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Mom and Me: Part 2

thegreenscar3 on Incest Stories

Recap: The Names Alec and I'm 16. I've had a huge crush on my mother and I just dry humped her in the kitchen while my father is away camping with my sweet virgin (but not for long) little sisters for the weekend. My mom is 35 with 38 c tits, red wavy hair and yes the carpet does match the drapes. She 5' 5", green eyes,slender body, pouty red lips, pink wet ones, apple shaped ass and the best part is shes actually letting her son have his way with her.

Part two begins...

My mom unbuttons the rest of her blouse, throws it and her bra on the floor. Now shes completely naked and I follow her lead. I strip as fast as I can without tripping over myself, until nothing but my soiled boxers are left. For the first time tonight I feel self conscious. Will I be big enough to please her or will I not be as large as my father, Its like she read my mind.

"Don't worry baby, I've seen you playing with mommies thongs before. They way you pull them dirty from my hamper and sniff them before you cum all over them with your dirty cock, your bigger than your father".

"How?" I asked in astonishment. How did she find out and did she just say I'm bigger!

"I saw you on the nanny cams and you want to know mommies dirty little secret?"

I nod my head yes. I can't believe I forgot about the nanny cams.

"Sometimes I'd take my panties you cummed all over, put them on and rubbed them into my pussy till I came all over them to".

As she said this she had started to rub her pussy.

I couldn't believe all this time I spent lusting over my mom, she had been doing the same. I wanted her more than ever now. I pulled down my boxers letting my 9 inch member stand at full attention. She reached up and let her long wavy read hear down, it fell around her shoulders. The rich red color looked amazing against her milky white porcelain skin. Little brown freckles were spaced all over her body, but my favorite ones were the ones around her little pink nipples. She smiled really big showing off some pearly whites.

"Don't stand there teasing me, get over here and eat your mommies wet cunt"

Thats all I needed to hear. I walked over to her and dropped to my knees in front of her. I grabbed her thighs and pulled her closer to the edge of the table. I could feel the heat rising from her pussy on my face. I looked up at her from between her legs, She had leaned back on her hands so her chest stuck out further. Her big round orbs were all I could make out. I turned my attention back to my task at hand. My girlfriend never let me eat her but I had seem plenty of pornos. I spread her lips aside to get a better look, I couldn't wait to get my dick in. I used my hand to left her hood so I could see her clitoris. It was already hard and waiting for attention. I licked her slit, tasting pussy for the first time. It was amazing, she was already so wet.

I started flicking her clit with my tongue, she loved it. I used one hand to grab her ass to keep her in place and other one was two fingers deep in her cunt. Her pussy was tighter than I thought it would be after having three children. I wiggled my fingers around feeling the slick walls of her pussy, it sucked my fingers, pulling them in, I started finger fucking her.

"Yes baby your making mommy feel so good.....Mhmmmm"

She grabbed a hand full of my shaggy brown hair and tugged at it hard. She started breathing very hard and her hips starting wiggling more wild.

"Mommy's gonna cum baby......AHhhhhhhh...mmmmmm YES.......OH GOD YESSSSSS!!!!!!"

I started flicking her clit twice as fast as before and added a finger, which was a lot harder to fit in then I thought would be. She started bucking like crazy, she pushed my head down so it was pressed it hard against her snatch. I was flooded with her pussy juices, and I swallowed at much as I could. Her liquids ran down my arm and my chin. Finally after what seemed like like an hour she relaxed the death grip her pussy had on my fingers and let go of my head. I came up for air, She was laying all the way down on the table. Her breast moved up and down as she also caught her breath.

I went back to work licking up all the juices I missed, I couldn't get enough. She gentle squeezed my head between her legs, I looked up at her. She had a wicked smile and devious eyes.

"Thats enough for now honey, there will plenty more where that came from. Lets go wash up and make a mother fucker out of you"

'You have such a dirty mouth mommy" I told her as I stood up.

"All the better to suck your dirty cock with baby" She said as she scooted off the table.

She walked over to the refrigerator and grabbed a long piece of celery, she took a bite "Crunch" and turned to me.

"I love some celery after a good licking"

I walked up to her and pulled her close t me so my dick was pressed against her belly and her tits were smashed against my chest. I kissed her on the lips, they tasted almost as sweet as her pussy lips. Her tongue shot into my mouth, she was a pro. She pulled away from me and look another bite of celery and giggled at me as she left the kitchen.

I followed her to the stairs and watched her as she walked up them. Her hips were memorizing and her ass parted a little with each step to show me her slit. I was drooling. She stopped at the top.

"Well are you gonna come get some or have you changed your mind about fucking your mommy?"

I snapped back to reality.

"Be right up mommy".

I ran back into the kitchen and grabbed my pants, i pulled out my wallet and got out the rubber in it. I walked up stairs as fast as I could. I found my mom in the bathroom turning the water on.

"Your back just in time, I just got the water to the right temperature. What did you go back for baby?"

I held up the rubber, I had gotten.

She walked over to me and bit a corner of the rubber, and opened it. I love when a girl puts the rubber on you. She took the rubber out unraveled it. Then she blew it up like a balloon, tied it shut and bat it out of the room.

"Thats all there good for" said my mom. "I like the real thing".

Then she got into the shower and I follower her.

Thats it for this part. if you want to read Alec fucking his MILF mother in the steamy shower, then please read Mom and Me: Part 3, Which will be out soon. Thank you.

P.S. Heres a preview of Daddy and Us

Lizzy followed her older sisters lead and took off her girl scout top to. Now both my young daughters sat across from me on the other side of the camp fire topless, they both had nice perky titties for there age. Surprisingly Lizzy's titties were a little bigger than her 14 year old sisters but they were only a year apart. Mary leaned over and started sucking on Lizzy's little pink nipple. Lizzy lifted Mary's skirt so I could see her wet hairless pussy and then she started to rub the wet lips.

"Daddy are you hard yet?" Asked Lizzy between little moans.

I unzipped my pants and pulled my rock hard rod.......

Coming Soon.


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