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Ministers Daughter

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Still rubbing the sleep from her eyes Jenna sat at the kitchen table listening to her minister father beginning to pick up steam for yet another one of his "boys are evil" lectures. It was the way things had been over the last couple years. Since her mom had passed her father had thrown himself deeper into preaching about the "moral degradations of society" and she really had little escape. He worked from home in his study all day and she went to school and came home with few social engagements since her father kept her on a short leash.

She was expected to find a God fearing young man and marry him and save herself for only him and never let another boy touch or look at her. This was to keep her safe from greedy boys her age who only wanted girls for their own pleasure, or so her father had told her. She didn't know what his deal was but he was adamant about it. This had never seemed like a difficult task before but lately she had begun daydreaming about James from her 4th period class. She had talked to him a few times and he seemed genuinely interested in her but she couldn't see how anything could become of it with her father home all the time and her pathetic social life.

Her big break came on Monday when her Father informed her he had to go to a city a few hours drive north to pick up a new washing machine the next week. There was only room in his truck for him and his friend Jim who was helping load the washer, so Jenna would have to stay behind. Her mind began spinning. This was truly her only chance to have any freedom or to do things the other kids got to do. She would just invite Jason over that was all. She hardly felt inclined to give him her virginity, she thought with a laugh. Her Father was so paranoid! She knew what she was doing so she set the wheels in motion for the following Monday to have some one on one time with her crush like a normal teenager. Why did her father have to be so protective anyways?

The doorbell rang right on time. Her father had left a half hour ago and Jenna knew all was clear. She opened the door and Jason stood there with his messy hair and dimples, her heart skipped a beat. She quickly brushed her nerves aside and invited him inside. "I thought we could watch a movie together" she nervously said. She didn't have a lick of experience with boys and could only hope she wasn't acting too oddly. She was relieved when he said that sounded fine. Jenna got some drinks and sat on the couch next to Jason. Between scenes in the movie they talked about music, friends and school. When Jason asked why she was never out after school she explained to him that her father was a very protective minister and thought he was protecting her by keeping her at home. Jason laughed "is this the first time you have ever been alone with a guy your own age?". With a blush Jenna nodded. His expression change slightly "Wow not to be rude but you are a virgin right?". he asked "What kind of question is....why?....I mean ...yes, yes I am. So what?" Jenna replied, hoping to appear nonchalant about it. He smiled "don't get me wrong, I think it is great I just know that most girls in our grade are just plain easy. No conquest there, all you have to do is ask basically and they drop their pants. They think it makes guys like them and sure it is fun but no guy really wants a dirty girl like that. " he explained. "So you are not a virgin? Jenna quietly asked. "Sorry but no, like I said, the girls around here are pretty open about that stuff." Jenna hated the idea that Jason had been with so many other girls but it made her feel good that he also though them dirty at the same time. Odd how their conversation had turned to sex Jenna mused thinking of her Father's reaction if he ever found out. Jenna brushed those thoughts aside. She was determined to enjoy her time with Jason. She was sitting so close to Jason that she could feel his body heat against her leg. She was suddenly aware of how self conscious she felt at her own inexperience. Her frustration was building with each thought. Why was her father so insistent that she be a freak? Why did he want her to be left out when the rest of the kids at school were clearly having all kinds of fun together. Her mind reeled. What if she took her chance now. Father was away and the cutest boy in school was sitting quite close to her.

"Jason", she quietly began. "Could you show me some of the things you do with the other girls? I am so tired of being left out of things and so tired of being cooped up in this house with only my father for company, could you please just this once, show me?" The look in her eye was all Jason needed to answer her plea. He pulled her to him and kissed her innocent mouth. He knew he was being rougher than he should but her story and her soft request made him struggle for control. He knew she was not like other girls he had been with. He had never touched a virgin before and the thought made him groan as he eased Jenna onto the couch.

