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Me & My Sister (PART 1)

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Well first I would like to introduce myself. My name is John and I am 16 years old. I am a normal looking guy that is slim and just the right height. I am really good with girls but I don't know that whenever I masturbated I thought about my sister and none of the girls I went out with. I have 7 inch cock. Well my sister's name is Anna and she is 20. She still lives with us because she is not well settled yet. She and her boyfriend broke up as she didn't have the time. She is really SEXY and attractive. She has big boobs and a tight ass.

It all started one day when I left my bedroom door unlocked and I was watching a porno and wacking off. Suddenly my sister opened the door. She did not look surprised and she said "Finish off hurry and then come help me." and she closed the door. I was shocked at what she said and was sure that she saw me and the porno as it was right in front of her. I finished up and went down stairs to see what she wanted my help for. I went down and she said that mom and dad are out and they told me to do the dishes with you. We started doing the dishes. Suddenly she said "You have a really big cock. Its bigger then my Ex." I was shocked and did not say anything. She said "What's the matter. You uncomfortable? Well don't be. I know everything. Everyone does it. I said "But your my sister. You shouldn't talk about it." She said "Oh fuck! Its just between the 2 of us. So you ever gotten laid?" I said " No ". She was surprised and said "What? Your kidding me right? You never fucked someone." I got a little comfortable with her and said "Yeah". The phone rang and my sister picked it up and said "Okay Mom". I asked what happened when she told me that mom and dad are not gonna be home and that someone they knew had an accident and they were goning out of town.

Well after doing the dishes we made some popcorn to watch a movie. We went to the living room and started the movie. For some time we were both glued to the movie and after sometime a scene came in the movie when we both started to look at each other. We didn't watch that movie before so no one knew. We kept watching ..............

The rest will be in part 2 and I have a lot of thing for you in there


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