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Me, daddy and our horse

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"Good morning baby" daddy whispered as he moved his mouth from my pussy.

"hmm great morning daddy." i moaned as he continued to lick and suck on my pussy,

making his way to my lips. "baby while you were sleeping, daddy found another site. And i want us to try it. " he said as his excitement built.

"ever since we brought cruiser (our 16.1hh thoroughbred) i have been looking at a few sites that show girls fucking huge horse cocks, are you willing to give it a go baby?" he asked as he was opening a video of some girl getting fucked hard by this huge stallion.

My pussy was already dripping from daddy licking me, bring me very close to an orgasm.

I could feel my juices running down my legs as i watched his horse pump his cock deep in this young girls tight pussy.

"i dont know daddy, it looks too big" i said as i slid my leg over daddy to have his cock resting on my pussy.

"i know it looks big baby, but maybe if we start slow it won’t hurt so much." he said as he started moving his cock back and forth along my pussy.

Daddy knew this way turning me on, as he lent down and started sucking and biting on my neck, making his way down to my tits.

"please baby? daddy will get you all ready then we can go out and see cruiser and see what happens. Hmm please baby make daddy happy." he moaned as he rearranged his cock and slowly pushed just the head in my pussy, rocking back and forth.

"Hmm harder daddy!" i moaned while rubbing my clit against his body with every thrust he made.

Daddy started building up the speed and lent down into my body to suck on my nipple sending waves of pure pleasure throughout my body, as he went back and forth between both nipples.

I could feel my orgasm building, starting out as just embers burning, quickly turning into a raging fire deep inside.

"Ohh god daddy harder, fuck me harder!!!" i screamed. "Im cumming Hmm im cumming daddddyyyy"

Daddy grabbed my hips and fucked me so hard and fast, making me cum for a 2nd and 3rd time in a row.

"Hmm fuck baby girl, take daddy's cum!!" he grunted as i felt the 1st jet of his cum flood my already dripping wet pussy.

Daddy remained deep inside me, slowly kissing up my neck, until he reached my lips.

"Hmm baby daddy loves you so much." he moaned into my mouth as he slid his tongue to play with mine.

"I love you too daddy. And i love feeling you cum so deep in my pussy." i moaned as daddy slid lower on the bed.

Kissing his way down my body, pausing at my tits to suck roughly on my nipples, before continuing down to my pussy.

"Hmm i love it too baby, cumming inside you is the best feeling in the world. Mmm god you are very wet baby." Daddy said as he claimed his mouth over my clit, sucking gently.

It only took daddy seconds to get the fire started deep inside, my orgasm building by the second.

Daddy put more pleasure in his sucking, bringing me to a VERY fast orgasm, making my body thrash underneath him, and stiffen at the peak.

Daddy didn’t let up, he kept sucking on my clit, until i felt a numbing sensation.

"Hmm god daddy!! your making it numb" i moaned breathlessly.

Daddy looked up at me, with a wicked smile, and gently bit my clit.
Increasing the pressure, moving his teeth across my clit, setting me off in a ear splitting orgasm like iv never had before.

Daddy came up, taking my mouth in his. Tasting myself on his lips was amazing.

"Hmm god baby, you looks so amazing laying there. Do you think, maybe.... we can go have a little visit with cruiser?" daddy moaned as i saw just how turned on he was.

I was so scared, just the thought of how big a horses cock is, was making me very nervous. But i knew deep down i would do it, 1st cause i know daddy really really wanted this, and cause 2nd, besides being scared, i was very turned on by the idea of having that huge cock inside me.

"ok daddy, we can try" i finally said in between kisses.

Daddy wasted no time, he picked me up and started carrying me out the room.

"wait wait wait!!!" i said while laughing at his eagerness.
"Can i at least get something on 1st?" i asked.

"sorry baby, here" he said as he set me down and handed me a robe. "i dont think anything else is needed baby, well besides maybe this" he said as he bent down to kiss me again, sliding the egg vibrator into the robe pocket.

That short walk to the barn seemed to take forever.
Maybe it was cause i was so scared, i was ready to turn and run back to the house at any second if it wasn’t for daddy holding onto my hand.

"Baby it will be ok. And if it hurts too much, we can always stop. Don’t be scared baby, you know daddy would never have you do something that would hurt you." he whispered as he lifted me into his arms.

My voice wouldn’t work, so i just nodded and snuggled into his body.

Daddy sat me down on a bale of hay sitting in the barn, and left to bring Cruiser out.

I felt my heart stop when daddy came with Crusier and stood in front of me.

"Its ok baby, we will take this as slow as you like. How about you rub his cock baby. I will tied him up and come make daddys little girl feel good." he said as he started to tie Cruiser up.

"Ok daddy" i said in a shaky voice as i reached out and touched Cruisers cock.

Daddy came and stood behind me, sliding my robe off my shoulders as he left a trail of kissed down my neck to my tits, while taking off his jeans.