Jenna was on fire. She had never felt anything close to how she felt in Jason's arms in her life. Warmth spread over her entire body as a glow began in the depths of her belly. The foreign sensations continued as Jason began a trail of kisses down her neck. Her eyes flew open as he undid her top button of her shirt. Sensing her panic he moved to silence her protest with his mouth. Jenna moaned as he teased his tongue with his, pressing her closer with a handful of her hair. When she was relaxed again he returned to her shirt. A few more buttons and he let her shirt slip to the floor.

He was having a harder time than ever controlling himself as he gently freed her young, firm breasts from her bra and tossed it to the floor as well. He looked down at her dark, wonder filled eyes and knew she would not object to his touch. He greedily took her nipple in his mouth as a hungry babe. His ravenous hunger left her moaning beneath him as he lapped and suckled at her beautiful breasts.

Jason knew there was no going back. He reached for his belt and as he undid his jeans his erection sprang forth. Jenna was fascinated. She had no idea boys were built this way. She instinctively reached out to touch it and it moved at her touch as if it were alive. She ran her fingers down it's length feeling it's smooth and veiny shaft. Jason watched her wonderment and had to grit his teeth to keep control. "would you like to lick it?" he boldly asked. Jenna looked up at him and slowly lowered her mouth to the tip of his shaft and as if testing a hot drink, gave it a little lick. Apparently she liked that because she continued to lick it. As if by instinct she opened her mouth wider and took the head of his dick in her mouth. Jason groaned, this was too much. He pulled away and reached down and with a quick motion pulled down her panties and threw them to the floor as well.

He stood there looking down at her and his gaze lowered to find she was just beginning to bud small curls of hair between her thighs. He lowered himself to the floor and knelt between her legs. He could smell her arousal and it sent the blood rushing through him. "control" he thought but damn it was getting near impossible to resist sliding into her right now. He nuzzled her thigh and she moves her virgin lips closer to his mouth. Teasingly he did the same to her other thigh and smiled when she moved again towards his mouth. She didn't even know what she wanted but her instincts knew his mouth belonged there. He gently kissed her nest of curls and she sucked in her breath. He wanted to let her savor that first feeling of another's tongue on her flesh. Knowing she was on fire with need he gently parted her lips and licked her sweet folds. She arched violently with pleasure. He looked at her and she was dazed with passion. Jenna knew there were things she had been protected from but why protect her from this? Every touch was exhilarating and delicious. Why should she not get to feel like this when the other girls could. Pushing her thoughts away she looked down at Jason whose tongue was busily exploring her in places she never imagined. Waves of pleasure were coming stronger now and it seemed that she was waiting for something to happen. Heat began building between her legs and in her belly and she was waiting, reaching for something unknown. Suddenly light and heat and wave after after wave of pleasure burst from deep within her and she cried out, unable to contain herself. Her small body shook with the force of her first orgasm and slowly Jason brought her back from climax. Jason looked at Jenna and seeing her sated, positioned himself between her legs and with one giant thrust he broke through the last bit of her innocence. Jenna shrieked from the pain, confused that she was hurting so soon after such wondrous feelings. Jason was moving inside her and her thoughts of rising panic at what was happening were quickly replaced with a new warming sensation deep inside her. Jason deliciously stroked her insides and she felt herself building up again to climax. Jenna held on tight to Jason and with her embrace he grabbed her legs, spread them as far as he could and thrust into her sweet little pussy over and over until he heard her cry out. Her second climax pushed him over the edge and with one final thrust his own mind blowing orgasm took hold as he spilled himself inside her.

Jason got a cloth to clean them up and was just finishing putting his clothes back on when they heard the front door open. "No" Jenna thought. "please no" but before she finished her thoughts her Dad strode in the door with his friend Jim. Jenna and Jason were clothed but their disheveled appearance was definitely apparent. There was a chilling silence as Father's eyes bore into Jennas. Her father spoke first "young man I do not know who you are or what you are doing here but it is time for you to take your leave now." Without even a goodbye Jason rushed out the front door. Jenna was in a panic. She also looked down and noticed she had not put her panties back on and tried to hide them behind her feet. "Well Jim I appreciate your help here tonight but I can take it from here." "no problem, I'll talk to you tomorrow" Jim said and shut the door behind him.

