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Mom and Me: Part 1

thegreenscar3 on Incest Stories

Let me get the Details out of the way real quick.

My Name is Alec, I'm 16 and I've had a crush on my Mother for awhile. Its not my fault, shes very attractive. She is 35 and she still has a hell of a body. Anyways I'm not a virgin, me and my girlfriend do it often, its just that i cant get my Mom out of my head, the whole incest thing turns me on.

Now that's out of the way let me tell you the story.

It was about 9pm and me and my Mother were home alone. My dad had taken my two little sisters camping this weekend to earn some badges or something for there next scouts meeting. We had just finished eating dinner and mom wash washing the dishes. I sat at the table watching her. She had a pair of blue jeans on that hugged her body so tight that I could make out her pussy mound.

She had a perfect ass, it looked like a ripe round apple that was ready for the picking. My tool began to respond to my dirty thoughts and grew a little. My eyes wondered upward following the curves of her body. She had a purple blouse on that I could see the top of her ample milky breast. She had her long red hair tied up in a bun, like a naughty librarian. By the time I had finished looking her up and down I had a raging hard on.

I got up from the table and walked over to where my mother was drying the last plate. I hugged her from behind, wrapping my arms tightly under her breast, pushing them up so I could see more them. I buried my groin into her ass and slowly rubbed into her.

"What are you doing!" my mother said surprised by me.

I hugged her a little tighter and raised my arms higher so that one of her pink nipples popped out of her bra and out into the open. It made me even honer and I started grinding my dick hard into her ass.

"I love you mom and I want you. I've wanted you for a long time" I whispered into her ear as i nibbled on it.

She let go of the plate and let it fall back into the dish water, splashing soapy dish water on her and me. I thought she was going to use her now free hands to try and free her self from me but instead she grabbed the edge of the counter for support as she pushed her ass higher in the air. My mom was about 5' 5" not much shorter than me, so when she did this it made her pussy at the perfect level for me.

I unwrapped my arms from around her and grabbed hand fulls of her 38 C tits. I pulled down her bra and blouse in a quick motion so that her tits bounced around freely as I dry humped her. Small moans escaped from her lips as I grabbed her hips and pulled her tighter to me.

"Harder, baby". She moaned repeatedly.

I did as my mother told me and in no time had reached my climax.

"I'm cumming mommy!" I said out of breath and between thrusts. I couldn't believe I called her mommy. I should've called Jolene (Her name), at least mom, something more grown up.

She instantly started rotating her hips like crazy into my dick.

"Yes, baby cum for your mommy! Mommy wants you to cum like a big boy for her!"

I can't believe she liked me caller her mommy, that was the last straw. I started cumming all my boxers and pants.

"That feels great mommy!" I moaned as I emptied myself.

We both fell to the kitchen floor. I sat there trying to caught my breath. I can't believe I just got off on my mother. That's when I noticed mom already standing and removing her pants. After she had her pants off she took off her white, soaked panties off revealing to me her perfect pink wet pussy. She had a red landing strip of of pubic a hair just above her hard clitoris. She sat on the dining table and spread her legs open as wide as she could get them.

"Mommy wants you to eat her pussy, pretty please baby" she said to me in the sexiest voice I had ever heard.

Thanks for reading. That was my first story and if you want to read Mom and Me Part 2 Where Alec finally gets to taste his sweet mother's hot pussy and maybe even get to dip in the honey pot then please comment and tell me what you think!

P.S. Also maybe there might be some Daddy and Us action, When we check in on Alec's Father and younger sisters while camping!


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