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Me & My Sister (PART 2)

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We kept watching but it got a little too much and I started to get a boner. Anna noticed the buldge in my pants and said, "You're excited." At this point I was fully confortable talking to my sister like this so I replied. "Who wouldn't be." Anna gave me a smile and turned to the TV. After a few seconds she asked, "Have you ever had a BJ." I without hesitating said, "No. You wana give one?" and I laughed and told her I was joking but she got serious and replied, "Sure, If you want one." I was surprised as I never even thought that she would say this. I said, "Come on. You cannot be serious. Your'e my sister." she smiled and replied, "It will be between the 2 of us. You will feel good getting a BJ, its really nice." and then she reached to my pants and pressed right over my penis. The sensation of her touching me there was just amazing and fabulous. She moved down to her knees and opened my zipper and let my 7" penis out and started to rub it up and down. After a few seconds she lowered her head and licked the tip of it. Anna then reached for my belt and unbuckled it and opened my pants, she then told me to get up and as I did she pulled my pants off. Then she reached for my underwear and pulled it off too.

Now I only had a shirt on and Anna started to suck by dick like there was no tommorow going up and down and moving her tounge with the rythem. It took five minutes and I shouted, "I'm about to cum, I'm about to cum." but she continued to suck and I shot my load and her mouth was filled with my semen and some of it was dripping out. She swallowed it all and licked off the one which was coming out of her mouth and again she reached for my penis and licked it clean.

She got up and and what she said suprised me. She said, "...........TO BE CONTINUED...REST WILL BE IN PART 3

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No one wants to check out your shitty site or read your lame fucking stories. You're a complete waste of time and people like you are killing this site. Never submit anything again and stop posting a like to your fail blog. You are worthless and will never amount to anything. It's pathetic that you're spamming and trying to pass of this dribble as actual stories. Children books have more to them then the shit you submit.


Most sites have a minimum of 10KB for a story to even be considered, and those are the bare minimum because that only equals a few pages, and is usually not nearly enough for readers. Even so 10KB would seem enormous with what little you've written so far, not even 4KB. Spend some time with your imagination and your writing instead of trying to solicit for some weak attempt. May I humbly suggest that you don't post anything until your story is complete and then make sure it is of a decent suggested limit being 20KB.

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