Father looked at Jenna. She could not read his eyes but when he told her to go to her room she instantly obeyed. She had just closed her bedroom door when Father opened it behind her. "Jenna, the first thing I am going to do is spank you until you can't sit down. Then all privledges will be cut off and if I have to, I will teach you here at home to keep you from soiling yourself with boys like that now come here." Jenna hesitated. It wouldn't be so bad she thought if that was it but she also knew that when her Dad spanked her he would see she wasn't wearing any panties either and braced herself for the worst spanking of her life.

She did as she was told and bent over her Father's knee. She could tell instantly he noticed because he sucked in air the moment she bent over. There was silence. He hadn't hit her yet but was just sitting there, looking at her. She began to blush, she knew he could see her very easily. "Damn" he thought He had a clear view of his little girls pussy. Here he thought he was disciplining her for being alone with a boy but her panties were gone. Had they done more? His anger was building but so was something very unwelcome at the moment and that was his desire. He was looking at a perfect young ass with a sweet little pussy peeking through at him. He couldn't help his reaction, it was a beauiful sight. He snapped back to the moment. He was aware that she was scared and wondered if perhaps even after all he taught her, maybe she had given herself to some horny young idiot. "Jenna," he began "I am going to see if you are still intact. After this evening I am doubting your promise to be pure until marriage and must find out for myself since I cannot trust you." Jenna had no idea what he meant but her father pulled her off his lap and lay her on the bed with her legs spread and with her pussy facing him.

He looked down at his little girl and felt a surge of wanting her. "Shit" he thought " I better get this over with" and with that he licked his fingers and slid them into his daughter. The moment he did he regretted it. Anger and disbelief enveloped him. "Jenna!” he growled “ You let some nobody take your virginity?! What have I taught you!" his rage boiled over. Without knowing what he was doing, without realizing his lust was growing with his blinding rage he unid his pants. His giant erection leapt forth and Jenna cried out. Jenna was in shock. First Father had fingered her and now he was standing over her with an erection that dwarfed Jason's. Her father's dick was huge and scary and so was the look on his face. He pulled her towards the end of the bed and with one fluid motion he was inside his little girl. He looked down at her with disgust. "How could you give this beautiful pussy to just anyone?! I will be damned if I am going to jack off upstairs while some little shit gets this prime pussy of yours." From now on it is mine!" and with that he fucked Jenna, not the gentle way that Jason had earlier but angrily and lustily. Jenna could not deny that her father was a handsome man and that she was turned on by his sex and power. She watched his eyes hungrily look at her naked body and she was aroused by the affect she had on her Father. She realized then that she could turn him on, arouse him, touch him. This might not be all bad she thought. She was yanked from her thoughts as her body reacted with another climax. "Yes Jenna that is a good girl. What a good sweet girl for Daddy. You like Daddy's cock don't you Jenna?" Father asked. She couldn't lie. Her father was making her feel more alive than anyone had ever made her feel. This was the missing piece in her life. She looked up and saw him lock eyes with her as he too climaxed violently inside her. He slowly rose up and leaned his head down to kiss her. Not like in the past but he slid his tongue between her lips and passionately kissed her. She knew their love would never be the same, that it had grown into something more. Father got up, cleaned them both off and left the room for a moment. When he returned he brought a box and handed it to her. "Grab your things Jenna, you will be sleeping in my room from now on. Oh yes and also, I think home school would be best, I can teach you all you need to know here at home and besides I want to keep you as close to me as possible." With that he left. Jenna looked around her room and a slow smile crept on her face. She had a feeling this was just the beginning of her fun times with her Father and she looked forward to many, many more. Who needs the little boys from school? And with her thoughts turning to Father, she began to pack.........


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