from below, through the gap of my legs. Baba was fisting his lund watching me take the cucumber inside my choot. Ohhhhh god! Fuck me Baba! Fuck my ass Baba! I was delirious!
                 I fucked my choot fast watching Baba fist his lund. Ohhhhh ! then Baba caressed my ass cheeks the way he always does and I came! My body went stiff and then limp and fell face down on the bed. It was very intense orgasm, as always, with Baba. Baba too squirted his sperm all over my ass. Ohh I felt the hot sperm on my ass and almost fainted! When I opened my eyes Baba was lying next to me, fondling my body very lovingly!

END of Part 8


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