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Mom and Daughter

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This is what a lady told me about her childhood experience with her mother.

Her mom and dad divorced when she was 8

Linda was 14 at the time and wishes that it had happened when she was 12.

For a couple of years she had heard moans and pleasure from coming from her moms bedroom. Linda had started masturbating when she 11 and knew what those sounds meant.

On this day at the age of 14. She heard those familiar sounds coming from her moms room. This time the door wasn’t closed all the way. Linda slowly pushed the door till she could see her Mom on the bed. She was laying there with her eyes closed and naked. Using a dildo with one hand and massaging her breast with the other.

As she stood there watching with excitement and becoming hornier by the second.

Linda took off to her own bedroom and stripped naked. Jump on her bed and stated fingering her pussy ….while fantasizing about what her mother was doing just down the hallway.

She wasn’t sure how much time had passed or how many orgasms., but the next thing she felt was her mother rubbing her clit. Feeling surprised, scared, and excited all at the same time. She asked her mom what she was doing. Mom told her that she was getting kinda loud and wanted to know what she was doing. Her mom told her lay back and enjoy it…which she did. Mom kissed her breast, gently sucked her nipples. Then slipped between her legs  and licked and sucked her clit….while finger fucking her wet pussy. She cant remember how many orgasms she had, but she knew she was tired. Mom kissed her on the lips, kissed her again on the lips, then mom slipped her tongue into her mouth on the next kiss.

Linda said that last kiss made her warm and excited all over again.

They continued to make love 3 or 4 time a week…until Linda got married and moved to the other side of town. They would still do it once, or twice a week. She said they slowed down after her daughter was born, but after about a year it was back to 2 or 3 times a week. Then one afternoon Linda’s husband came home early from work and found them in bed together. Linda said she jumped out of bed not thinking about the fact that she was wearing a strap-on and her husband was looking at it.

The marriage was over and she took her daughter that was 5 now.

Linda and her Mom still get together once or twice a month to this day.

Linda said she wondered if her own daughter would want what she had with her mother.


It happened with her daughter Lindsey at the age of 16.

Lindsey told her later that she wished it had happened sooner…a lot sooner


Lindsey asked her Mom if they could talk later. Linda thought with the tone in her voice that it was serious. All that Linda could think about was school grades, fighting, or that she was pregnant and at 16.

 Later that night they were sitting on the couch and Lindsey was trying to tell her mom, but just wouldn’t say it. Linda said she was taking 30 minutes to tell her and was getting tired of her beating around the bush.

Finally Lindsey just blurted out that her boyfriend embarrassed her by saying she wasn’t that good at kissing. And wanted to know what she was doing wrong.

Linda’s first response was …have you asked one of your girlfriends. With the look on Lindsey’s face…she knew that was the wrong thing to ask her, so she asked do you kiss your boyfriend.

Lindsey just leaned over and slowly pecked her Mom on the lips. Linda asked if that was the only way she kissed him and Lindsey just nodded yes.

Lindsey asked again what she was doing wrong. Mom leaned over to her daughter and put her hand behind her neck. Then pulled her closer and as there lips touched…Linda slipped her tongue into her daughter mouth until she felt her tongue pushing against hers. They kissed for about 20 seconds and broke off the passionate embrace. Linda was looking at her daughter for some kind of response...and all Lindsey could say was…WOW...can we do that again.

The next kiss lasted a lot longer, then the next one she started some heavy petting...just to see how far her daughter would let her go. They made out on the couch with each caressing the other and clothing slowly coming off. Linda made love with her daughter that night on the couch, the floor and then Mom’s bedroom. After Lindsey sucked and licked her Mom’s pussy…then kissed her Mom.

Linda said she remembers the taste of her own juices on her daughter’s lips.

In the morning they showered together. She enjoyed soaping up her daughters body.

 After that Lindsey would bring girlfriends over and occasionally Linda would join in.

 The last time I talked with Linda. She told me that Lindsey had been dating a guy for about 6 months and brought him home on Spring Break. Lindsey set it up, so Mom got to fuck her boyfriend and then joined in. This went on for the rest of Spring Break.



Loved the story, but I think it may have been better if written in the 1st person, for example, if you had written it from Linda's perspective. Now I'm a big fan of Mom/Daughter type stories, so please, find Linda and get more.


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