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Me & My Sister (PART 3) (FINAL PART)

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She said, "You wanna return the favor." I was simply stunned at what she just said and coudn't even think of how to react. She asked, "Are you listening?" I said to her, "Yes I;m listening." She said to me, "You acting weird all of a sudden. It's Ok if you don't wana do it." I said. "No. It's not that. I'd love to return the favor." She sat down on the couch and started to unbuckle her shoes. They were high heels. Ater taking off her shoes she pulled off her jeans and revealed her sexy black underwear. She then slid it off and my eyes were locked at what was in front of me. Anna said, "What are you waiting for?" I replied, "Nothing I guess. I was just looking." She smiled and I Went down between her legs. First I used my fingers and started rubbing her vagina and after some rubbing I inserted my two fingers in there. It was getting wetter and then I started to lick it. Wow! it was felt amazing and smell of it was so good and sweet and the taste was simply fabulous. She was loving it and started moaning. She bacame louder by the second and after a few minutes she was nearing to climax and then she moaned at the top of her lungs and ejaculated on my face. It was just amazing and fabulous. My face was covered by her cum all over it and it was the best feeling I ever had. It did not feel disgusting but it actually fell good to me.

Although it was not over and she was still horny even after this climax and by the time my penis had also risen back to life and was standing full 7" ready for my command. After a minute or two of complete pin drop silence Anna said to me, "Fuck me. Please fuck me." WoW! It was a huge shock and I was completely stunned at what she just said. I replied to her, "I don't have a condom." She said, " Don't worry. I'm on birth control. Just do it and don't keep me waiting." She didn't have to say it twice and I got into position and slowly set my penis on her vagina. She said, "Put it in already." and I slowly inserted it in. It was extremely tight and wet and I thought to myself that I wouldn't be able to hold much longer but because I just ejaculated when she gave me a blowjob I was able to last longer then I expected. I continued to move in and out getting faster and faster and Anna was yelling, "Harder, Harder." I continued to do like she said but then she stopped me and grabbed her shirt and took it off and next she took off her bra and now she was completely nude there having sex with her brother. I just couldn't take my eyes off those beautiful breasts and was lost in them and she said, " You like them, Don't you? I replied, " What's not to like about them." and started to move in and out again. I bent forward and grabbed one tit and started to suck it while moving in and out of her. I was getting faster and faster and Anna was moaning and screaming like there was no tommorow. This continued for a few minutes and then I just couldn't hold it in and neither could she and we both orgasmed at the same time. I shot my load deep in her vagina. I fell on her we both remained that way and fell asleep. I woke up and it was morninig and we were still lying in naked on the couch on top of each other. I woke Anna to get up and take a shower and we both went to our rooms. We both continued to have sex every now and then when we got the chance and parents weren't home.

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