"Hmm baby, that is so sexy, keep going baby, make his cock come all the way out." daddy moaned as he pushed me down on the hay and climbed on top of me.

Daddy lifted my legs up to his shoulders as he buried his cock in my pussy, thrusting with such a force i knew he wouldn’t be lasting long.

"Oh daddy fuck me!!!" i screamed as sheer pleasure took over my body until there wasn’t even a hint of being scared. I wanted that huge cock in my pussy, not just in my hand.

Daddy lent over and grabbed the egg vibrator out of the pocket and set it on high, holding it firmly over my clit as he fucked me hard then i can ever remember.

"mm cum for me baby. Cum on daddy’s cock before we stuff your beautiful pussy with that horsey cock. Hmm look baby you have him just as turned on as i am" daddy said breathlessly as Cruiser started letting out snorting and grunting sounds as he started to buck against my hand.

I started thrusting hard against daddy as i started to cum, clutching my pussy hard around daddy’s cock.

Thats all it took to have daddy grunting as he slammed his cock into my so hard as he started to cum.

"Urghh fuck baby i didn’t want to cum so soon" he moaned as his cock slipped out of my pussy, leaving a combination of both of our cum dripping out.

"Hmm sorry daddy, i couldn’t stop myself." i said as i pulled him down to kiss him.

"Daddy, i want to try now! I want to put his cock in me." i moaned as i broke the kiss.

Daddy got up and moved small saddle holder half under Cruiser, adding some blankets on it so it wasn’t so hard for me to lay on.

"Baby lay on here, Hmm god you look so hot laying on your back under that horse. Ok baby put your legs around him like you do with me. I will help guide his cock into your pussy baby." Daddy said as he helped get me into the right spot.

Daddy had me lay so Cruiser’s cock rested on my pussy while i continued to pull his cock.

"You ready baby? Cruiser is most defiantly ready baby" daddy said, show just how excited he was.

"Hm yes daddy, i want it NOW!" i demanded.

Daddy held Cruiser’s cock and rubbed it over my pussy, getting it all wet from my juices.

Cruiser continued to buck his hips as daddy slowly pushed the head in my pussy, stretching my beyond anything I’ve ever felt.

"God daddy, maybe he is too big" i said as i pushed down to help daddy.

"No baby, relax, it will make it easier. Cruiser just wants to fuck you so bad, he getting impatient." Daddy said as he slipped a little more of that huge horse cock in me.

"Hm ohh daddy it hurts a little" i whimpered as i felt Cruiser trying to push harder.

"relax baby girl. His cock is inside now." Daddy said as he let go of Cruisers cock and moved around to place the egg vibrator on my clit once again.

Cruiser got into a steady rhythm, fucking my pussy with all he could, while the vibrator continued to push me closer and closer to another orgasm.

"Hmm fuck baby girl, this is so sexy. Suck on daddy’s cock while that horsey cock fucks your pussy raw." Daddy moaned as he pushed his cock into my mouth.

I was going crazy, as my orgasm started, pushing into Cruisers cock while he fucked my pussy harder and harder, and sucking daddy's cock, deep throating it and gagging almost every inwards thrust of his hips.

I felt daddy's cock twitch in my mouth seconds before he filled my mouth with his hot cum, jet after jet squirting down my throat.

"Hmm thats it baby, swallow all of daddys cum" He moaned as the last drop emptied into my mouth.

"Hmm daddy im gunna cum again!!!" I screamed as another orgasm rocked through my body as i pushed my pussy higher to get more horsey cock in my pussy, wrapping my legs around Cruisers belly, as he fucked my pussy with such force, as he snorted and whinnied as his cock started to twitch in my pussy.

"Hmm daddy he's going to cum! i can feel him" i moaned as daddy turned the vibrator up high and held it tight over my clit, rocking me into another orgasm within seconds.

As i thrashed around on Cruisers cock, i felt the gush of his hot sticky cum as he sprayed it into my pussy.

"Mmm baby thats so hot .There is so much cum, its dripping out of your pussy." daddy said with a huge grin on his face, as cruisers cock slid out of my pussy.

Daddy helped me up and took me to the house, laying me in the tub as it filled with warm strawberry bubbles.

"I will be back in a minute to join you baby. I will go fix the barn and let Cruiser out. Hmm god baby you turn me on so bad. Did you like that honey?" Daddy asked as he shut the water off.

"Oh god yes daddy, that was.. i don’t even have words for it. But i really want to make love to my daddy now, i need my daddy to show me how much he loves me." i said, pulling his face to mine, to kiss his lips.

"Hmm I love you so much angel. I will be back in a minute to show you just how much. Maybe daddy can give us another baby to show just how much i love you and how much you are my life, my world." he said as he kissed me once more before heading to the door.

"I love you too Daddy. Hurry back, we should get a start on making another baby" ....

All idea's are welcome, me and daddy love to hear what you think.


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